Top 10 Best Muscle Roller Sticks of 2017 – Reviews


Similar to foam rollers, muscle roller sticks are intended to stretch and compress muscles in a segmental fashion, calming down potential muscle stress and post-workout pains. Due to their construction, they can reduce muscle pain, prevent muscle injuries, and decrease muscle tension while stimulating circulation. The benefits of a good massage are well known by now, which is maybe why more and more people are opting to use massaging gear nowadays instead of employing the services of professional masseurs.

This being said, there are more than a few muscle roller sticks on the market to choose from, each with its own design and capabilities. To further your understanding of what these massaging tools are all about, we put together a list of the ten best muscle roller sticks money can buy.

10ViggoPro Muscle Roller Stick for Professionals

amazon buttonThis professional grade 18-inch muscle roller stick can be used on all major muscle groups in both arms and legs to increase blood flow throughout the body. Interestingly enough, this proprietary non-squeak muscle roller comes with a free massage ball and a free E-book for good measure. Not only that, but it also comes with a lifetime warranty so that you can enjoy its muscle-soothing capabilities without a care in the world.

9The BeigeWolf Best Fitness Muscle Roller

amazon buttonThe BeigeWolf Fitness Muscle Roller is one of the few muscle rollers that focus on relieving cramps resulted from working out. This 18-inch roller is ideal for relieving muscle pain by massaging your muscles while helping your body regenerate at a faster rate. Furthermore, the fact that it is relatively thin and easy to carry means that you can take it with you on the road when traveling.

8Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick

amazon buttonDesigned to prevent post-workout injuries, this muscle roller stick will help you rid yourself of knots and muscle tightness while helping you relax at the same time. It does so by increasing blood flow through the muscles and by relieving any stiffness or pain that you might be experiencing on a regular basis after you work out. We should also point out that as far as construction goes, it is among the thinnest rollers out there.

7PharMeDoc Muscle Roller – Massage Stick

amazon buttonThis particular muscle roller from PharMeDoc is designed to warm up muscles while relieving soreness caused by strenuous exercising or any delayed onset muscle soreness many people experience after working out. Thanks to its ergonomically shaped riveted handles designed to give you the best grip possible, this massage stick will allow you to handle it with ease while being very capable of withstanding huge amounts of pressure, thus providing increased mobility.

6Zivalo Body Massage Stick

amazon buttonJudging by its capabilities, this massage stick from Zivalo is a must-have for any pro-athlete or fitness enthusiast out there. This muscle roller will help you apply pressure to each trigger point while reducing aches with immediate effect. By doing so, it will greatly increase circulation, warm muscles, eliminate knots, release tightness, relieve pain, and improve mobility while leaving you feeling comfortable and relaxed.

5The Muscle Stick – 18″ Adjustable Handle Massage Roller

amazon buttonThanks to a fully adjustable handle, you can set this massage roller to fit your individual needs in terms of both length and pressure. Essential for relieving tension, soothing cramps, busting DOMS, or even for massaging tight muscles in the arms and legs, this massage roller is a lot easier to use than most. We say this because not only does it have an adjustable handle, but it is also relatively thin and lightweight at the same time.

4Amazing Core Fitness Best Massage Muscle Roller Stick

amazon buttonMany people don’t yet realize but massage rollers are essential for any fitness or physical therapy related treatments. Intended to be used by pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this highly effective muscle roller is bound to provide high levels of relief for anyone dealing with stressed muscles or muscle pain. At the same time, this particular roller stick will not bend in any way whatsoever like you would otherwise expect from lesser quality rollers.

3Supremus Sports Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick

amazon buttonDesigned to provide you with deep tissue massaging for your feet, calfs, legs, back, and shoulders, this might just be one of the most versatile roller sticks on the market. It will also release muscle tension while stimulating a better blood circulation, thus increasing your body’s mobility and flexibility. Interestingly enough, this particular roller stick is a lot smaller than most, meaning that you can easily fit it inside a gym bag.

2The Stick Travel Stick Therapeutic Body Massage Stick

amazon buttonThis innovative massage stick is designed to stimulate pressure points throughout the body while helping you rid yourself of any post-workout stress you may be experiencing. At the same time, it will provide myofascial release from any problem areas you might have by stimulating blood flow and muscle regeneration. It does so while increasing range of motion and flexibility throughout the body without causing any sort of discomfort.

1Elite Sportz Equipment Muscle Roller Stick

amazon buttonThis is by far one of the most popular muscle roller sticks on the market and it’s easy to see why. This highly maneuverable stick measures just 16 inches in size, a lot less than most 18+ inches muscle rollers out there. Furthermore, its thin design allows you to use it on virtually any area of the body without any limitations whatsoever. We should also point out that this highly popular massaging tool comes with a lifetime replacement warranty which tells you everything you need to know about what standard of quality to expect.