Top 10 Best Photography Lighting Sets of 2017 – Reviews


Anyone can take a picture, sure, but you’re gonna need proper tools if you plan on doing it professionaly. We are not talking here about the camera alone, mind you, but the many additional accessories a professional photographer needs like monopods, DSLR lenses, and lighting sets.

When it comes to lighting sets, there are quite a few to choose from, which means that you must first take the time to do a fair share of research before making any sort of purchase. If you’re looking to skip the tedious process of browsing the market yourself, then you should perhaps check out our list of the ten best lighting sets money can buy.

10Neewer Studio Kit for Professional & Home Studio Photography

amazon buttonThe Neewer Studio Kit is among the few sets that were perfectly assembled for professional photographers. Imparting with adequate quality to fit expert photographers, this lighting set has a whole lot to offer. This set is easily accessible and can be used for photo art., advertising, scientific photography, industrial and technical photography as well and is available at a very affordable price.

It features 3 strobe flash lights, barn door boxes and umbrellas of 180w each along with 3 light stands, 4 shading gels, a top quality barn door honeycomb to give you proper control on the heading of the light, a wireless 16-channel radio trigger which helps with camera flash sync solution, a transmitter and a ton of other useful accessories.

9Limostudio Photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit Set

amazon buttonBrilliantly put together with some of the best components possible, the Limostudio Lighting Kit promises top notch performance and advanced lighting techniques to fulfill all your photography needs. With some excellent elements and efficiency, this lighting set provides its users with the utmost quality of lighting.

This pack includes 2 single head fluorescent light holders, 2 x 85 volts CFL photo bulbs, 1 translucent white umbrella and 1 black and silver reflector, 2 cushions spring tall light stands and 2 10 x 10-foot muslin black and white backdrops. It also comes with umbrella carry cases as well as a single bulb convey pack for good measure.

8ePhoto Video Studio Photography Lighting Kit

amazon buttonThis lighting kit from ePhoto is a premium, high-grade photography kit that is loaded with reliable and high-quality components. Users can capture superior, stunning and high-end pictures when utilizing this lighting kit. The kit features 2 soft boxes, ensuring 100% top notch lighting quality. The entire kit can be put together in a matter of just a few minutes to give you the best professional results. It is extremely easy to control and comes with an on and off switch. This lighting kit can be ideally used for portraits, studio photography, and videography.

7LimoStudio Photography Photo Studio

amazon buttonThis is another premium grade, top performance lighting kit from Limostudio that is highly recommended for professional style photography. Packed with some great components, this kit is crafted with high-quality products that ensure a long lasting durability.

The set features a photography tent/Studio box that is 16 x 16 inches in size, available in 4 non-reflective colors, 2 x 600-lumen photography lights, 1 LED light stand that comprises of LED lamps that ensure an even color contrast and high clarity for special photography, 1 camcorder tripod stand, 2 x 120 volts and 50 Watts daylight balanced Halogen Light Bulbs, 1 string clip mobile phone holder and also an umbrella carry case.

6Fancierstudio 3 Point Umbrella Lighting Kit

amazon buttonEnsuring a decent yet high-quality experience in photography, the Fancier Studio lighting kit provides its users with the optimum support, performance and best results. This set can be easily put together and is extremely user-friendly.

Fully loaded with some excellent components, this kit comprises of 2 light stands, 1 foundation background stand, 3 x 45-watt fluorescent light bulbs, 3 AC adapters, and 2 x 33-inch umbrellas for proper transmission of light. This lighting kit is perfect for portraits, studio photography as well as videography. The kit also comes with a convenient carry case.

5StudioPRO 675W Triple Translucent Umbrella Continuous Bright Lighting Kit

amazon buttonThe StudioPro triple Bright is a high end, superior quality, and high-performance lighting set that provides an outstanding output by all standards. With simple techniques and utility, this kit ensures extraordinary results when used for filming, video, and other studio photography. It is a unique single socket set for those photographers who have a very limited amount of space to work.

With its dual light functionality, photographers can highlight the subject by using one of the lights as the primary source while the other light is used for illuminating the spaces in between and bringing down the level of intricacy. The daylight is specially balanced at 5500k for authentic representation of different hues. The kit comes with durable CFL bulbs
that use much less energy and provide better results.

4CowboyStudio Photography & Video Continuous Triple Lighting Kit

amazon buttonPerfect for building that sturdy foundation in your path to brilliant photography, the Cowboy Photography and Lighting kit has exactly what you need. Packed with high-quality components, this kit comes with 3 sunshine globules of 5500k each, 3 light weight, light stands including 2 x 7-foot stands and one mini stand, 3 light removable attachments, 2 white umbrellas including a translucent one for continued brightness. It is crafted with complete portrait settings that include a primary light, backlighting as well as a fill light.

The set comes with a conventional soft padded carrying case for all the items in the kit. The knobs are specially crafted to provide a premium lighting experience.

3StudioPRO 6400W Photography Continuous Light Softbox Lighting Kit

amazon buttonAmong the many professional studio photography lighting kits, the Studio Pro has set some unbeatable high standards that made it one of the most popular on the market today. Comprising of superb elements and capacities for optimal results, this kit takes care of every photographer’s need.

The complete set is of 15x 85 watts in total for 1275W CFL that is equal to 6400W incandescent output. For a precise color representation, the daylight option is balanced proportionately at 5500k with a High CRI of 90. This kit can be utilized with almost every high-end camera that is available in the market and users can shoot professional photographs to video and get the most efficient results at a very reasonable cost.

2Linco 2000 W Photo Studio Lighting Kit

amazon buttonThe Linco studio Kit is among the top, most distinguished and popular lighting kits available in the market today. Currently satisfying a number of professional users, this kit ensures top notch pictures and at a very reasonable price. In just a few minutes of setting up, photographers can capture ordinary photographs and make it look uniquely professional.

The pack comes with 4 light heads, a 5 foot, lightweight and durable light stand, a new design 4 socket light head with a sturdy ceramic base and protection cap, am auto pop-up softbox and a flat bag, and a soft square white umbrella for minimal light loss.

1LimoStudio LMS103 Photography Photo Portrait Studio

amazon buttonThis lighting set aims at providing the best quality images, photography, and videography in comparison to any other standard lighting unit. The kit has been carefully assembled with items and gadgets so as to provide optimum utility, high quality capturing capabilities, and a very accommodating maneuverability.

Among the many useful accessories that can be found in this kit, we find 2 high output flash umbrella strobe light stand, a high-quality tabletop light stand, 3 single head fluorescent light holders, 3 full spectrum 45w light bulbs, a shading temperature of 6500k, a bulb carry bag, and an umbrella carry case. All things considered, the LMS103 might just be one of the best lighting sets on the market right now.