Top 10 Best Memory Foam Mattresses of 2017 – Reviews


Memory foam mattresses are known for being a lot more comfortable than traditional mattresses to a certain degree. The main reason behind this being that memory foam mattresses adapt to your body’s shape, size, and weight, so as to provide you with a truly comfortable experience throughout the night. Even so, not all memory foam mattresses can be expected to meet the same standards, which is why some of them are more popular than others. For your consideration, we put together a list of the ten best memory foam mattresses the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Sensor Pedic Memory Loft Deluxe Bed Topper

amazon buttonThis memory foam mattress provided 10 inches of premium comfort and coolness to keep you nice and cozy all night long. It uses iCool technology that gets rid of uncomfortable hot spots and makes the sleeping surface even enough. Even so, the memory foam gel naturally conforms to the body’s contours and equally distributes the body’s weight. A circular knit fabric cover protects the outer layer of the mattress from dust and makes it easy to keep clean.

9Sarah Peyton Queen Sized Memory Foam with 2 Contour Pillows

amazon buttonThis Sarah Peyton Queen Sized mattress features a dual layer design that consists of a 2.5-inch visco-elastic top layer that hugs the body comfortably and a 7.5-inch layer underneath that provides support and helps to release pressure. The memory foam mattress comes with a zippered velour cover that protects it from dust. It comes with two free contour pillows and is available in four different sizes.

8Night Therapy 14-inch King-Sized Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress

amazon buttonA good night’s sleep is guaranteed with the comfortably thick and firm 14-inch Night Therapy memory foam mattress. The mattress consists of a quilted bamboo border and a second border made of Quilted Poly Jacquard with lush fiber padding. The therapeutic memory foam mattress is infused with natural seed oil, charcoal and Green Tea, a combination that ensures odors and bacterial growth is controlled.

7Memory Foam Mattress 12 Inches Plus Bed Frame Set

amazon buttonFor those looking for maximum value, this bed frame set that comes with a 12-inch mattress is by far the best way to save money. The king-sized mattress itself consists of a top layer that provides gentle coolness all night and a firm second layer that conforms to the body and gives it therapeutic pressure release. A third, much firmer layer ensures that you will never have to buy another mattress again in a long time.

6LUCID Twin Size 5-Inch Dual-Layered Memory Foam Mattress

amazon buttonThe LUCID memory foam mattress promises a therapeutic night’s sleep with its comfortable but firm design. The CertiPUR-US Certified foam mattress is safe even for young children as it has no mattress dust, particles, and odors that can cause respiratory issues. The dual layer mattress features a top inch-thick layer that keeps you cool even on hot nights and an underlying 4-inch thick supportive foam layer. The mattress relaxes and conforms to the natural pressure points of the body to give you a satisfying night’s rest.

5Dynasty Mattress 15-Inch Luxury Grand Eastern King Sized Mattress

amazon buttonWith 7.5 inches of high-quality memory foam, this is one of the most comfortable and the most therapeutic mattresses you can buy. It features visco-elastic memory foam that allows for cool airflow through it to make sleeping more comfortable. The mattress comes with a quilted top that offers comfortable textures while sleeping. One of the perks of this mattress is that it not only adjusts to the user’s body shape, it also maintains body temperature at an optimum to keep you from getting too hot. It comes with a 4-way zip-up cover and a 30-year warranty, alongside a 3-month home trial period.

4Dream Foam 13-Inch Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam King-Sized Mattress

amazon buttonFor the ultimate deluxe comfort, settle for nothing less than the 13-inch Dream Foam memory foam mattress. The triple-layered mattress consists of a 3-inch Gel memory foam top layer, a 2-inch secondary layer made of memory foam as well and a firm 8-inch base layer that makes it firm and supportive. The memory foam perfectly conforms to body shape and eliminates hot spots to provide a deeply relaxing night’s sleep.

3Brentwood Home 13 Inches HD Gel Memory Foam Mattress

amazon buttonThe superior design of the Brentwood Home memory foam mattress features a soft woolen outer layer and bamboo cover that provides all the plush firmness you need to have a good night’s sleep. The HD memory foam mattress provides 13 inches of comfort: 7 inches of a firm bottom layer that provide therapeutic support, 2 breathable inches for maximum ventilation, an inch of plush, extra comfortable padding, and 3 inches of Gel-infused HD memory foam.

2Signature Sleep Queen Sized 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

amazon buttonThe Signature Sleep Queen sized bed comes in 6, 8 and 12-inch versions that are specially designed to ease accumulated pressure around the hips and shoulders. The foam mattress comes with a fabric cover that keeps dust away and makes it easier to clean. Despite the comfort offered by the foam mattress, it features a firm, solid build and weighs about 68.2 pounds. Overall, one of the most flexible foam mattresses out there as far as versatility goes.

1Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Mattress

amazon buttonMade using Sure Temp open cell memory foam, this foam mattress provides a cool side to lie on all night while its superior quality conforms to the body’s contours to provide therapeutic stress release. The dual layer mattress has a thin 2.5-inch top comfort layer and a supportive 9.5-inch layer underneath. It measures 80 inches in length and 60 inches in width, making it the perfect size for people of any weight and height. Then again, this is precisely what you would expect from one of the best memory foam mattresses money can buy.