Top 10 Best Pedestal Fans of 2017 – Reviews


There is perhaps no better way to ensure proper air circulation inside the house during hot summer days than by using a fan of sorts. Among the many variants the market has to offer, pedestal fans stand out by being the most practical. Even among them, however, a few stand out by being both effective and easy to maintain.

Combine this with how affordable some of them are, and you have yourself a very cost-effective solution to rely on during the hot season. After careful consideration, we found out what are the ten best pedestal fans on the market right now and what exactly makes them so great to begin with.

10Lasko Energy Saver 18” Fan

amazon buttonLasko’s 18-inch Energy Saver pedestal fan is highly mobile and powerful. It also features great adjustability features, including an adjustable height and a fan that can be tilted back depending on the usage needs. Additionally, this fan is also very easy to put together. Another handy feature putting this fan on this exclusive list is its remote control functionality and an energy saver feature.

9ATD Tools 30330 Fan

amazon buttonThis fan is highly mobile and adjustable, not to mention designed using highly durable materials. Other than that, it comes with 30-inch blades that ensure improved cooling capabilities. Despite the power on this fan, the 30330 runs quietly because the manufacturer used balanced aluminum blades. Additional features on this fan include adjustable speeds as well as an automatic shut-off feature. The motor on this fan is also quite energy efficient, in part due to the adjustable operation speeds.

8Air King 9170 1/3 HP Industrial Grade Fan

amazon buttonThis oversized pedestal fan is ideal for industrial and commercial applications. The fan features a 30-inch fan, and it generates enough cooling power to ensure proper air circulation in large spaces. Safety is also one of the benefits of this fan. In fact, it is both ETL and OSHA compliant. For durability, the fan features coated steel blades which can keep going for years.

7Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan

amazon buttonThis fan features a unique design that lets it project air flow much better than conventional fans. The innovation is called the Air Multiplier technology, which is probably why this fan is a lot pricier than most of its counterparts. The fan has 10 airflow settings, all of which are highly precise. Other features include remote control functionality, ability to run quietly, and the fact that it does not use any blades. Even so, the fan is very easy to maintain.

6Lorell LLR49251 Floor Fan

amazon buttonThis ETL-approved fan features 16” blades designed to provide maximum airflow without making too much noise. Furthermore, the fan features an infrared remote control feature and a timer. The height of this fan is also adjustable for up to 48”, which is more than sufficient when it comes to pedestal fans. The speeds can be changed in three different ways, much thanks to the blades that are made using ABS plastic.

5Lasko 2527 Adjustable Performance Fan

amazon buttonThis fan has, like many others on this list, three adjustable speeds. The fan also stands out for the fact that it does not need any tools during assembly. Furthermore, in addition to having an adjustable height, the fan also provides a 90-degree oscillation. Despite having all these great features, this fan is available at very affordable, which is why it is also one of the best fans you can buy at the moment. And with its 16-inch blades, this fan is also very energy-efficient.

4Optimus F-4184 Industrial Grade High Velocity Fan

amazon buttonThis industrial standard fan has large 42-inch balanced aluminum blades. The fan has an overheat protection feature, although it is also heat resistant. The fan also features a high-torque ball bearing motor and is also maintenance free. Among its safety features is a reinforced wire grill. The Optimus F-4184 high-velocity fan is also OSHA-approved. Furthermore, in addition to an adjustable height, the fan also offers 360-degree tilting. However, this fan is a bit noisy, but this should hardly be an issue in noisy industrial and commercial environments.

3Lasko 1850 Remote Pedestal Fan

amazon buttonThe Lasko 1850 is a powerful and yet energy efficient fan with adjustable height and fan head. The fan has a remote control feature as well as a timer and three different speed settings. Maintaining this particular fan is relatively easy since the fan is very easy to clean. Assembling this fan is also pretty easy; and for added safety, it comes with a fused safety plug. Also worth mentioning is that remote-controlled fans are usually much more expensive than this, which is definitely a big plus.

2Lasko 1843 18” Remote Control Cyclone Fan

amazon buttonLasko Cyclone fan is one of the top pedestal fans today. Despite having 18-inch blades, this fan is powerful enough to cool even large spaces. More importantly, this fan is ideal for home use because of its whisper-quiet operation regardless of the chosen speed. The height can also be adjusted for up to 54-inches. For added safety, the Lasko 1843 has a patented fused plug.

1Lasko 2535 52” Oscillating Pedestal Fan

amazon buttonThis is obviously not an ordinary fan, and not just for its massive 52-inch blades. Like many high-quality pedestal fans, the Lasko 2535 has three speed options and a timer. This fan also has directional louvers, which make it possible to adjust the wind vertically. The Lasko 2535 is also ETL-approved for the powerful high-quality features it has to offer while maintaining a relatively reduce power consumption. Overall, it is one of the best pedestal fans on the market.