Top 10 Best Pomades For Thick Hair in 2017 – Reviews


A good way to style your hair in a healthy fashion is to use pomade instead of hair styling gel or hairspray. Unlike most hair styling products, pomade is guaranteed to maintain the shape of your hair long after you’ve washed it, a long-lasting effect it achieves without the use of any hazardous ingredients. Even so, not all pomades can be held to the same standards, with some being much better than others. Upon reviewing pretty much everything available on the market today, we settled on the ten best pomades for thick hair to consider if you’re in the need for something reliable to help you style your thick hair.

Best Pomades For Thick Hair Reviews 2017

10Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade

amazon buttonStanding out as one of the best hair wax products on the market, the Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade truly knows how to make its mark. By offering a medium shine and an extremely strong to medium hold, this product is both versatile and manageable. It also contains natural ingredients for better conditioning and an all natural look to every hair style. By incorporating a sweet smelling fragrance into the wax, the hair both looks and smells amazing. Interestingly enough, it can be used on damp hair as well as dry hair with no limitations whatsoever.

9D.J Hair Styling Cream Pomades For Thick Hair

amazon buttonThe D.J Hair Styling Cream Pomades For Thick Hair is by far, one of the best-selling hair styling products available. Although it was initially only reserved for professional salons, it can nowadays be used by almost anyone. It is made of a mix of clay and wax and offers a strong but manageable hold for hours. By providing a matte finish to the hair, your style looks natural and stunning – without having a heavy shine. The product is made from all natural ingredients which means that it won’t leave any sticky residue on your hands or hair after use.

8Baxter Of California Hard Cream Pomade

amazon buttonMost people stay away from hair products because of the damage they cause, but with the Baxter Of California Hard Cream Pomade, those worries go out the window. This amazing styling pomade is super light and gives the hair a very natural look and texture. It is great for adding moisture to the hair while keeping it looking matte finished and stunning. It provides a medium to strong hold depending on the amount used and keeps the hair styled and manageable throughout the day.

7Royal Crown Pomade For Men

amazon buttonSome hair care products can leave a lot to be wanted but you can never go wrong with the Royal Crown Pomade For Men. It combines natural ingredients with a convenient wax formula that makes it easy to apply. This wax is suited for men only and will keep your hair styled and healthy throughout the day with minimal effort on your part. Made with natural ingredients like Olive Fruit oil and perfume and petrolatum, this pomade provides nourishment to the hair as well as a strong scent.

6Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for that perfect hairstyle that will last you the whole day and night, then this is it. This beeswax is great for styling your hair in almost any possible shape you could want thanks to its easy control and application. It will help you get that neat, clean look you’ve been looking for and maintain it for hours-on-end. While most hair products can be expected to pose some sort of a health risk, this wax contains aloe extracts, coconut oil, and lanolin to condition your hair ain an all-natural fashion.

5Lockhart’s Authentic Heavy Hold Hair Pomade

amazon buttonWhen contemplating a new outrageous hairdo, consider the Lockhart’s Authentic Heavy Hold Hair Pomade as the best option for you. Whether you’re looking for tall pompadours or stunning side parting, this product will hold the style for hours on end. Although it is a heavy hold pomade, it requires a significantly smaller amount of effort to pull, style, and set. The heat, sweat, and weather resistance properties make it one of the most used hair products out there.

4Reuzel Red Can Hair Pomade

amazon buttonWhen it comes to unique hair products, REUZEL stands out, especially with their Red Can Hair Pomade. Even though it’s water based, this product holds the hair for hours and hours. With the scent of cola infused in the wax, this product will have you smelling nice even when you’re not wearing any cologne. It also offers a shine that cannot be matched. The pomade is great for vintage hairstyles as well as modern ones, or it can be used to create exciting new styles of your own.

3Uppercut Deluxe Pomade From Uppercut Barber Supplies

amazon buttonKnown as one of the best hair styling products on the market, the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade From Uppercut Barber Supplies is a genuinely amazing product. It offers a medium to strong hold along with a medium shine with just a hint of a matte finish to keep the hair looking as natural as possible. It is water soluble and can be applied to all parts of the hair easily – even with a comb. Furthermore, the wax has a coconut vanilla scent which is sweet and soothing.

2Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade

amazon buttonThe Imperial Barber Products Classic Pomade is a unique and genuinely classic pomade that is made for every stylish man, woman, and child. It is by far the strongest water based hair product available and is great for a medium to heavy hold. It has a slight shine to it but is mostly matte which gives the hair a natural look. Because it is water based, the pomade can be loosened with a bit of water and the hair can be restyled. This is a definite must-have for anyone who likes to experiment with new styles every day.

1Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold

amazon buttonAmong water based pomades, the Suavecito Pomade Firme Hold cream is definitely one of the very best. It is easily soluble in water and delivers a very strong hold for any hairstyle. The creamy consistency of this pomade allows the user to apply the product evenly throughout the hair at any speed. It can also be controlled using a comb, which is the marking of a truly great pomade. As for the wax, let us point out that it has a moderate shine and that it can be washed out easily using nothing but water.