Top 10 Best Portable Digital TVs of 2017 – Reviews


Portable TVs are perfect for anyone looking to follow their favorite shows whenever they’re away from home. Given the state of portable technology these days, you definitely should expect modern high-end portable TVs to boast roughly the same properties as quality laptops and tablets when it comes to playing streams, broadcasts, or even DVDs. In this respect, let us point out that some portable TVs are truly impressive feature-wise, which is precisely what our list is all about. So without further ado, here are the ten best portable digital TVs the market has to offer at this point in time.

Best Portable Digital TVs Reviews 2017

10Sykik SYDVD9116 TV

amazon buttonSeen by many as one of the most advanced portable TVs available, the Sykik SYDVD9116 TV really delivers an excellent performance for those who love to watch TV on the go. This 7-inch compact TV has an advanced ATSC tuner to help get the best quality. The TV is fitted with speakers, a sound yield, and an earphone jack. There is also an AV port that lets you connect DVD players, speakers, and even digital cameras. The device delivers 90 minutes on a completely charged battery and comes with a hard case for added protection.

9Tyler TTV701

amazon buttonKnown as one of the very first portable TVs ever made, this device delivers absolute quality in terms of audio and video content. It has advanced features that can be found on very few other portable TVs around. The TV comes with a remote for better control and the advanced tuner helps pick out your favorite channel from among the many available. The speakers are built-in and deliver exquisite sound while 7 inch LCD screen provides beautiful viewing experience.

8Tivax HiRez7 Portable Digital TV

amazon buttonWith the Tivax HiRez7 Portable Digital TV, you get some of the best features on a portable TV. The first and most obvious is the 7 inch LCD screen that provides users with beautiful and crisp viewing experiences. The 16:9 angle proportion is great for catching all your favorite content smoothly from any angle. Thanks to its advanced ATSC tuner, users can enjoy movies and shows uninterrupted. The TV comes with inbuilt speakers as well as an earphone jack for external headphones. The Tv also has a USB port and a 3 in 1 memory card reader that allows you to play your favorite content on the TV directly.

7Tyler TTV703

amazon buttonTyler is one of the top brands when it comes to electronics and their TTV703 TV is a great example of their brilliance. This 7-inch portable TV is great for users who love to travel and enjoy their favorite content. It has an LCD display that is crisp, bright, and absolutely smooth while there is also a tuner for ATSC/NTSC. Users can choose their screen aspect ratio between 16:9 or 4:3. The build quality is solid and is made from high-quality materials which provide a one year warranty. The TV comes with an audio and video jack that can be used to connect external devices. Furthermore, a detachable antenna lets users catch their favorite radio stations.

6SuperSonic Portable Widescreen TV

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for a portable TV that does more than regular mini-TVs do, then the SuperSonic Portable Widescreen TV is definitely the best product for you. For starters, this TV comes with a 7 inch LCD TFT flat screen that offers a 16:9 widescreen format. There is also an ATSC Digital and NTSC tuner to help you with all your broadcasting needs. It also offers some of the best digital broadcasting reception among other TVs in its category as well as it houses a built-in battery. There is also a remote for easy control. A built-in stand holder lets you enjoy your content hands-free.

5Axion AXN-8706

amazon buttonThe Axion AXN 8701 LCD TV is a great product to have when you go camping, hiking, or even if you just want to catch up on the football game in the car. It has an excellent 7-inch widescreen display that is also an LCD screen which means you get clearer video quality always. The portable Tv comes with a built-in ATSC tuner so you always get the best quality. There is even a digital media player built-in so that you can enjoy your favorite content whenever you want. The TV also supports external media such as SD cards, memory sticks, MMC, and USB 2.0. The TV is powered by a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery.

4SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

amazon buttonStanding out as one of the most affordable and compact portable TVs available online, the SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV brings together some of the most powerful features possible. It is built to display both HD and non-HD media and is incredibly bright, crisp, and delivers excellent video quality. The 7-inch screen is perfect for entertainment on the go. The TV is compact and fits practically anywhere. The device has a tuner that provides access to all types of channels. For those users who wish to watch their own content, an SD card slot allows them to watch their favorite shows or movies easily.

3Axess 7-Inch LCD TV

amazon buttonAxess has already made a name for itself in the electronics world and their Axess 7-Inch LCD TV Widescreen Portable LCD TV really does stand out as one of the best. It has one of the most powerful tuners that allows users to view all the current programs with a twist of a switch. A unique feature of the TV is that you can easily skip out on the channels you normally don’t watch by simply setting the tuner to do so. The TV has a radio wire that enhances the quality of the audio and video significantly. There is also a remote for better control. The battery though is the star of this product as it can last for up to 2 hours when fully charged. The compactness and lightweight features of this TV make it a crowd favorite.

2Philips PET729/37 7-Inch LCD Portable TV/DVD Player

amazon buttonThe Philips PET729/37 7-Inch LCD Portable TV and DVD Player is a one of a kind device that gives users a double benefit effect. The TV side of the product has an inherent tuner that allows users to enjoy all the current programs in the surrounding areas smoothly. The DVD side of it comes into play when there is nothing good on TV to watch. The 7-inch screen transforms into your very own personal movie theatre in which you choose the content that plays. But apart from DVDs, this player can also play CDs, MP3s, and VCDs seamlessly. The speakers are great and offer more than decent sound and there is also an earphone port for attaching addition speakers.

1Haier HLT71 7-Inch Handheld LCD TV

amazon buttonAs we all know, Haier is a reputed name in the electronics industry and their ingenuity showcases itself in the HLT71 7 Inch LCD TV. It is conveniently portable and can be stored anywhere easily to ensure you always have your favorite content close to you. With its widescreen 7-inch display, you can easily watch every detail without worrying about missing out on anything. You get to choose the viewing aspect ratio from 16:9 or 4:3. The TV also has an external AV port lets you connect speakers, DVD players, or more. The battery lasts for about 150 minutes and is fully rechargeable.