Top 10 Best Mobile Speakerphones of 2017 – Reviews


The great thing about mobile speakerphones is that they can turn your average smartphone into a conference ready phone to some extent, just as long as you don’t expect it to behave the same way a landline would. Not only that but they also serve as hands-free speakers to be used at home or when you’re driving, thus providing you with a veritable sound system that you can bring along wherever you may go. Having said that, let us point out that each mobile speakerphone comes with its own particularities, which is why we thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the ten best mobile speakerphones the market has to offer in order to give you a better idea of what to look for.

10Anleo BL Wireless USB Mobile Speaker

amazon buttonThis simplistic yet highly capable mobile speakerphone from Anleo will meet anyone’s demands in terms of signal, sound quality, and recording potency. Not only that but you will find it to be surprisingly affordable given its capabilities, which may explain its popularity to begin with. Furthermore, this device benefits from a multipoint feature that allows it to be connected to two mobile phones at the same time.

9Arctic S111 M Mobile Mini Stereo USB Sound System

amazon buttonThis sound cube speakerphone perfectly suits individuals who are somewhat cash-strapped. Designed in a simple manner and resembling a brick as well, it is characterized by an inbuilt battery which boosts its powerful speaker as required. It works well with virtually every Smartphone because of EDR and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. Its package comprises an instruction manual and a typical jack cable not to forget a charger as well.

8EC Technology Mini Bluetooth Speaker

amazon buttonThis speakerphone is among the most powerful devices available on a full charge; it can go for an approximate 15 hours and is designed with a powerful speaker (6watt). Besides functioning effectively with all Bluetooth 2.1 enabled smartphones, this all-black colored model has a total of 3 buttons located on its top.

7FIIL Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

amazon buttonPrecisely designed to ease call answering, FIIL Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a compact device that comes with the 4 buttons for answering, rejecting calls and adding and reducing volume buttons. Moreover, it is complimented by an internal battery and a speaker that is powerful. Aside from an affordable price, it offers color diversity and boasts an eco-filter and noise cancellation enabled advanced microphone.

6Philips – Wireless MFI Bluetooth Speaker (Apple Certified)

amazon buttonPhilips a globally-famed brand comes on with their MFI speakerphone that holds a certification by Apple. In addition to boasting an inbuilt battery which is sufficient for Bluetooth operations and adequate talk time, it is accompanied by its own charging port. It is itself an exclusivist gadget being well compatible with virtually all Apple smartphones. It is characterized by a proper construction and is well applicable in music listening because of the high-quality speakers that it hosts.

5Logitech P710e Mobile Speakerphone

amazon buttonP710e by Logitech was purposely designed to resemble and feel pretty much as a Smart phones docking station. It comes equipped with high quality and powerful microphone and speaker. Its top is characterized by 4 buttons whose role is either answering or even rejecting calls or simply adjusting speaker volumes. Aside from its simple design, it is powered by a dependable battery which provides an exclusive 15 hour talk time. Although it may come off as slightly expensive, its amazing features and functionality compensate for that.

4August MS425

amazon buttonVersatile and simple best defines August MS425. It comes equipped with a high-quality inbuilt microphone complimented by a speaker (3Watt). It works properly with virtually all Bluetooth 2.1 supported smartphones or those using typical jack cables. It is powered by an internal Li-on battery and is cylindrical in shape. Aside from the LED indicator, it boasts control buttons and multiple colors to select from.

3Turcom Wireless 5 Watt Bluetooth Portable Speakerphone

amazon buttonFor anybody looking for an affordable speakerphone, this visually fascinating Turcom model is just the device to suit your needs adequately. It is characterized by a powerful inbuilt speaker complimented by a dependable battery which provides more than sufficient talk time when fully charged. Aside from its powerful and quality inbuilt microphone applied in answering and rejecting calls, this low-prized model is characterized by Bluetooth support feature and is well applicable with virtually all Smartphones out there.

2Jabra SPEAK 510 MS

amazon buttonJabra, a globally recognized brand, makes the list with their 510 MS; a compactly designed dependable speakerphone which is a source of consistency and also functionality. In addition to its Bluetooth technology provision allowing it to support numerous Smartphones, it allows the user a maximum of 15 hours continuous talk time and works well with most applications relative to computer communications.

1Logitech UE 984-000298

amazon buttonA premium compactly designed model, Logitech UE984 is a reliable device that facilities unswerving calls via Bluetooth. Moreover, any device with a typical jack cable of 4 pins can also be supported as well. Its battery is conveniently long lasting offering a continuous usage time of a maximum 10 hours. The gadget is a multi-task device finding application as a microphone (high fidelity) and a speaker for music playback. Its catch, however, is the simple fact that it connects to multiple devices simultaneously.