Top 10 Best Memory Foam Bath Mats of 2017 – Reviews


No matter what your bathroom setup might be, you should definitely add a bath mat to it if you haven’t already. Intended to provide a good sense of grip and stability for when you’re out of the bath or shower, a bath mat will also allow you dry off quicker than you would any other way. When it comes to bath mats, however, memory foam bath mats are by far the best ones on account of them stretching to fit your feet for maximum stability and comfort. That said, let us find out what are the ten best memory foam bath mats the market has to offer right now.

Best Memory Foam Bath Mats Reviews 2017

10Lavish Home 2-Piece Memory Foam Bath Mat Set

amazon buttonFeaturing a soft, plush top layer made from 100% high-quality microfiber material that is super absorbent, the Lavish Home 2-Piece Memory Foam Bath Mat Set comes designed with a fast dry base made from Polyurethane that ensures stability and proper grip on wet floors. With a core filled with microfiber memory foam, this mat is super soft and luxurious to the touch. Measuring 32.25 inches by 20.25 inches by .625 inches in size, this bath mat is sufficiently large to fit any bathroom setup, not to mention durable and light in weight at the same time.

9Grand Era Memory Foam Bath Mat

amazon buttonThe Grand Era Memory Foam Bath Mat features a heavy duty shell made from 100% polyester with a filling made from high-quality polyurethane foam. Uniquely designed to absorb water and dry quickly, this bath mat is soft and luxurious and is highly recommended. Measuring 23.6 inches by 35.4 inches approximately, it is available in an array of vibrant colors and comes in a classic rectangular shape that would enhance and accentuate your bathroom floor.

8Coral Velvet Non Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

amazon buttonThe Coral Velvet Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat is a premium product from Docbear and made from 100% high-quality velvet. Equipped with a soft, rebound sponge, it contains a bouncy memory arm that is thick and automatically takes the shape of your foot, providing you with comfort. The bottom of the rug is made from top-grade rubber, ensuring you do not slip. You should, however, ensure that this bathroom mat is washed in cold water and not hot with a mild detergent, as it would damage the product.

7Clara Clark Memory Foam Bathrug

amazon buttonConsidered as one of the best of its kind, the Clara Clark Memory Foam Bath Rug is a soft, elegant and luxurious product that comes with some great features. Available in various colors and sizes it features an anti-skid base ensuring optimum stability. Plush, velvet, bacteria-proof, highly absorbent and uniquely designed, this bath rug is perfect for dorm rooms, bathrooms, beauty salons and clinics. Equipped with a special foam cushioning it ensures your bathroom stays free from moisture. Thanks to its Microfiber fire retardant fabric, it is perfect for those who are allergic and have sensitive skin.

6FindNew Microfiber Memory Foam Bath Mat

amazon buttonThe FindNew Microfiber Memory Foam Bath Mat is a high quality, quick drying, plush velvet bat rug that comes equipped with a non-skid base. Super absorbent, bacteria-proof and designed to last, this rug can be utilized in your dorm room, bathroom, salons and health clinics. With this top-notch product, you can rest assured you bath area would stay clean, dry and free from any moisture. Unlike a surprisingly large number of other rugs, this one is soft and elegant and feels comfortable under the feet.

5Soft Non-Slip Absorbent Bath Rug

amazon buttonKnown for its top quality and performance, the Soft Non-Slip Absorbent Bath Rug from Docbear is simple, quick drying, comfortable bath rug that ensures optimum stability on the wettest floors. Made from high-quality latex material and velvet, it would stand out and enhance any bathroom floor. The core of the rug is made from rebound memory foam, making it soft and luxurious. Thanks to its brilliant design and construction, this rug perfectly fits the contour of your feet and absorbs all moisture and water in seconds.

4AmazonBasics Memory Foam Bath Mat

amazon buttonUniquely designed and constructed with 100% high quality imported polyester material, the AmazonBasics Memory Foam Bath Mat comes equipped with a thick soft memory foam core that adds to the comfort of the rug. Thanks to its microfiber fabric, it absorbs all moisture and soaks up water quickly. Unlike others of its kind, this rug can hold up to 4 times its weight in water quantities. Available is a subtle shade of beige, it can be matched to most bathroom floors. It also features special seams that allow easy folding and storing of the mat. Measuring 18 inches by 28 inches, it comes with an anti-skid base that ensures the mat does not slip.

3Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat

amazon buttonFilled with thick, soft, high-quality polyurethane memory foam with an exterior cover made from velvet feel microfiber, the Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat is one that offers ultra comfort and luxury. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, vanity, guestrooms and more, this mat would also make the perfect gift. Available in a pleasant shade of coral, this rug can be washed in the machine in cold water with a mild detergent to ensure the color does not fade. The underside of the mat contains dots made from PVC to ensure the mat does not shift or slip.

2Magnificent Memory Foam Bath Mat

amazon buttonHighly recommended by most users, the Magnificent Memory Foam Bath Mat offers softness, elegance and optimal performance. Ideal for both wet and dry surfaces, it comes with an anti-skid base that ensures you do not slip after your shower. With memory foam cushioning, the mat automatically takes the shape of your feet the moment you step on it, giving you that soft luxurious touch and feel. Anti-bacterial, super absorbent and well designed, this rug also helps in providing long-lasting relief for your feet.

1Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat

amazon buttonMeasuring 20 inches by 32 inches in size the Magnificent Large Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat covers a wide space and offers optimal comfort and stability after a shower. With this mat, you can ensure your bathroom will be free from any moisture as the rug automatically absorbs water in just a matter of seconds. This rug comes equipped with a super soft memory foam core that makes it light and fluffy giving you a great feeling when you step on to it. Ideal for your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, this mat is super absorbent, durable, and bacteria proof.