Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets of 2017 – Reviews


There is no denying that mountain biking is a physically challenging sport that only gets tougher the more you keep at it. Given its exhilarating nature, mountain biking can be fairly dangerous at times, which is why you should always wear reliable protective gear. No other piece of equipment is more important in this regard than a helmet. A good helmet may very well save your life in the right circumstances, even though it would perhaps be best never to find out just how tough your helmet truly is. If push does at some point come to shove, however, you will want to have a quality helmet to rely on. To help you in that regard, we put together a list of the ten best mountain bike helmets out there for you to look at.

Best Mountain Bike Helmets Reviews 2017

10Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

amazon buttonWhen choosing a mountain bike helmet, the Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet should the first one to consider.We say this because it can fit sizes ranging from 22 and 1 and 24 inches which make it a clear choice for both men and women. It is also made from ABS for the outer layer with a soft EPS foam inner. This helmet also features a hard visor that protects the rider from sunlight and is well ventilated. With the Crank Fit, the helmet can be adjusted easily in no time.

9Troy Lee Designs A-1 Helmet

amazon buttonThe Troy Lee Designs A-1 Helmet is one of the best looking and performing mountain bike helmets out there. It is stylish well beyond the level you would expect a normal helmet to be, which recommends it for anyone looking to ride their mountain bike casually as well. The outer layer is made from polycarbonate and provides added protection atop its other protective features. The inner layer is made from EPS foam which is soft and comfortable, while the helmet itself has 16 air vents for a great deal of ventilation. The straps are strong and durable and easy to fasten.

8Special Cool Ultralight Kids/Toddlers Bike Helmet

amazon buttonThe Special Cool Ultralight Kids/Toddlers Bike Helmets Multi-Sports Comfortable/Safety Helmet is perfect for helping your child through their favorite pastime of riding their mountain bike. It is made from hardened PVC plastic and is lined with soft and comfortable foam to protect the head at all times. The padded nylon straps are great for keeping the helmet in place and keeping the rider comfortable. It also comes with air vents as well as a visor to keep the sunlight away.

7Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet

amazon buttonThe Fox Metah Mountain Bike Helmet brings added protection to the back of the head while maintaining the riders comfort levels with 14 air vents. The Fox Varizorb technology helps absorb impacts better and with the easy to access Y-Strap, riders can remove or put on the helmet with one hand. The padded inner keeps the rider safe and comfortable, which is something one must always look for in a helmet of any kind.

6Fox Flux Mountain Bike Helmet – Unisex

amazon buttonThe Flux Mountain Bike Helmet from the house of Fox is a great and performance-based option for those riders who wish to take on mountains. The inside of the helmet is made from EPS foam which makes it great for all-day wearing. At the same time, the helmet features 17 air vents which keep the rider comfortable all day long. It also offers maximum protection to the rider and is extremely lightweight as well. Thanks to its versatile design, it is great for men, women, and kids alike.

5Triple Eight Certified Helmet

amazon buttonTriple Eight is a big name in the sporting goods department and their Certified Helmet is by far one of the biggest sellers. It is certified to ensure that users are always protected in the most challenging situations, a quality few helmets possess. Given its design, it is great for mountain bike riding, snowboarding, skiing, or skating. Construction-wise, let us point out that it is made from hardened polystyrene and lined with soft foam for a comfortable fit.

4CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

amazon buttonWhen you buy the CCTRO Adult Cycling Bike Helmet, you get one of the best helmets on the market today. It is eco-friendly and is completely adjustable to provide the best protection. What makes this particular helmet stand out is the fact that it features side straps of a much higher flexibility than most, flexible enough to keep it in place but to be easily adjustable as well. It also has 18 air vents to keep the head cool at all times while the visor can easily be attached and detached at will.

3Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet

amazon buttonThe Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet is a great option for mountain bikers of any level. It offers complete protection and performs spectacularly during any extreme sport, not just mountain biking. At the same time, it is lined with soft EPS foam that takes the shape of the riders head and it is completely washable. It is also extremely lightweight and comes with 13 air vents to ensure that the rider is always cool and comfortable.

2Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet

amazon buttonFox Racing is one of the biggest sporting equipment brands and their Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet stands out for all the right reasons. This helmet is fitted with 11 perfectly placed air vents that enhance airflow and keep the rider cool. Its inbuilt pads are soft and comfortable, even more so than what you would expect from an average helmet, not to mention how easy they are to clean. Also worth mentioning is that this helmet is extremely lightweight and durable which adds to its overall protection levels quite a lot.

1Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet

amazon buttonThe Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet is one of the most popular mountain bike helmets on the market and an overall great solution for people who are looking for action every time they ride their bikes. It is a full face helmet and made from laminated fiberglass, a helmet that features an adjustable visor that can be removed with ease at any given time. It also has vents for better air circulation and it is certified to provide the highest possible standard of protection at all times.