Top 10 Best Panel Heaters of 2017 – Reviews


While no everyone can afford the hassle of installing a central heating system, they will often make do with a space heater or a panel heater to get roughly the same results. These heaters are much easier to manipulate, store, and install, not to mention how affordable they are than central heating systems. It is also common for people who want to quickly warm up a small room like a corner shop, a storage space, or an outdoors shed, to use a panel heater for the job. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best panel heaters on the market in our quest to find out the very best.

Best Panel Heaters Reviews 2017

10Lakewood EP-2000

amazon buttonEquipped with the latest electrochemical technology, the Lakewood EP-2000 is a super thin, flat-panel heater that that is backed up by 1000-1500 watts of sheer power. Providing infrared wavelengths that are extremely energy efficient by nature, it helps to heat up your room almost instantly. Loaded with 2 different settings for the intensity of heat you require, the thermostat itself keeps at a stable temperature that is both comfortable and healthy. It also features an overheating mechanism and a top over protection as well as an automatic shut-off function for good measure.

9Aura DGFP15120B

amazon buttonThe Aura DGFP15120B is a power packed 750/1500 watt panel heater that features a special power saving mechanism. This mechanism consists of an automatic temperature control function that helps to save power when not in use or when it gets too hot. This heater comes equipped with a digital temperature control panel with an easy to view LED display screen and an infrared remote control. Made from durable high-quality materials, this heater can wall mounted or placed on wheels, making it extremely portable. The front panel is made of tempered glass and is very attractive to look at.

8Soleus Air HM1-10-32

amazon buttonUniquely designed to fit into any room, the Soleus Air HM1-10-32 is an ultra slim, safe and versatile heater that can accentuate your bedroom or lounge perfectly. It provides instant heat and optimal comfort with no noise or vibrations and comes with a special tip-over switch for safety. This well designed, space efficient heater also features 2 different heat settings and a handy adjustable thermostat. For your safety and security, it is also loaded with the latest overheat protection technology that automatically lowers the temperature when needed.

7VonHaus 450W Wall Mounted Electric Flat Panel Heater

amazon buttonThe VonHaus Electric heater is a wall mountable, sleek and eco-friendly flat panel device that is extremely efficient and economical. Featuring an exterior body that can be re-painted if required, this heater can be made to match your surroundings and décor. Thanks to its slim and ultra sleek construction and just being 3/8th inch wide, it can be placed in any corner with ease without causing obstruction. It comes with a quick heating function, cool touch edge and for protection and safety, an overheating safety mechanism.

6Comfort Zone CZHTV9

amazon buttonProviding optimum comfort and radiant heat, the Comfort Zone CZHTV9 is a robust, flat paneled, well designed, slim heater that can fit into any nook or corner with ease. Featuring an adjustable thermostat, this heater comes with a control panel that is mounted on the top of the heater. It can be oscillated 70 degrees and is very easy to use. Featuring a safety tip over button, this heater evenly distributes heat throughout the room and instantly. It is extremely affordable and can be compared to other high-end heating devices.

5Cozy Products CL

amazon buttonThe Cozy Products CL heater is backed up by 150 watts of power and is extremely lightweight, durable, and robust. It can be both wall-mounted and used as a desk heater and is much safer compared to other heaters of its kind. It does not have any exposed wiring or heating coils, making it extremely safe for children and your family. Measuring just 22 inches in width and 16 inches in length, this compact sized, well-built heater provides ample amount of heat to get you from cold to warm and comfortable instantly.

4Vornado PVH

amazon buttonBacked up by heavy duty Vortex technology, the Vornado PVH provides evenly distributed heat to a complete room at once. Thanks to its dual heat intensity settings and adjustable thermostat, you can easily control the temperature of the heater as per your requirements and comfort. It is uniquely designed and features a flat, sleek panel construction that is extremely space efficient. It also comes with special safety features that include tip over protection as well as automatic shut off so that you do not have to worry when it’s in use. Rest assured to feel the radiant heat of this durable heater without any noise thanks to its whisper operation mechanism.

3Bionaire Console Heater

amazon buttonThe Bionaire Console Heater stands out by being lightweight, durable, and extremely cost-efficient. Ideally designed and constructed to heat up larger rooms, this heating device uses Mica Thermic heating elements that in turn use convection heating methods for providing warmth. Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, it also comes with 2 heating settings and also an automatic shut off feature when the device overheats or is tipped over. It also features a large handle and gliding wheels enabling easy mobility.

2Econo-Heat 0603

amazon buttonIn comparison to other heaters and the amount of money it takes to buy and use them, the Econo-Heat 0603 is an affordable and cost-efficient device that not only provides your family with the required warmth but also helps to save on heating costs. Uniquely designed and constructed, it is sleek and can be repainted to match your home décor and uses only a 3rd of the amount of electricity that standard heaters utilize. Extremely safe for your children and your pets, this heater can instantly heat a 120 square foot room with ease.

1DeLonghi HMP1500

amazon buttonThe DeLonghi HMP1500 is a Mica panel heater that utilizes 1500 watts of power to instantly heat up any room. Extremely lightweight, efficient, and attractive to look at, it accentuates your room providing the exact amount of heat you require. It features an optional wall mountable function as well as a stand-up mechanism that can be removed. The wall mount kit is provided with this heater to help you install it perfectly in your home. Equipped with 2 heat intensity settings and an adjustable thermostat you are given the option to customize the amount of heat you need. As for safety measures, it comes with a thermal cut-off mechanism, a tip-over switch and special indicator lights that caution you in the case of overheating. Thanks to its sturdy handle, it can be carried around and transported to different rooms with ease.