Top 10 Best Manual Weeders of 2017 – Reviews


While you can generally find reliable gardening tools such as gloves, barrels or irrigation timers in any price range, the nature of manual weeders requires that you only invest in a decent one for the long haul. Compromising on the value of your weeder is compromising on the quality of your lawn and/or garden. Without a good weeder, you simply will not be able to effectively rid your garden of dangerous weeds. While weed killers do a good job for the most part, the chemical hazards they pose to the growth of your plants renders them dangerous. So if you’re looking for a manual weeder to get the job done yourself but you haven’t yet determined what to buy, then perhaps our list containing the ten best manual weeders out there might be of help.

Best Manual Weeders Reviews 2017

10Ames True Temper 2941600

amazon buttonFor those pesky smaller grass weeds like Dandelion, this True Temper Forged Dandelion weeder 2941600 from Ames is uniquely designed for the job. Fashioned with a V-Notched ever sharp steel blade, the weeder maintains it’s sharp edge for years of use. The 36-inch wooden handle allows a longer reach which promotes good posture and permits good, non-strenuous working conditions. It also benefits from sharp long-lasting steel blades to get the job done in no time.

9WOLF-Garten 3226004

amazon buttonThis manual push-pull weeder is designed to cut lawns of various size and thickness. The dual edge blades push back and forth seamlessly. This affords the Wolf Garten 3226004 to cut through the soil with very little force. This action also allows the blades to sharpen themselves which eliminates dull or worn blades well into years of use. Side guards allow the weeder to be used close to plants without doing any actual damage to the plants. The weeder comes equipped with a Multi-Star snap lock handle connection for added versatility.

8True Temper 1983800

amazon buttonThis weed puller remains true to its name. Designed with ever sharp chrome plated steel blades, the True Temper 1983800 maintains is sharpness indefinitely. It’s wooden handle poly- coated surface prevents slipping while in use. It can be used in any weather because of its material design and comfort. This weeder also features a sharp blade for effective and optimal use and a non-slip handle with a comfortable design.

7Flexrake CLA329

amazon buttonThis handheld midweight weeder is designed to handle several classes of weed from light or hardy weeds. Its handcrafted carbon steel design makes it quite durable and strong. This rust free material means that the Flexrake CLA329 will last years to come. The comfortable wooden handle is good to the touch every time. Thanks to its construction, this weeder handles various weed types, a construction that involves a comfortable wooden handle that’s easy on the hands.

6Radius Garden 102

amazon buttonDesigned to handle the tougher weeds with deep roots, the Radius Garden 102 is equipped with a strong rust-proof serrated blade. The natural curved, non-slip grip of the handle allows the workload to be managed comfortably without losing grip or force. This also facilitates working well in all weather. The sleek design allows maneuverability around tougher larger weeds that is usually a chore for most weeders. The serrated design digs and pulls the weed from the ground with ease of use. Rest assured as well with a lifetime guarantee on the item.


amazon buttonThe KNK-MT211 ARS is a manual weeding sickle which is capable of handling the eradication of weeds in rainy weather as well as on hard grounds. No need for unsafe, expensive chemicals. The KNK-MT211 ARS is designed to maneuver through light or heavy duty weeding. It is made of high carbon steel and equipped with non-slip handles which ease the workload and ensures you have an optimal grip at all times.

4Grampa’s Weeder

amazon buttonThis multifunctional posture friendly weeder is great for weeding in various settings. Most of all Grampa’s Weeder is designed with a tall shaft with a multifunctional edge. It can grab and pull most weeds in the garden or lawn. The lengthy shaft allows for weeding without having to bend or maintain uncomfortable position for a long period of time. Furthermore, its ergonomic design makes it among the best weeders on the market.

3Fiskars 7060 Softouch Weeder

amazon buttonThis rust-resistant cast iron made weeder is strong, durable and handles most weeds big or small. It’s large head grips and pulls most weeds and grass effectively. Its lightweight design makes ease of use and comfort while tackling those difficult weed grasses often handled by lawn mowers and tillers. The cast aluminum blade is strong and lasts for a very long time with effective use throughout.

2Cobra Head Weeder and Cultivator

amazon buttonThis multipurpose weeder and cultivator is made of zinc-coated steel. The Cobra Head Weeder and Cultivator is light and sharp while its edges are self-sharpening. The steel finger grabs and pulls weeds effectively and the plastic grip makes it easy and comfortable to work for a long time without strain. Furthermore, this multipurpose, multifunctional weeder cultivator features sharp, self-sharpening blades made of zinc coated steel for good measure.

1Fiskars Deluxe Stand-Up Weeder

amazon buttonThis lightweight multifunctional standup weeder is ranked among the best of its kind and understandably so. It has four claws that remove grass weeds and offers a stand-up design meaning no bending or overly back breaking posture. This promotes good posture and ease of use not to mention extended hours of safely working to get the job done. Last but not least, this multifunctional stand-up weeder comes with a lifetime warranty. Overall, the Deluxe Stand-Up Weeder from Fiskar has to be considered one of the very best money can buy.