Top 10 Best Portable Camping Showers of 2017 – Reviews


Just because you’re out camping doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take a nice, refreshing shower if you feel like it. To do so, you’re gonna need a portable camping shower kit, an item that many happy campers don’t even know about for some reason. Those who do, however, swear by its utility and understandably so given how useful such a device can be. Now, it should be said that there are more than a single type of portable camping showers to choose from both in terms of construction, utility, and flexibility. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best camping showers the market has to offer right now.

10Ivation 5-Gallon Portable Outdoor Shower

amazon buttonPowered by a 2,200mAh battery, this portable shower can give you hours of use on your camping trip even without access to a power source. The beautifully designed portable shower features an inbuilt filtration system, meaning you can use various water sources for all your showering needs when outdoors. It also comes with a hanging hook, a suction cup, and an on-and-off switch on the shower head.

9Unlimited Quantity Com Portable Water Pump & Shower Unit

amazon buttonThis portable camping shower is one that doesn’t disappoint despite its modest features. It comes in a highly portable, compact design that allows easy manipulation and makes it easy to carry around. The shower unit is battery powered and can also be used at home to clean your pets outside the house, a function many people discover to be quite useful in this day and age given how much people value hygiene nowadays.

8Gardena 960 Outdoor Portable Garden Shower

amazon buttonThis portable shower features a compact design that is packed with features you will find really useful in the outdoors. The portable shower head is attached to a 492 cm long pipe and is cased in sturdy plastic. It is used with a bucket of water and comes with its own hook, suction cup, two rubber rings and a waterproof carry bag for maximum portability. On top of all this, you will find it to be a lot more affordable than most.

7Ranger Daves Outdoor Shower

amazon buttonIn addition to being very affordable, this portable camp shower is surprisingly lightweight despite its 5-gallon capacity. It also comes with an on and off valve to give you full control over the flow of water. The portable shower is made out of durable PVC material that is also light to make it easy to carry around. Every shower is heated to perfection thanks to its innovative solar system technology, making sure you never have to skip your relaxing baths even when away from home.

6Human Creations Portable Shower

amazon buttonThis portable camping shower comes in a stylish aqua blue color that looks very attractive. It features a versatile design that will let you manipulate it easily when getting your hot shower away from home. All it needs is a bucket of water and it will give you the shower experience wherever you are. Last but not least, it is durably built and comes with a 1-year warranty, which is always something to look for when buying such an item.

5ZODI Hot Tap Portable Shower

amazon buttonDurably built to provide years of excellent performance, the ZODI outback camping shower is one every serious camper should have. It features a powerful 6-volt system that heats water fast and in large capacities. The portable shower allows you to turn the outdoors into your very own private bathroom no matter where you are. For this reason, it might just be one of the most flexible camping showers out there.

4Pure Clean Portable Shower – Outdoor Camp Shower

amazon buttonThe Briton camping shower offers the convenience of a shower away from home. Simply place it in a bucket of water and it transforms to a powerful handheld shower head with the ability to pass through 3 liters of water in just about a minute. The portable shower can run continuously for up to 45 minutes on a single charge. It comes with a USB charger, a suction cup and a hanging hook that allows you to get the more traditional shower experience. The sleekly designed camping shower is available in four vibrant colors.

3Coghlan’s Camp Shower

amazon buttonThis portable camping shower allows you to enjoy the luxury of a hot shower even when out in remote places. Going out camping is a little less convenient thanks to its solar system pack that is capable of producing power to warm up to 4 showers. The portable camping shower also comes in a lightweight pack that you can easily stuff with the rest of your equipment, making it pretty useful out there in the wild.

2Advanced Elements Portable Summer Shower

amazon buttonWith a 5-gallon capacity that is enough for any camping trip, this portable summer shower is well suited for those outdoor trips. It is solar powered to ensure that you enjoy hot showers wherever you may be. It also comes with a temperature gauge that lets you know how warm the water is. The accompanying pocket is large enough for all your toiletries and essentials to fit for more convenient packing.

1Ivation Portable Outdoor Camping Shower

amazon buttonIvation presents a richly featured portable camping shower with this fantastic system. Among its many interesting features, we find a temperature gauge, an on/off switch on the shower head, a large valve for filling water, a large pocket for carrying it around, and a removable hose. This portable shower is also built to last, a construction that recommends it for anyone looking to take repeat trips outdoors. Furthermore, it runs on solar power to ensure you have a continuous supply of warm water wherever you may be.