Top 10 Best PC Game Controllers of 2017 – Reviews


While most PC games can be played with a keyboard and mouse, there are some who require a functioning gamepad in order to get the full experience. Not only that but people who are accustomed to gamepads when playing video games will hardly shift to using any other controller, no matter how advanced or functional. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular game controllers for PC games while trying to find out what makes them so widespread and popular. So without further ado, here are the ten best PC game controllers the market has to offer at this point in time.

10NYKO Airflow PC Game Controller

amazon buttonIf you are searching for a controller that gives you service and comfort, then NYKO 806450 is the way to go. Unlike typical PC controllers, NYKO stands out with its inner cooling fan feature. With this feature, you experience a cooling sensation in the course of your gaming expedition. Aside from that, it can be customized to suit any gameplay either current or older and is also adequately big for any type of user and depending on the specifications; you can get it at various market prices.Aside from its signature Inner fan feature, Nyko game controller comes with wonderful grips and a striking resemblance to DualShock PS controller; the only setbacks with it, however, are that it is not suitable for 2D games and the D-pad is somewhat disappointing.

9Thrustmaster GPX Controllers With Official License

amazon buttonAs opposed to the typical PC gaming controller designs, the contoured design sets Thrustmaster GPX apart from the rest of the crop. With this feature, gamers have better handling and comfort while playing. Moreover, with excellently designed analog sticks and vibration motor features all at an amazing price of 29.85$, users are certain of a fantastic gaming experience. Forget the comfortable contoured design; it also comes with features such as the trip cord that allows wire disconnection as opposed to taking USB port off the PC. However, it is initially difficult when mapping particular games and may exhibit resistance from its trigger buttons.

8Sabrent Game Controller For PC

amazon buttonSabrent is also a reputable brand especially in regard to the production of great gaming controllers for the PCs. Operatable with both MAC and Windows gamers, the pad comprises 12 buttons and offers a great feel and gaming experience. At a price of 9.99$, you can have this cord-based gaming controller.The pad is not just comfortable and convenient due to the inner fan, it also comes in a sturdy design and DualShock feel. Nonetheless, look out for its short wire-length and is prone to occasional technical glitches.

7GTRON Classic Controller For Windows / MAC

amazon buttonRevitalize your gaming experience with the Gtron Retro classic controller. Compatible with Mac and Windows software, the controller incorporates all types of gamers and at just 9.99$ why subject yourself to playing via keyboard only?Sturdy and properly designed, Gtron pad comes with a lengthy cable and is wonderful for emulators. The only concern, however, is that it requires extra software to facilitate its proper mapping out and its material fells somewhat cheap.

68BITDO Wireless Bluetooth Nes Controller For Android And PC

amazon buttonAll retro heads out there, be informed! 8Bitdo wireless is the new controller in town. All thanks to the Bluetooth connection capacity, hooking is now easier. Aside from being compatible with Mac, Windows and surprisingly iOS mobile games, it perfectly suits all the NES/SNES emulator requirements. Moreover, with a varying price range depending on the specifications, you can acquire this easily upgradable gaming controller and watch your gaming experience take a momentous turnaround. Other than providing a perfect solution for emulators, it also comes with a catchy NES controller design. The intricacy when mapping iOS gameplay, however, is its only associated setback.

5Logitech Gamepad F710

amazon buttonLogitech makes the list again and it is no surprise either. With defined vibration functions in the mix, this F710 gamepad leaves you deeply immersed into the game. Its design and features are a fusion of Xbox and PlayStation gamepads where it adopts a DualShock functionality and face button feature resembling that of Xbox gamepad. At just 44.99$ even small hand gamer can join the party particularly due to its compact stature convenient for all palm-sizes. Gamepad F710 treats you to a smooth and fine feel, rubberized sticks and convenience since it can play even when 6-feet off the PC. However, the only concern is that its face buttons are extremely loud.

4Xbox One Microsoft Controller + Cable For Windows

amazon buttonCurrently rated as one of the top controllers in the market, this controller is a pure definition of quality. Having taken the time to redefine the aspects of Xbox 360 controller, this Microsoft company controller brings in a new taste of an enhanced D-pad, face buttons that are easier to identify and analog sticks that are smoother. With just a price of 54.56$, experience the joys of your Windows PC high-quality gaming with this wonderful controller.With Xbox one controller, you have the benefit of a wonderful D-pad, enhanced analog sticks and a wireless and wired option. The only concern, however, is that it mandates for batteries or a detached chargeable battery pack.

3Logitech Gamepad F310

amazon buttonAccredited for some of the finest gaming peripherals, Logitech is at it again. With the F310 gamepad, the quality aspect of the Logitech brand name has been fortified. Its design resembles that of DualShock common mostly with consoles of PlayStation. The pad is characterized by 10 buttons which you can customize to suit your playing style. Moreover, it features 8-way easy to program D-Pad. Despite the pad only functioning with game software that is windows-based, with just 15.49$, you can own this wonderfully packed and designed Logitech gamepad. Aside from its affordable prices, it has some advantages such as its applicability with most games, its unique design that fuses aspects of both the Xbox 360 and Dualshock and it’s customization provisions that allow multiple player profiles. Common to all gadgets, the pad also has some cons most notable being that placement of the trigger button is somewhat off.

2Logitech Racing Wheel (G27)

amazon buttonNot only is this racing wheel suited for PS 3 usage but for PC gaming as well. Although most would question the steep price tag, no other pad offers your an assortment of features such as weight shift, dual-motor feedback force and a collective 16 buttons all programmable on one badass wheel. With Logitech G27, you not only get exceptional quality but also have a taste of effortlessly adjustable pedals and one that can work on every racing game. Initial difficulty in setting up and most of its parts mandating connection via cable are the only associated concerns.

1Xbox 360 Controller For Windows

amazon buttonTypically the best controller out there, Xbox 360 is a quality gaming controller that defines all gaming standards. Aside from the classic popular features such as vibration feedback, an ergonomic comfortable design, easy to use analog buttons and defined triggers and shoulder buttons, with a price tag of 29.99$ this Microsoft controller also has a D-pad; all which combine to give you an amazing quality gaming experience. The pad comes with a set of advantages such as: perfectly operational with Window PCs and laptops and its properly-fitting design. Even with all the quality features, the pad has been linked to some setbacks, mainly its basic D-pad and the fact that Plug-in is required to initiate its vibration feature.