Top 10 Best Pogo Sticks of 2017 – Reviews


Pogo Sticks remain popular among young boys and girls to this day despite most children being drawn to more technology-based activities at this point in time. Jumping with a pogo stick is supposed to be not only entertaining but quite healthy as well. If used correctly, they can push the rider up to eight feet in the air, with a minimum of four feet to be expected from an inexperienced user. For this reason, pogo sticks are very popular among boys and girls worldwide, which needless to say, means that that there are many models to choose from. In order to give you a better perspective on things, we put together a list of the ten best pogo sticks out there for you to look at.

Best Pogo Sticks Reviews 2017

10National Sporting Goods Flight Pogo

amazon buttonSince the inception of the first pogo stick, kids from all walks of life and ages have continued to try their luck in mastering both the skill and balance needed to do it like a professional. With the National Sporting pogo which comes in numerous size options, kids can now go at it with no worry whatsoever. It comes with a handle that is t-shaped which eases comprehension of this skill not to mention a neon green sleek color provision. With a capacity of 180 lbs and an enhanced quality design boasting 4 handgrips, this should be your kid’s ideal way to learn the art of pogo jumping.

9Medium Jumparoo Boing

amazon buttonEver wondered the feeling a young joey has when inside the pouch of a mother kangaroo? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore since the Jumparoo Medium Boing is set to replicate this for you or your children. Aside from its exceptional design that boosts stability and security, it comes in diverse color options to select from not to mention a metal spring that is encased to do away with pinching. Although there are some who claim its weight limit does not correspond to what it promises, this pogo jumper with a Y-shaped characteristic handle for exclusive jumping positions is a wonder worth purchasing.

8High Bounce Pogo Stick

amazon buttonHow many of the pogo sticks designed for children come in a solid form which is both diverse and safe? When you go for cheap poorly-constructed ones, you will quickly find yourself kissing the ground. Nonetheless, parents can now be relieved courtesy of the High bounce properly designed pogo stick. This stick can accommodate kids of all ages provided they do not exceed 110 pounds and although heavier kids may topple over, this stick offers both convenience through its adjustable height and quality considering its full assembly and proper construction.

7Super Pogo 1505 Pogo Stick

amazon buttonStep, hop and collect some considerable air courtesy of the 1505 Super Pogo stick which is ideally engineered to get you up to greater heights. This pogo stick is quite durable owing to its strong metal build. Aside from this, it can accommodate a total of 210 pounds jumper-weight not to mention its injection clamps (reinforced) together with its characteristic unbreakable rubber tip all which allow you to jump without fear of destroying it. Although its plastic part could cause harm when mishandled, it remains one of the best pogo sticks on the market today.

6Gogo Black Razor Pogo Stick

amazon buttonClever engineering over the years has been so momentous that it is not surprising to see pogo sticks offer a jump of an astonishing 8 feet high. If you want the best way to hop around your block over even cars, Razor pogo is your leeway to stupendous tricks and stunts. It is equipped with a system that is completely enclosed and which is characterized by minimal friction brushing. Despite its rectangular shaft needing much expertise to comprehend compared to its rounded designs, its characteristic foldable footrests not to mention an alumina frame give this pogo stick a unique fun twist over typical classics.

5Fisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Pogo

amazon buttonYet another addition to the world of Pogo is the Fisher Price model which lets every beginner confidently explore the unknown. It comes with a broad base that is convenient for beginners and which can be detached to reveal its exclusive main base when they learn how to properly balance. While it may cause a lot of harm when unsnapping it where it has stuck in a down position, its sure grip handles and its ease of use make it a worthy play toy for anyone aged 5 and over.

4V4 Vurtego (Pro) Pogo Stick

amazon buttonCited as the among the most sophisticated of pogo technology pieces, the Vurtego makes its debut on the list as among the best the market has to offer. Aside from coming in 3 diverse color options, it allows customization and adaptation of air pressure to give you the best jump you can imagine. Although it comes at a slightly exorbitant price tag, its features such as high-quality craftsmanship (USA) and the fact that it accommodates anyone over 70 pounds make it a MUST-have item for anyone who is passionate about pogo sticks.

3Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

amazon buttonFor any beginner or an amateur kid trying to find their way in the world of pogo, the experience can be quite daunting and injury-prone. Nonetheless, there is a wonderful way to ease the experience and make it fun and it is through Maverick Flybar Pogo Stick. It comprises reliable and sturdy foot pegs (non-stick) and a typical foam-covered metal frame that ensures the safety of your kids. Although its bottom-placed rubber stopper may come off where mishandled, it comes with the easy grip, soft foam handles for a better and wonderful pogo experience.

2Foam Master Flybar Pogo Stick

amazon buttonFlybar has been dominating the Pogo industry for a while now dating back to 1918 and their Foam Master is another of their models on the list. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, this pogo stick allows you the freedom. For added comfort, Foam Master is characterized by a frame and grips that are covered in foam. Despite complaints of its rubber tip quickly wearing out, it is a wonderful pogo stick given its lightweight construction, not to mention how easy it is to control.

1Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

amazon buttonNothing will assist you better in instilling the vital physical skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity in your children than the Kidoozie pogo jumper. Not only is it ideal for every child out there no matter the size, but is also a wonderful way to encourage a healthy ad active lifestyle. Even though its maximum jump height is slightly lower than many would expect, the delightful squeaky sounds and its overall quality make it an adorable kit for all kids.