Top 10 Best Makeup Mirrors With Lights in 2017 – Reviews


Applying makeup in dim lighting conditions can be rather difficult, especially if you also lack the necessary space or the proper makeup tools to do it with. When applying makeup in low-lighting conditions, you expose yourself to missed spots and poor contouring. The worst part about this is that you won’t really notice them until you leave the house. To avoid this, you might want to try investing in a makeup mirror with built-in lights. These mirrors aren’t really expensive and they are bound to prove their worth long-term. That said, here are the ten best makeup mirrors with lights the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Makeup Mirrors With Lights Reviews 2017

10Luckybird 3-folder MakeUp Mirror with 8 Led Lights

amazon buttonFeaturing beautiful heart shaped LED lights, the Luckybird 3-folder MakeUp Mirror with 8 Led Lights is a convenient and easy to carry mirror. Compact in size and light in weight, it comes with a special folding design that allows easier application of makeup with full view of your face. Uniquely designed for painters and artists who create and draw self-portraits and sketches, this mirror would give you a complete view of every inch of your face. Made from premium grade ABS plastic material with a coating of UV, this makeup mirror is resistant to scratches, damage, fingerprints, and heat.

9Travel Mirror LuckyFine Tri-Fold Lighted Led Mirror

amazon buttonUniquely designed with folding sides, the Travel Mirror LuckyFine Tri-Fold Lighted Led Mirror is a convenient, portable and durable product that is ideal for travelers. Compact in size and easy to carry; it comes with special LED lights that brighten up your view while grooming yourself. The foldable design comes with two added mirrors on the sides so that you get a better view and apply your makeup with ease. Thanks to its stick stand that is located at the back of the mirror, you can easily adjust the height and tilt as per your liking and convenience.

8Daisi 7X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror

amazon buttonWith a powerful 7 x magnification, the Daisi 7X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror provides you with optimum focus on particular areas of your face while applying makeup. Ideal for tweezing and precision work, it comes with 16 high quality LED lights that illuminate your face so that you can groom it better. Durable and portable, it comes with a heavy-duty acrylic base that allows storage of your entire necessary makeup items. Thanks to its adjustable stand and swivel design, you can smoothly move it to any angle you wish, helping you to work better with a better viewing angle.

7Conair Double-Sided Battery-Operated Lighted Makeup Mirror

amazon buttonProviding you with a soft circular lighting, the Conair Double-Sided Battery-Operated Lighted Makeup Mirror comes equipped with some great features. Made from high-quality materials, it boasts a chrome finish with a tilt and swivel design. This double-sided 5 x magnification mirror allows you to focus on your makeup and grooming, ensuring you can view every corner of your face. Battery operated, this device is portable and compact in size and can be carried around with ease.

6Conair Illumina Collection Two-Sided Makeup Mirror

amazon buttonEquipped with 4 different settings for lighting, the Conair Illumina Collection Two-Sided Makeup Mirror is ideal for utilization during the day, the evening, at the office or at home. With a 5 x magnification, it comes with 2 white bulbs and 2 blue bulbs and provides a soft warm traditional glow. The stand can be easily adjusted and titled to any angle you may require to help you with easy viewing while applying makeup. The mirror is portable and compact in size and can be folded for easier storage.

5Rucci LED Lighted Movable Vanity Mirror

amazon buttonMade from high-quality materials, the Rucci LED Lighted Movable Vanity Mirror comes with a special metal finish that gives it a classy and elegant look. Equipped with high powered LED lights, it comes with a round insert mirror that can be moved around and with a 10 x magnification. Measuring 8 inches in width and 13 inches in height, it features a soft touch switch and is ultra durable and sturdy.

4Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror

amazon buttonThe Gotofine LED Lighted Vanity Mirror is the next generation makeup mirror that comes with powerful LED lights that are similar to the natural light of the sun. Designed with a switch and touch sensor you can easily turn the lights on and off, as well as adjust the lights to the level of brightness you require. Equipped with a brilliant power backup, it comes with two power modes including batteries as well as a cable. Thanks to its 10 x magnification, this spot mirror is perfect for helping with accentuating the details of your makeup regime. Crafted with premium grade materials, this particular mirror can be easily rotated up to 180 degrees.

3FLYMEI Touch Screen 20 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror

amazon buttonThe FLYMEI Touch Screen Makeup Mirror is a top class, durable product that comes with 29 LED lights. Get your makeup done with ease, thanks to its ultra bright light that can be adjusted to your needs. With ten times the magnification as compared to other mirrors of its kind, this spot mirror helps you accentuate your eyes, hair, and face making sure you look your best. It is also equipped with a 180 degrees rotation and viewing angle allowing you to check your makeup from all sides. It comes a with a touch sensor that enables you to turn the LED lights off and on as well as a dim light option if you hold down the button for a few seconds. Made from high-quality ABS plastic with a UV coating, this mirror is scratch proof, heat proof, and fingerprint proof as well.

2Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

amazon buttonEquipped with an inbuilt electrical outlet, the Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror comes with adjustable magnification that would help with your makeup application. This makeup mirror comes uniquely designed and crafted with a white finish that is extremely attractive and elegant. Including 4 variable settings for different lighting, it comes with a special light for daytime, evening and office as well as home environments. It also offers 5 x magnification making sure you get the best view of your face while applying your makeup.

1Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

amazon buttonMeasuring 6.5 inches by 8.5 inches in size, the Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror offers a soft halo lighting that is perfect for precise application of makeup. Double sided and with a 7 x magnification, it comes in an oval shape and can be adjusted to any angle that you need to help you better with your makeup application. Thanks to its classy polished chrome finishing, this lighted makeup mirror will surely accentuate the look of your dressing table. Due to its compact size, you can also move it around and store it with ease.