Top 10 Best Outdoor Fireplaces Reviews of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re looking for an outdoor fireplace to decorate your garden, you should definitely know what’s ahead of you when it comes to actually finding one that best suits your needs. We say this because sub-par fireplaces can break, crack, or even endanger you and your family by exposing you to the flames when improperly built.

It is for these reasons that one should always pay attention to what each fireplace has to offer in terms of not only aesthetics but safety as well. To make things easier for you, we wanted to find out what are the ten best outdoor fireplaces the market has to offer at this point in time and what are the characteristics that make them so special.

10Deckmate Potbelly Fireplace 30321

amazon buttonThis great outdoor fireplace benefits from a beautiful design to decorate your garden. The unit also has a large sliding door and a door that comes with two pieces of log grate, a fire tool, and an ash catcher. These two accessories, while seemingly standard, are well-built to ensure that you have full control of the fire within the fireplace. The fireplace itself is also made of a sturdy and durable steel construction for good measure.

9Uniflame Endless Summer Firehouse with Protective Cover

amazon buttonThis particular unit is 24.5 x 28.3 x 40 inches big, which is more than enough for any outdoor fireplace. It also has a cast iron grate which is durable and covered by an appealing black finish. You also not only get warmth from the unit sides but also good visibility to the fire itself. The fireplace also comes with a protective outdoor cover to protect the fireplace in the long run.

8Landmann USA Outdoor Fireplace 28305

amazon buttonLandmann’s USA 28305 Outdoor Fireplace comes with a spark guard, stoking tools, and a grate to safeguard the fireplace. It measures 35 x 26 x 26 inches and has a comfortable handle that helps you to move this portable fireplace from one place to another with relative ease. You are also given a 360 degrees view of the fire at all times, which is precisely what you want from any outdoor fireplace.

7CastleCreek Cabin Chiminea

amazon buttonThis fireplace not only has a unique and stunning cabin design that gives a luxurious look but is designed to be extremely sturdy and durable as well. For this purpose, it is made of weather resistant and heavy duty materials to protect it from weather elements in the long run. Since it produces heat and warmth in all directions, you can use it both as a constant source of heat or as an entertainment fire center.

6Char-Broil Deluxe Outdoor Fireplace

amazon buttonThis unit comprises of four screens which enable you to easily view the beauty of the fire produced within the fireplace without having to interact with the fire itself. It is also made from the durable steel which comes with a porcelain finish that will prove very protective in the long run.

The durable steel, as well as the porcelain finish, are very useful in maintaining high performance and quality of this outdoor unit, especially in the face of changing weather. The built-in premium-log grate that comes with this unit elevates and improves the flow of air inside the fireplace so as to further its use.

5Landmann Heatwave Fireplace 28008

amazon buttonFor greater visibility and decorative purposes, this fireplace was suited with a variety of interesting features. This 28-inch unit is made of hard steel, so as to ensure its long-lasting durability and performance. It also has an interesting weather-resistant enamel finish that enhances the overall aesthetics of the device while keeping it well protected at all times. On a related note, this fireplace has a galvanized spark guard that provides protection against the flames.

4UniFlame Outdoor Fire Bowl

amazon buttonThis fire bowl has an appealing and lattice design which is not only beautiful to look at but durable as well. It is covered with an amazing bronze finish that makes it look stunning and luxurious, fitting into any modern garden perfectly. This unit is also made from durable steel components aimed at providing good support and an even better security in the long run. Its diameter is about twenty-four inches, so you shouldn’t have any issues fitting it inside your garden.

3Blue Rhino Outdoor Tabletop Fireplace

amazon buttonThis fireplace is capable of about 10,000 BTU’s of heat, which should be more than enough for any outdoor fireplace these days. This being said, you will have to light up the fire yourself, as it doesn’t come with any artificial or automatic ignite system. Even so, its sturdy construction and its pleasant design certainly make up for it. In fact, we can safely say that it is perhaps one of the fanciest looking fireplaces out there.

2Deckmate Sonora Fireplace 30199

amazon buttonThis device comes with a large sliding door that helps you to easily add fuel to it and an ash catcher at the bottom of the fireplace for good measure. Thanks to its ingenious design, this fireplace doesn’t just act as a standard fireplace but as a decorative piece as well. Furthermore, it comes with all the accessories one could possibly need when tending to a fireplace, including a cleaning tool for when the fire is done.

1Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit 28347

amazon buttonThe first thing you notice about this particular fireplace is its poker, also known as a spark screen. This screen is designed to improve the look of the fireplace while still maintaining its full functionality. It also benefits from a lovely black finish, a full-sized cooking grate, and a sturdy handle to make it easier to use. When it comes to fire pits, there is perhaps no better solution out there, at least not in this price range.