Top 10 Best Motion Sensor Lights of 2017 – Reviews


Judging by how quickly motion sensing technology moves forward on a daily basis, we should expect most household appliances to have motion sensors in them by the end of the decade. Take light fixtures, for instance, they were among the first items to incorporate motion sensors many years ago when the technology first became available and they’ve been on an ascending path technology-wise ever since.

These versatile indoor / outdoor lights are easy to install, they respond accurately to motion of any kind, and they are attainable in a wide variety of designs boasting an even bigger variety of features. To give you a better idea of what to look for when shopping for such fixtures, we put together a list of the ten best motion sensor lights on the market to help you through.

10Heath Zenith HZ-5411-WH Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Security Light

amazon buttonEquipped with a sensor that can detect motion up to 70 feet away, it would be safe to consider Heath Zenith’s HZ-5411-WH one of the best the market has to offer right now. We say this because it also features an adjustable detection sensitivity system and a selectable light timer among a variety of other equally interesting features. Furthermore, this device uses two 120W max par 38 flood bulbs, which is more than anyone should ask for at this point in time.

9iRainy E27 LED Infrared Motion Detection Light Sensor Light Bulb

amazon buttonThanks to its auto PIR motion detector, low working voltage, low power consumption, and good color saturation, we can safely say that iRainy’s E27 is one of the most reliable motion sensor lights money can buy. It’s not just its features or reliability that make it stand out, mind you, but also its very affordable price that recommends it as one of the best not only in this category but also one of the best you can buy in this price range.

8LAMPAT Waterproof Wireless Security Bright Motion Sensor Solar Light

amazon buttonThe first thing you notice about Lampat’s Waterproof Wireless Sensor Solar Light is how easy it is to install. You see, this particular light fixture can be installed in just a matter of seconds to virtually any type of surface with no issues whatsoever. As for its capabilities, this ingenious light bulb comes equipped with ultra-bright, high-powered LEDs which provide illumination of up to 80 lumens, an eco-friendly Li-ion battery that requires no prior charging other than sunlight, and an overall durable, weather-resistant plastic construction to top it off.

7Fulcrum 20031-101 6-LED Wireless Motion Sensor Weatherproof Porch Light

amazon buttonThis particular porch light from Fulcrum is as close to a security fixture as you can get. It not only features motion sensor LED lights to provide perfect illumination both indoors or outdoors, but it also features a photocell technology that prevents daylight activation of the device. As for its sensors, we should point out that it can detect motion up to 25 feet away at a 100-degree detection angle.

6First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensing Light Socket

amazon buttonDue to its hands-free design, this motion-sensing light turns itself on whenever it senses someone enters or exit the room. What’s interesting about this specific light socket is that it can be installed into already existing light sockets without using any additional tools to speak of. At the same time, it has to be said that it has a 12 feet radius and that it can detect motion at a 360-degree angle if needed.

5OxyLED Luxury Motion Sensor Activated LED Wall Sconce Night Light

amazon buttonOxyLED’s luxury motion sensor activated LED wall sconce nightlight is equipped with an intelligent automatic sensor and an energy-saving bright LED to compliment it. This LED recognizes the ambiance of light in the environment and makes all the necessary adjustments so as to always provide proper lighting. Furthermore, the device enjoys not only a bright LED but a durable stainless steel design as well.

43PCS Motion Sensor Light

amazon buttonThanks to a very bright LED, this particular light fixture will provide a surprisingly powerful light without using too much energy. Not only that but it also benefits from the use of a very powerful automatic sensor which senses whenever someone walks withing 10 feet of it. At the same time, we should point out that it comes with a built-in magnet that allows you to simply slap the sensor light on any metal surface without any prior installation work.

3Mr. Beams MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Light

amazon buttonThis set of 3 motion-sensing LED nightlights, like the name suggests, uses three very powerful LED nightlights equipped with sophisticated motion sensors for good measure. These sophisticated motion sensors work up to 15 feet and are designed to shut off the light after 30 seconds in which they sense no noticeable motion. Also worth mentioning is the fact that they come equipped with very bright LED bulbs capable of 10 lumens for over 50,000 guaranteed running hours.

2TaoTronics LED Motion Sensor Light

amazon buttonEquipped with two extremely bright LEDs, this motion sensor light has the capacity to light up a surprisingly large area thanks to its 300-lumen potency. It also has to be said that it enjoys a thoroughly ingenious design which allows the sensors to provide 400 square feet of coverage over a vertical 135-degree angle and a horizontal 180-degree angle for maximum coverage in almost every direction. Not only that but it also enjoys an IP65 weatherproof construction to keep it safe in all weather conditions.

1Mr. Beams MB390 Motion Sensor Spotlight

amazon buttonDespite their seemingly large size, the ultra bright LEDs this motion sensor spotlight device comes equipped with, are guaranteed to last you a very long time without needing too much power to operate properly. In fact, the 300-Lumen LEDs are activated by a very powerful motion sensor operated by just four D-Cell batteries. As a result, this highly potent motion sensor spotlight will ensure an almost 400 square feet coverage at all times. This, along with its many other interesting features, makes the MB390 from Mr Beams one of the best motion sensor lights on the market.