Top 10 Best Neckties of 2017 – Reviews


A person wearing a necktie displays a much higher level of professionalism in the corporate world and so does one wearing a necktie at any job that requires interacting with other people. It is also the trademark of a successful individual, or at least that’s how any well-dressed person appears like to the naked eye. At the same time, neckties have been around for quite a while now and they always appear to be worn by people in high-impact positions of our society.

In this respect, you want your necktie to reflect the type of person you are, which is why you need to invest in one that is both stylish and practical. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best neckties money can buy.

10QBSM New Polyester Textile High Quality Men’s Neckties

amazon buttonThis tie from Tieguys lures people to pay detail to you as it is quite appealing to the eye. As such, you can wear it at both official or casual events. Available in a variety of bold colors and with a length and width of 57 and 3.5 inches respectively, you are spoilt for choice when choosing the one that suits you best. Furthermore, it is made of microfiber polyester that gives it a sleek look, which is up-to-date with the fashion trends rocking the market.

9Dan Smith 2 Inch Skinny Necktie

amazon buttonProduced by Dan Smith, this 100% polyester tie is simply a gift from heaven. When purchased, it comes in an array of five ties so that the owner never runs out of quality ties to wear to any event. It has a length and width of 56 and 2.2 inches respectively making it quite trendy and attractive by being easy to match with almost any suit. At the same time, it is bound to last you a lot longer than cloth ties thanks to its construction.

8Bundle Monster Neckties

amazon buttonThese ties from Bundle Monster are wholly made from polyester and unlike other ties, are properly made to be durable above everything else. These ties are also designed to fit any clothing theme, be them casual or official. This might just be why they are so popular in the first place, even though their construction definitely has something to do with it. Speaking of which, these ties are bound to last you a lot longer than most other ties in this price range.

7New Green Paisley Jacquard Woven Necktie

amazon buttonThis sophisticated and chic tie by Seemehappy is made from Jacquard woven microfiber. It is exactly the tie that gives you that polished and refined look that captivates people’s interest towards you and since it can be worn to any event, you need not worry about changing your outfit if you are going to a different event. On top of all this, the tie itself is quite fashionable in its own right.

6Moda Di Raza Necktie

amazon buttonConsidering its woven from 100% microfiber polyester, this particular tie is one of the most durable out there. It also benefits from a truly fashionable design that makes it go well with almost any outfit. Not only that but this tie is designed to withstand almost any wet stain, meaning that you won’t have any difficulties washing it off whenever it comes subjected to any accidents involving spilled drinks.

5Scot Allan Striped Tie

amazon buttonJust like other ties from Scott Allan, this tie is manufactured from Jacque Woven microfiber of the highest quality. The stripes make it more formal though it can be worn to different events with different outfits. Since the tie is colorful and available in assorted colors, it should be worn with a plain colored shirt so that it draws people’s attention towards the man wearing it, as it should when it comes to any Scott Allan tie.

4Retreez Tartan Plaid Check Neck Tie

amazon buttonFor those who love standing out in a crowd, this is the perfect tie for you as it reflects the standards of your outfit without drawing unnecessary attention to you. It is also manufactured from 100% microfiber polyester to resist any form of damage in the long run. At the same time, we should point out that this particular tie is very fashionable in its own right and that it will more than likely complement any outfit you may be wearing it with.

3Scott Allan Diamond Pattern Men’s Tie

amazon buttonScott Allan never disappoints in making amazing ties and this particular tie definitely meets the standard. Made from Jacquard Woven microfiber, this unique enjoys a fashionable diamond pattern that makes it attractive by pretty much all standards. Furthermore, the pattern focuses concentration to your face without being too flashy and without drawing attention away from your outfit.

2Men’s Collection Neckties

amazon buttonMen’s Collection, aimed at striking a balance between keeping this tie voguish and modern at the same time and they succeeded in doing so. As a result, it is much slimmer than most ties with a width of 2.75 and a length of 59 inches. Moreover, it is obtainable in lots of colors and can be worn to any event, be it social or formal but still trendy enough to make people notice your presence in any crowded room.

1Scott Allan Men’s Striped Necktie

amazon buttonWhen it comes to Scott Allan ties, you know you can expect the highest possible standards and let us say that this particular tie doesn’t disappoint. Made from Jacquard Woven microfiber, this tie will withstand almost any spill or smudge without taking any permanent damage. At the same time, it is designed in a truly fashionable pattern so as to draw attention to your presence without being too flashy or needlessly colorful. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best ties money can buy.