Top 10 Best Magnifying Lenses of 2017 – Reviews


A magnifying lens has many uses, no doubt about it. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or if you’re passionate about a hobby that involves minuscule elements, then a reliable magnifying glass should never go amiss from your inventory. The many uses for a magnifying lens are indeed broad, but the determining features of a quality magnifier are always the same. Having taken the time to browse through what the market has to offer at this point in time, we’ve come to find out what the ten best magnifying lenses are and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Best Magnifying Lenses Reviews 2017

10Magnified Professional Magnifying Glass

amazon buttonPerfect for reading maps, or utilizing during stitching and inspecting super fine details, the Magnified Professional Magnifying Glass offers 15X magnification to help you view the smallest print. Uniquely designed, this device is compact in size and small enough to be carried around in your purse, wallet or pocket with ease. Featuring a sturdy handle, constructed to comfortably fit in your hands; it reduces the tension and pressure, providing you with hours of reading with no exhaustion. Equipped with a lighting design, it can be switched on and off with ease and can be used to illuminate low light areas quickly.

9Fancii LED Lighted Magnifier

amazon buttonThe Fancii LED Lighted Magnifier is a multifunctional device that comes with 3X, 10X and 15X magnification levels. The 3X lens can be used for regular reading, the 10X for finer, minuter details, and the 15 X which is a jewelry loupe with a special adjustable focus for checking objects close-up. Thanks to its attractive design and compact, portable size, this device is highly recommended by most professionals, including geologists, jewelers, and stamp or coin collectors. Equipped with premium grade lenses, the quality is super crisp with the best clarity to help with examining finer details. It also comes equipped with a LED flashlight, a LED magnification light, a LED for the loupe, and a UV black light for fraud detection. Thanks to its ingenious design, this magnifier is extremely easy to carry around and comes with a special deluxe leather sleeve for safety.

8Fancii Slide Out

amazon buttonUniquely designed to boast no less than 3 levels of powerful magnification, including 10X, 20X and 30X, the Fancii Slide Out is a pocket magnifying glass that is packed with great features. This multi-powered portable device comes with inbuilt LED lights and a UV backlight, and a dynamic zoom with ultra-sharp clarity and view. Weighing only 1.6 oz, it is extremely light in weight and compact in size, making it easy to carry in your handbag. It also comes with a special leather travel sleeve that makes it even more convenient to carry while traveling. This device is perfect for viewing stamps, jewelry, precious stones and gems, and diamonds etc.

7Marrywindix Magnifier

amazon buttonDesigned with an attractive white and black combination, the Marrywindix Magnifier doesn’t just come equipped with 3X to 20X magnification levels but is also quite attractive to look at. Made from high-quality scratch proof materials, this magnifier is ideal for reading and offers great performance, especially when examining jewelry and coins etc. Perfect to be utilized in all conditions including low light, it comes with a special LED lighting system that aids in providing you with crystal clear, impressive results, with perfect color. Also worth mentioning is that it features a durable handle that is comfortable and easy to hold.

6Fancii Large Rectangular

amazon buttonEquipped with a large sized magnifying glass that is specially designed to view almost everything, the Fancii Large Rectangular magnifier is considered as the ideal reading aid for most people, regardless of their use for it. Perfect for reading the fine print in magazines, books, documents, and newspapers, this device comes with a premium grade lens that is more or less crystal clear. It also features two LED lights at the side of the device that are extremely efficient and powerful and helps while reading in low light areas. Light in weight and uniquely designed with a sturdy handle, old-age seniors usually find it super convenient and easy to use. Along with this magnifier, you get a deluxe carry case and batteries.

5Carson CP-60 Pro Series

amazon buttonThe Carson CP-60 Pro Series is a head mounted Magni-visor, a deluxe magnifying lens that is ergonomically designed and constructed to provide you with optimal results. Including four different lenses made from durable acrylic, these can be interchanged and adjusted to various levels of magnification. It also comes equipped with a LED light that has a magnetic base and can be used as an individual light source. Perfect for daily use, these hand-free, light weight portable magnifying lenses make a great companion to those passionate about arts and crafts, jewelry, inspection, reading etc. The headband also comes with a special release button that allows easy adjustments to be made to fit different sized heads.

4Fancii Oversized Illuminated Magnifying Glass

amazon buttonOffering super-sized magnification, this particular 5.5-inch magnifying lens offers you twice the magnification with a larger viewing area to help you inspect more at once. Featuring crystal clear lenses, it offers improved image quality and distortion free reading of fine prints and small letters in books and magazines. It also comes equipped with three in-built LED lights that are efficient, bright, and clear enough to provide precise and crisp radiance in any area. It also features a large on and off switch at the top of the handle for elderly users. Thanks to its compact design and comfortable handle, it helps reduce pressure on the arm and does not slip that easily.

3iMagniphy LED Glass Lens

amazon buttonEquipped with dual interchangeable lenses, the iMagniphy LED Glass Lens is uniquely constructed to adjust to any given task by just utilizing the lens release mechanism. This device would make the ultimate gift for your grandparents or any elder member of your family, especially those who require its regular help. Featuring inbuilt LED lights, with a stylish attractive design, this magnifier offers optimal levels of crisp, high-quality viewing and works perfectly for those who inspect, repair jewelry or collect stamps and coins etc. Thanks to its compact and portable design, it is easy to carry around and perfect for frequent travelers.

2Carson 5X MiniBrite

amazon buttonAvailable in a multipack that comes with four different 5X Power MiniBrite Slide-Out Magnifiers, the Carson 5X MiniBrite is a top-notch magnifier by most standards. At its core, this is a LED lighted aspheric magnifier that comes with ultra clear lenses with a lens diameter measuring 1.3 inches in length by 1.5 inches in height. Extremely durable and made from high-quality sturdy materials, it is compact in size, light in weight and ultra portable. Easy to carry in your handbag or wallet, it comes with a protective sleeve for safeguarding against outer damage.

1SE MZ101B Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass

amazon buttonWith the ability to magnify the minutest details accurately, the SE MZ101B is a helping hand device that comes with an in-built magnifying glass with 4X magnification capabilities. Equipped with dual alligator clips located on four swivels, the device is hands-free and can easily hold items in position. Made with a robust, sturdy base, it offers optimal stability and security at all times. Seen as among the best of its kind, this magnifier is perfect for those who work regularly with small objects, mainly soldering, inspecting, examining, or repairing tasks.