Top 10 Best Monopods of 2017 – Reviews


Whether you’re a shutterbug or at least an enthusiastic photographer, you should know by now that a good monopod is a long-term investment more than anything in photography. Whereas common selfie sticks do the job just as well when it comes to basic photographs, you’re definitely going to need a quality monopod for anything more serious than that. Depending on the device you plan on using it with, a good monopod can make the difference between a decent picture and a professional photograph. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best monopods the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Monopods Reviews 2017

10Quicksnap Pro 3-in-1 Self-Portrait Monopod

amazon buttonPopularly used as a selfie stick, this monopod is a versatile tool for photographers and selfie lovers. It is compatible with most smartphones and cameras thanks to its adjustable holder. The monopod also comes with a rechargeable Bluetooth remote that allows you to take pictures and record footage without having to touch your device. Not only that but it is impressively lightweight and easy to store.

9Yunteng DSLR Monopod (VCT-288)

amazon buttonThe Yunteng VCT-288 monopod offers unrivaled stability and handling for users of DSLR cameras. Unfortunately, the monopod’s design only allows it to be used with DSLR cameras so you will need to get something else for your smartphone. Nevertheless, the design of the monopod which features a comfortable hand grip and a panning head makes it excellent for both DSLR and regular cameras. It also comes with a wrist strap and a unipod holder for maximum convenience.

8Lolipop Aluminum Monopod

amazon buttonThanks to its durable yet lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber build, this is one of the best-rated selfie stick monopods on the market today. Not only does it support Bluetooth connectivity but it can also be recharged using a USB cable to provide remote functionality. The monopod features a Bluetooth remote control that is extra handy when it comes to taking pictures from a distance.

7Koolehaoda Aluminum Monopod

amazon buttonThis professional monopod is built from light but very durable aluminum that provides excellent support even for heavier cameras. Its reversible mount screw makes it more convenient to use while its comfortable hand grip and wrist strap turn it into an easily transportable camera accessory. The monopod features a silicone twist lock that prevents the moving parts from getting worn out too quickly. Furthermore, this monopod comes with a 3-foot support stand for added stability.

6Benro Monopod (A38FDS2)

amazon buttonThe durably built Benro A38FDS2 monopod features a 3-leg lockable base that provides added stability for cleaner shots. Up front, it features an adjustable S2 head that provides a lot more versatility in terms of shooting angles and camera positioning. The monopod is durably built, lightweight, and easy to carry around thanks to the monopod carry case it comes with. Other than that, we should point out that it also enjoys an impressively sturdy construction which gives it a long-lasting durability that not many monopods have.

5Manfrotto Aluminum Monopod (MMC3-01)

amazon buttonThis compact monopod is constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum. Its compact design is a great space-saving feature that also makes it easier to transport. The monopod has five sections, each of which can be retracted or expanded to suit your specific needs. Not only that but it is also compatible with most DSLR cameras, regular cameras, and smartphones out there, with no limitations to speak of.

4Cokyn Selfie Stick Monopod with Bluetooth Remote

amazon buttonThis monopod is built exactly like a selfie stick but it can be used with both cameras and smartphones. It also comes in several colors to suit everyone’s personal taste. The monopod features an adjustable thumb screw and ball head which make it easier to fit cameras and smartphones of different sizes. It supports 180-degree positioning for better shooting angles, making it a very versatile tool for the avid photographer.

3Sirui Carbon Fiber Monopod (P-326)

amazon buttonBuilt from carbon fiber, the Sirui P-326 is lighter than most monopods. Its durable construction makes it a reliable tool to carry with you wherever you go. The monopod features a reversible screw on the mounting plate for extra mounting convenience. It also comes with a comfortable hand grip and a wrist strap that makes it easy to transport. For extra durability, the design of the monopod incorporates a handy silicone twist lock.

2AmazonBasics 67-inch Monopod

amazon buttonCapable of extending to lengths of up to 67 inches, this AmazonBasics monopod is one of the best monopods for professional photographers and picture enthusiasts. It features a very comfortable inbuilt cushion grip and a wrist strap that makes it easy to carry around. Despite its length at maximum extension, the monopod can be retracted to a very compact size for easier transportation. Its lightweight aluminum build makes it sturdy and resilient enough to be used anywhere.

1Dolica Aluminum Monopod (WT-1003)

amazon buttonThis monopod provides exceptional stability thanks to its four legs, each of which fitted with non-skid rubber feet for good measure. It is built from a durable aluminum alloy that is sturdy yet perfectly light. The monopod can be used both indoors and outdoors as it comes with an adjustable wrist strap for easy transportation. Interestingly enough, this lightweight yet highly durable monopod is also among the most flexible in this price range, which may explain its popularity.