Top 10 Best Longboards of 2017 – Reviews


Finding a good long board can be rather hard if you’re not fully versed on the subject. This isn’t only when it comes to longboards but when talking about any item with moving parts, because as we know, construction plays a big role in this respect. Speaking of which, a long board’s durability is mainly given by its construction and by the materials used in its making, which is why it’s important to consider the type of wood and the craftsmanship that went into making the long board you might be interested in. To save you the trouble of browsing through the market yourself, we put together a list of the ten best longboards money can buy.

10Arbor Longboard Complete Axis KOA

amazon buttonAesthetically speaking, not much is lacking in terms of design when it comes to this fantastically crafted longboard skateboard. It is 40 inches long and features a comfortable length of 9 inches wide with a low enough height to make performing tricks a breeze. The design of the skateboard leans towards that of the snowboard, meaning it is a lot more stable and provides optimum balance to the rider. A drop through mounting ensures excellent maneuverability as well, which is a useful feature to have.

9Rimable Complete 41-Inch Drop Deck Longboard

amazon buttonTurning has been made even easier thanks to the drop down deck design of the Rimable longboard. A definite cruiser, the longboard is lower to the ground than most, making it incredibly stable and allowing you to perform your tricks with ease. The longboard is a long distance cruiser and very easy to control. It features a sturdy 9-ply maple build that guarantees you extended durability. The longboard also comes fully assembled and ready to hit the pavement straight out of the box.

8Landyatchz 40-Inch Long Board Skateboard

amazon buttonThe 32-inch wheelbase of this longboard is more than enough for great balance and maneuverability. The board is 40 inches long with a comfortably wide 10-inch body that is perfect for performing tricks or long comfortable cruises. It is ideal for beginners and experts alike and promises extensive use thanks to its very durably built body. On top of all this, you will find it to be surprisingly affordable given its overall quality.

7EightBit Complete Drop Down Long Board

amazon buttonThis is a professional longboard that, if nothing else, looks the part with its sleek design that features a black top and a naturally colored bottom. The 41 ¼ inch 8-ply maple wood longboard is nothing but durable, stable, and perfectly balanced on 70mm wheels with ABEC-7 bearings. The lower board height makes it a lot easier to perform tricks and make cruising on the board a lot more fun. The deck is perfectly wide at 9.75 inches, a width suitable for virtually any type of riding or cruising.

6Quest Native Spirit Long Board Skateboard with Kick Tail

amazon buttonThe most striking aspect of this skateboard is without a doubt the beautiful patterns on the underside of the board and the contrastingly dark top with a sleek red logo. Looks aside, the board runs on 70mm PU wheels. Its 40-inch body is well-balanced thanks to the precise spacing of the wheels on the 7-ply hardwood all weather maple deck. This versatile board can tackle anything thrown at it, be it cruising, performing tricks, or even long distance travel.

5White Wave Bamboo Longboard

amazon buttonDespite being one of the shorter options in this list, the White Bamboo is no less impressive and is capable of amazing displays. The stylish skateboard measures at 31 inches in length and is about ¼ of an inch wider than the rest. It features one of the most durable builds in this list with its body being made of 9-ply Canadian maple. The addition of bamboo improves the board’s flex without compromising on durability. It also runs on 65mm High-Rebound Urethane wheels that feature the high-performance ABEC 9 Hellion bearings.

4Yocaher Stained Professional Drop Down Longboard

amazon buttonFully assembled out of the box and with a striking design, this longboard is for the expert who wants something to match his skill level. The drop down longboard is built to perform tricks at a professional level and is perfect for long distance cruising. Its durable 9-ply maple body has a length of 41 ¼ inches and runs on 70 x 52 mm wheels. Cruising has been made even smoother thanks to the addition of ABEC 7 Chrome bearings on the wheels.

3SCSK8 Blank and Stained Long Board Skateboard

amazon buttonThe SCSK8 longboard skateboard is built for beginners whose main priority is stability. The design purposely omits the kick tail to that effect and widens the distance between the wheel axles to enhance balance and stability. The board comes with a sleek black painted face and a natural grainy base. Furthermore, let us point out that it is 40 inches long with 70mm wheels that use ABEC 6 ball bearings, a construction bound to meet anyone’s standards.

2Sector 9 Blue Wave Complete Long Board Skateboard

amazon buttonFor beginners who don’t mind a challenge, this longboard comes with plenty of kick while remaining easy enough to use. The 42-inch board is the perfect length for anyone looking to try out skateboarding for the first time. It boasts of a 5-ply laminated bamboo build that is as durable as it is flexible. The board runs on 74mm wheels with ABEC 5 PDP bearings. It features a very attractive external design that will set you apart from the crowd.

1Quest Skateboards Long Board Super Cruiser Skateboard

amazon buttonDespite its long 44-inch body, the wheel axles on the Quest Skateboards longboard have been precisely spaced to enhance balance. The board itself is made from high-quality hardwood (multi-ply) and finished off with a beautifully crafted bamboo deck. It uses 7-inch aluminum trucks alongside 70mm PU leather wheels to produce an unforgettable skating experience, whether you’re cruising or performing tricks. A kick tail allows you to do all sorts of tricks and make turns speedily, safely and easily. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best longboards out there.