Top 10 Best Pizza Pans of 2017 – Reviews


It is a generally accepted fact that pretty much everyone loves pizza. In fact, no other dish enjoys the worldwide popularity that pizza has, which may have something to do with the wide variety of flavors and recipes people can enjoy. If you have a good enough oven, you can even prepare some within the comfort of your own home. If you’re using a high-end pizza pan, then chances are that your pizza will be just as good as the one you would normally eat at a restaurant or pizza place. To give you a better idea of what to look for if you’re interested in buying one for yourself, we put together a list of the ten best pizza pans money can buy.

Best Pizza Pans Reviews 2017

10Wilton Recipe Right Pizza Pan

amazon buttonWilton Recipe Pizza pan is for anyone that wants to enjoy fresh pizza. It allows you to make a total of 14 pizzas per session, each approximately one inch in diameter. It is a high-grade pan that neither loses shape nor warps over time and which is made using round durable steel. This pan beside being rustproof also comes with a heavy base which properly distributes heat to give even cooking. Finally, this non-stick pan that boasts cool-touch sturdy handles comes at an affordable price and is accompanied by a five-year warranty.

9Wilton Recipe Right Pizza Pans

amazon buttonWilton Recipe is a 2-piece set of pizza pans that are made using heavy-duty steel material that makes it durable and resilient to physical abuse. Moreover, it also boasts an exclusive warp-resistant design which evenly heats for quicker cooking. They also come with a non-stick layer and a large cooking space that allows you to make pizzas as large as 12.25 inches. You will also find these particular pans to be quite affordable individually, even though they’re some of the best pans out there.

8OvenStuff Personal Size Non-Stick Pizza Pan

amazon buttonOvenStuff provides a select set of two pizza pans (personal-sized) each exhibiting a gray low-maintenance theme. These stylish and durable accessories are ideal for both professional and personal use and comprise a Duraglide non-stick plus surface which works well to prevent the pizzas from sticking and burning. These pans are designed using heavy steel which renders them not only durable but sturdy enough to maintain their structure even after physical abuse. Moreover, their underlying material heats quickly and is good at retaining heat for longer periods-which allows for better and faster cooking.

7Calphalon Bakeware (Non-stick) 16-inch Pizza Pan

amazon buttonDesigned to facilitate baking of large pizzas (16-inches), this Calphalon pizza pan comprises heavy-duty steel material is a sturdy pan that functions efficiently without losing shape or warping like other standard models. Also, besides being free from harmful elements like BPA, its underlying material heats up both quickly and evenly to produce deliciously prepared pizzas. This Calphalon 16-inch pan comes with a unique non-stick finish not to mention quick heating and reliable heat retention. Finally, aside from being dishwasher safe, this pizza pan comes with a lifetime full manufacturer warranty.

6Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware Set

amazon buttonThis is a set of four non-stick mini-sized pizza pans, each measuring about seven inches in size. They boast a high-end design that not only allows them to stand firm and not warp even under pressure but also appeal to professional chefs and novices alike. Additionally, these pans are made using heavy-duty steel that makes them not only durable but also waterproof. With Calphalon bakeware, you get quality food-grade accessories which evenly distribute heat and prepare delicious and soft pizzas. What’s more, other than comprising an enhanced interlocking system that allows safe storage, these accessories are dishwasher safe and offer an exclusive lifetime manufacturer warranty.

5Chicago Metallic Deep Dish Pizza Pan

amazon buttonWhether it is durability, functionality or convenience, the Chicago deep-dish metallic pizza pan is well designed to suit your cooking needs.This 14-inch pizza pan which features heavy-duty steel material is both durable and spacious and it can be used in baking cakes as well. What’s more, it is made with a food-grade material not to mention a rim (wire rid) which prevents the pan from warping. Finally, besides being a simple to use accessory, it minimizes the likelihood of spilling not to mention coming with a 25-year manufacturer warranty.

4AirBake Nonstick Pizza Pan

amazon buttonThis T-Fal AirBake pizza pan is a 5.75-inch spacious cookware that is made using insulated steel (aluminized). This pan not only heats quicker than standard pizza pans but also evenly distributes heat to ensure even cooking. Furthermore, besides having an efficient well-layered design, it also features an enhanced micro-dome technology which cuts the time used for baking by 15%. Furthermore, aside from being heat resistant to approximately 425 degrees Fahrenheit, this pan is hand-washable and comes with a useful non-stick surface and an accompanying 10-year manufacturer warranty.

3Cuisinart AMB-14PP Classic Chef’s Pizza Pan

amazon buttonPopular with novices and professional alike, the Classic Cuisinart AMB-14PP is a solid pizza pan by all standards. It features among others a unique non-stick 14-inch cooking surface and perforations designed to enhance its performance. Not only that but this pan also enjoys a durable aluminized steel construction that makes it one of the most long-lasting, durable pizza pans out there, one that you can rely on for years to come regardless of how often you use it.

2ProBake Teflon Platinum Pizza Pan

amazon buttonProBake Platinum pizza pan is among the best options for making a delicious pizza within the comfort of your own home. This pan has a 16-inch cooking space, is rustproof, and impressively durable, which makes it easy to see why it is a favorite of many chefs around the world. Also, besides this kitchenware being scratch resistant as inspired by its heavy-duty steel construction, it also distributes heat evenly across its base and is entirely dishwasher-safe.

1Lodge P14P3Pro-Logic Pizza Pan

amazon buttonLodge P14P3 Pro-Logic is a safe and sturdy pizza pan which is available at a surprisingly affordable price given its high-quality construction. The reason we say this is because this 14-inch pan is made almost entirely of cast-iron and is also quite spacious and oven-safe up to any temperature. It also features a black-themed aesthetic design and a sturdy base that evenly distributes heat throughout the pan during the cooking process. Additionally, this pan features looped cool-touch handles to ease transportation and maneuvering.