Top 10 Best Personalized Water Bottles of 2017 – Reviews


Customizable water bottles allow you to escape the rigidity of standard water bottles designs in any way you wish so that you may add a personal touch to your water bottle in order to truly make it your own. These bottles can be expected to meet the same quality standards of regular water bottles, with the added benefit of being fully customizable as far as general aesthetics go. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best personalized water bottles on the market and what characteristics make them stand out from the rest.

Best Personalized Water Bottles Reviews 2017

10Personalized Soccer Ball Water Bottle

amazon buttonThe Personalised Custom Soccer Ball Sports Water Bottle is the perfect gift for any kid who’s passionate about soccer. It comes with the free option of customizing your child’s name, team name, team color, and number. With a capacity of 600ml, this aluminum sports water bottle comes with a printed football with a choice of different colors. With over 15 different fonts and texts to choose from, create your own fun, custom-designed bottle and stand out among your teammates.

9Ritzpix Customizable Water Bottle

amazon buttonThe RitzPIx Customizable Water Bottle is the perfect water bottle for your little girl. With funky and vibrant patterns in pink, orange, yellow and green, this bottle is extremely durable and comes with a leak-proof lid that can be easily screwed on. It also features a handy key chain ring that can be used to clip on to your backpacks. The bottle also comes with a carabineer clip and is light in weight.

8Laser Engraved Water Bottle By Alphanumeric Engravers

amazon buttonRobust and lightweight the Laser Engraved water bottle by AlphaNumeric Engravers is a one of a kind water bottle that can be customized with any image or text, design or photograph that you like. Available in an assortment of different colors including red, blue, green, orange, black, the exterior features a glossy finishing that is extremely stylish. It features a wide mouth for input of ice cubes and a sports lid for easy sipping.

7Infuser Water Bottle By Basil

amazon buttonThe Basily Infuser Water Bottle is the perfect choice for utility at the gym, the office or even at home. With a convenient strap, it can be carried around with ease or attached to your bag or backpack. It features an easy-to-drink spout and comes with a capacity to hold 25 ounces of water. Made from Tritan plastic, this high quality, durable water bottle is BPA free, and free of toxins and chemicals. Thanks to its spill-proof design, use this bottle for hiking, camping or trekking. With this unique infuser make your own personalized flavored drinks by filling in the infuser basket with your own choice of fruits and enjoy a natural delicious beverage.

6Fun Name Bottle By NameStar

amazon buttonFeaturing colorful and vibrant designs and patterns imprinted on the exterior, the Fun Name Personalized Stainless Steel Kid’s Water Bottle comes with the option of printing your child’s name on it as well. BPA & Phthalate free, this water bottle is made of durable and high quality, non-leeching stainless steel and meets all safety health measures and food standards. The bottle is 12.5 ounces in size and comes with a no-spill sports valve and a carabiner clip.

5Decor Water Bottle Horizon Group

amazon buttonFeaturing 6 rolls of colorful duct tape give your kid the Your Décor Water Bottle and let his creativity take charge. Manufactured by Horizon Group USA, this personalized water bottle is tested and approved and is BPA free. Along with the 12 yards of different colored duct tape, it also includes fun foil stickers to add a more innovative touch. Made from durable, long-lasting plastic material it comes with a carabineer for easy mobility.

4Personalized Gloss Black Stainless Steel Water Bottle

amazon buttonMade from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the custom stainless steel water bottle by AlphaNumeric Engravers is an anti-rust, BPA free, environment-friendly reusable water bottle that is durable and robust. It features an easy-to-carry design that makes it convenient. With a capacity to hold 25 ounces of water, it comes with a leak proof lid, a wide mouth for ice cubes and fits in perfectly into car and bike bottle holders.

3Personalized BPA-Free Water Bottle

amazon buttonThis unique set contains all that you will require designing your own masterpiece with different vibrant colors and patterns that let your imagination take charge and show off your creativity. The kit includes flowery designs, gemstones, stickers, and colored markers so that you can add your own personal touch. This bottle can be clipped on to your backpack with ease and also makes a great gift.

2Klean Kanteen Classic Steel Bottle

amazon buttonThe Klean Kanteen Classic Stainless Steel Bottle by Klean Kanteen is a customizable 27-ounce bottle on which you can add your name, details or anything you like. Including a sports lid and a straw, this bottle is extremely durable and made from high-quality stainless steel. It comes with a variety of fun fonts to choose from and easy to customize, is dishwasher safe, and very easy to clean.

1Swig Savvy Insulated Water Bottle

amazon buttonDespite not being fully customizable in the sense that other water bottles on our list can be expected to transform, the sleek design of this particular bottle is definitely one that can be tweaked into any other pattern of your choosing. At the same time, the bottle itself is extremely durable in its own right, so you might try your hand at customizing it some other way if you’re good with tools. We say this because it enjoys a stainless steel, BPA-free construction that recommends it for anyone who uses water bottles regularly.