Top 10 Best Makeup Removers of 2017 – Reviews


As much as women love the benefits of wearing makeup, they absolutely dread the way it feels when it’s been on for too long. While some women do indeed use wet napkins or just water to take off their makeup, there is no denying just how much more effective and healthy makeup removal formulas can be.

We say this because these formulas not only help with makeup removal but they also hydrate the skin, protecting it the same way face creams would. To give you a better understanding of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best makeup removers on the market today.

10L’Oreal Paris Clean Makeup Remover

amazon buttonThis makeup remover from one of the biggest brands in the world ensures quick and easy removal of all kinds of eye makeup. It provides immediate results and helps to dissolve any eye makeup, foundations that have been on the skin for long periods of time and waterproof mascaras.

The special formula prevents any kind of irritation and also conditions the eyelashes. This high-quality makeup remover has been specially tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists and is proved to be healthy for all kinds of skin types as well as suitable for those users who wear contact lenses.

9The Body-Shop Gentle Makeup Remover

amazon buttonThe Body-Shop Gentle make up remover is considered as one of the most well-known products in its category. Made from natural extracts like chamomile and other ingredients and with no added coloring or fragrances, this product is the safest and most effective skin cleansing liquid. It soothes and cleanses the skin and works great on eyelashes too. It is highly recommended for those who have sensitive skin. Furthermore, this gentle and effective formula does not trigger any kind of side effects to speak of.

8Vi-Tae Take It Off

amazon buttonThe Vi-Tae Take It Off is an organic skin cleansing makeup remover that has been specially created and crafted with some of the most natural and safest ingredients. It helps in washing away all kinds of stubborn makeup types and breaks down waterproof substances only to give clean and clear skin.

Not only does it remove makeup, it also helps in fighting and preventing acne. It gets rid of dirt from the pores and leaves the skin with a warm and smooth touch. It contains all natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, sunflower oil and Vitamin C which helps to boost the skin, providing nourishment and keeping it hydrated.

7Philosophy Just Release Me

amazon buttonThis excellent product from Philosophy is specially created and formulated to remove all kinds of eye makeup, ensuring 100% efficiency and quality. The Philosophy Just Release Me is classified as one among the top notch makeup removal liquids in the market. It assures complete safety, without any discomfort and sensitivity issues on your skin, while using the product. It also works well on waterproof eye makeup and does not leave the skin with any oily residue. With the help of a cotton pad, one for each eye, you can remove your makeup with ease!

6Majestic Pure Makeup Remover

amazon buttonWhether it is eye makeup, mascara, foundation, sunscreen, cream, lipstick, powder and any other kind of facial makeup, Majestic Pure rinses away and instantly dissolves without any residue. The oil foams when mixed with water to give a milk white gentle substance that helps remove dirt and dust from the pores, leaving you with clean non-greasy, smooth skin.

It works great on all kinds of skin and can be used as a daily cleanser or face wash providing 100% satisfaction, this all-natural product has been crafted with the best ingredients does not include any harsh chemicals, mineral oils or Parabens. You can also use this remover to wash your makeup brushes if you want too thanks to its unique formula.

5Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover

amazon buttonThis superb product from Neutrogena is a unique dual-action eye makeup remover that is perfect for waterproof makeup. It’s oil free and non-greasy base makes it one among the most used, effective and safest products in the market. People with all types of skin types can use this product as it is created with all-natural ingredients.

This product has been specially tested by ophthalmologist’s and has been recommended for those who wear contact lenses. You must remember, however, to always shake before use as this activates the formula and helps in gently removing every trace of makeup.

4Clinique Take the Day-Off

amazon buttonClinique products have always been on the top of the list of the best brands in the market. This special makeup removal liquid can be used for eyelids, eyelashes, lips and the face as well. Its non-irritant and gentle formula helps to dissolve and lift away all kinds of make-up, mascara, lipstick and waterproof makeup too. It works brilliantly on all skin types even on skin that is overly sensitive. It has also been recommended for those who wear contact lenses and has been proven safe for the skin.

3Insta-Natural Facial Makeup Remover

amazon buttonMade with special skin enriching ingredients, the Insta-Natural Facial Makeup Remover aims at delivering high-quality results. With its gentle and all natural formula it helps to purify your skin, unclogging pores from dirt and impurities, nourishing the skin and improving the overall quality of your skin in the process. It is a highly effective makeup remover that easily removes excess grime, eyeliner, mascara and all other hard to clean makeup substances.

It keeps your skin feeling clean and refreshed and restores smoothness. It consists of non-abrasive ingredients like olive oil, tamanu oil and jojoba oil that is suitable for all kinds of skin types, including sensitive skin and skin that is prone to acne. It can also be used as a daily face cleansing formula to help give your skin that necessary radiance and moisture every woman wishes.

2Bee-Friendly Skincare Makeup Remover

amazon buttonThis makeup removal liquid is an organic, chemical free and top quality product that is USDA certified. It is an oil based product that is both a facial cleanser and makeup remover that helps remove dirt and impurities, excessive oil and make-up from your skin, eyes, and lips. The specially certified formula provides necessary moisturization, leaving you with clean, fresh and glowing skin.

Blended with minerals vitamins and antioxidants, this product ensures the protection of the skin from damage, nourishment, and gentle recharge. It is extremely gentle and is recommended for all skin types. Containing some of the best natural ingredients, this product will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

1Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover

amazon buttonThe Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover is a clinically tested oil-free, fragrance-free product that is suitable for all skin types. Specially crafted with the safest ingredients with no chemicals and no added fragrance, users can rest assured there would be absolutely no side effects of any kind.

This product has earned a good name in the market due to its high impressive performance and top notch quality that has satisfied all customers that have used this product. Also worth pointing out is the fact that it has a unique formula that makes it 100% safe for those who wear contact lenses.