Top 10 Best Nano Drones of 2017 – Reviews


Drones are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and for good reasons as well. In fact, drones have also started making their way into the service industry, and with all the talk about Amazon Prime’s futuristic delivery system, it would be safe to assume that drones will become and even bigger part of our lives in the near future. For the time being, however, drones are mostly used for entertainment purposes, which is precisely what the drones we will soon talk about ar for. Not to be confused with professional drones, the nano drones on our list are mainly designed to be fun to use, with practicality being a secondary concern. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best nano drones out there and what characteristics make them stand out from the rest.

Best Nano Drones Reviews 2017

104DCopter Fly it

amazon buttonKicking off our list is the pocket-friendly priced, lightweight gadget that guarantees both decent fly-time (when fully charged) and exceptional control-The 4D Copter model. With this drone is a complimentary controller that gives you amazing control and a subsequent capacity to make 360-degree flips. Besides coming in diverse colors in the form of black, green, white and orange, this drone also comes with a fast to charge battery that offers a considerable fly-time.

9SKEYE Nano Drone

amazon buttonPresumably, the highest ranked drone in our list with respect to compactness, this model comes in a simple design having no complex components or parts. It runs on batteries and 4 small motors (electric). Nonetheless, the astonishing factor is its relatively exorbitant pricing although it is startlingly decent. This model has a fast response to commands particularly boosted by its reliance on 2.4GHz technology and also offers a decent fly-time.

8Cheerson Cx-10 Mini

amazon buttonCheap and dependable is exactly the way to describe this 6-axis designed gadget. Using 2.4GHz technology, its accompanying remote is well able to ease the process of controlling the drone. Using the remote, you can easily navigate through its 3 levels of speed. Depending on the drone’s speed, it can sustain flight time for an average 4 to 8 minutes; and similar to the first drone, it is also able to complete 360 degrees flipping.

7SKEYE Pico Drone

amazon buttonFor anyone in search of a small-sized reliable drone, the SKEYE drone perfectly fits the description. Despite being rather pricey, it is nonetheless, the smallest of all mentioned models. The small-size characteristic extends to the remote which allows easy and precise control. The drone which comes in multiple selectable colors guarantees a fly-time of some minutes and is also accompanied by a manufacturer warranty.

6Sky Viper Nano Drone M200

amazon buttonWith Sky Viper drone, you are not only treated to quality construction, but you also get it in small convenient form factor. This model is controlled by 2.4 GHz technology and consequently, comes packed with high-performance motors (electric) which ascertain solid stability and ease of control. On a full charge, this M200 allows a flight time of approximately 10 minutes. Furthermore, its remote which can operate even when 200 feet from the drone is a source of amazing precision and control.

5Syma X12 Mini Nano RC Quadcopter

amazon buttonPerfect for amateurs and first-time users, this wonderful gadget comes accompanied by a controller that permits 360-degree flips and assures precise control. Aside from running on typical AAA batteries, it also allows considerable fly-time. Depending on its speed, it can provide 10-minute flight duration before its batteries run out, a 10-minute run time which should prove more than enough for anyone.

4GP NextX F8 4CH RC Nano Drone

amazon buttonSimilar to several listed models on the list, this is yet another model suited for amateurs and beginners. Aside from its wireless technology remote provision, the reasonably priced GP RC drone comes with a LED mini light that boosts visibility during night-time and an ensuing build that facilitates complete 360-degree flips. Moreover, with wireless technology, it allows drone control even when 200 feet away and subsequently offers decent flight time owing to its great battery pack.

3Cheerson CX-10A 4CH RC Quadcopter

amazon buttonTechnological advancements rarely incorporate ‘amateurs’ or even ‘beginners’ but that is hardly the case with CX-10A Cheerson drone. Complimented by a gyro (6-axis) and a customary design, this model operates using 4 motors (electric). Moreover, with this drone, precision, ease of control and complete 360-degree turns are out-rightly assured. The drone is also available in multiple color provisions for you to choose from.

2Eachine H8 Mini Headless Mode

amazon buttonAside from its uncommon name, the other beguiling characteristic of this drone is its significantly small size which can apparently allow it to fit perfectly in a human palm. This particular model runs on 4 motors and internal batteries. It is well capable of completing 360-degree flips owing to its unique design and an ensuing headless mode. It is accompanied by a remote control and a subsequent LED light for night visibility. Depending on the actual speed, it can offer a run time of about 10 minutes particularly due to a decent battery capacity not many other drones have.

1Syma X5C Explorers RC Quadcopter

amazon buttonThe Syma X5C model sits on the top spot of our list as one of the very best money can buy. Forget its durable build, which is pretty sturdy in all fairness, what makes this particular drone stand out is the fact that it comes equipped with an inbuilt camera. Not only that but it also allows the user to incorporate an SD card to store all the recorded video footage. Although it is not directly linkable to Smartphones for the time being, it is still just one step away from express video streaming, which should be more than enough given its price. The drone treats the user to precision, exceptional maneuverability and tremendous response as commanded by the user through its wireless technology based remote. Aside from also guaranteeing complete 30-degree flips, it provides an approximate 7-minute fly-time on a full charge.