Top 10 Best Motion Sensors of 2017 – Reviews


Motion sensors are the first line of defense in any home security system, which is why you want to invest in one that si both capable and reliable. These sensors will detect any movement withing their range and react accordingly by flicking a light on or by alerting the adjacent alarm system. In all fairness, there are many motion sensors to choose from, each with its own particularities. To ensure that you make the right choice, we went ahead and put together a list of the ten best motion sensors on the market today.

10All Pro Motion Detector MS180

amazon buttonThe glowing reputation of this motion sensor is underpinned by its amazing features. For one, it can detect movement from distances of 70 feet. For added convenience, the sensor also comes with an optional energy saver feature. In fact, the light also has the capability to keep the lights from turning on inside your property when motion is detected. The color options for this detector include white and bronze.

9Samsung SmartThings Motion Detector

amazon buttonDespite its seemingly sophisticated design, this motion detector is actually quite easy to use. The detector works automatically, which means it will be very convenient to you and also quite energy efficient. The motion detector is also compact in size, which means that you won’t run into any difficulties installing it inside the house, even if you’re planning on installing it in a remote location.

8Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight Motion Sensor MB360

amazon buttonOne of the handy features of this motion sensor light is its ability to turn itself on and off. The motion sensor is also made of high-quality materials which make it very durable and reliable. You can comfortably install it outdoors because it is also resistant to damage from weather elements. The detection power on this unit is also quite impressive; the MB360 can cover a distance of 360 square feet. Installation is also especially convenient because the unit is wireless.

7iRainy Infrared Motion Light with Sensor E27

amazon buttonWhenever there is movement in your compound, the light on this sensor will go on. The light relies on energy efficient LED technology that will ensure that your power bills do not spike after you have installed it in your home. Still, the light and the sensor are powerful enough to offer credible performance in both domestic and commercial settings, which recommends it for pretty much anyone.

6Heath Zenith Heavy Duty Motion Sensor Light HZ-5411-WH

amazon buttonAny movement within a distance of 70 feet will be easily detected by this high-quality motion sensor. The sensor is made of quality materials that will keep working for a long time. Even when placed outdoors where it will be exposed to the weather elements, the sensor light will remain fully functional, thanks to its weatherproof design. For added convenience, you can even adjust the detection distance on this sensor to ensure it is not set off by motions from irrelevant areas.

5Lampat Solar Light with Motion Sensor

amazon buttonSome of the pros of buying this particular motion sensor include the fact that it is very easy to install. Additionally, it is very accurate, and the light very powerful. To ensure that you can use it in any sort of environment, the motion sensor is also weatherproof, which means it can work in hot and moist conditions for a long time before running into any malfunctions.

4First Alert Motion Light Socket PIR725

amazon buttonThe reason this motion sensor is so popular is none other than the fact that it goes into a regular light socket. This means that its installation literally takes a few seconds. But despite its charming simplicity, it is also outfitted with other great features. Its sensory capabilities can cover 360 degrees, which most motion sensors cannot hope to match. Additionally, it is very energy efficient, and it also comes with automated capabilities for added convenience and functionality.

3Ecolink Motion Detector

amazon buttonThis is a top-ranking automatic motion detector. It can also quite effective in detecting movement around your premises, not to mention very easy to install. The system runs on a battery that can keep going for 6 years. Many users are very happy with the quality of service this motion detector has to offer, and you are more than likely to report a similar experience.

21ByOne Wireless Motion Sensor

amazon buttonAmong other great things, this particular motion sensor is very accurate and durable. In addition to detecting movement, it can also detect heat changes. Once activated, a wireless signal is sent to its wireless receiver which will then trigger a sound. The detection range for this sensor is 300 feet and the fact that it is wireless makes it especially convenient to use in almost any setting.

1Chamberlain Wireless Motion Sensor System CWA2000

amazon buttonThis particular motion sensor goes over and beyond what most alternatives, including those listed here, have to offer. In addition to motion detection, the sensor is also able to give light and audio signals on any intrusions detected. Furthermore, for a wireless motion sensor, its 0.5-mile range is also quite impressive, which speaks volumes about how well-built the device is and about what to expect from it in the long run.