Top 10 Best Portable Projectors of 2017 – Reviews


The best thing about portable projectors is that they boast roughly the same capabilities as traditional projectors nowadays, with the only real difference being the resolution which for the time being, has yet to reach the standards of their larger counterparts. Even so, you are bound to get your money’s worth if you choose to invest in a portable projector, just as long as you do your homework before making any sort of purchase. To help you through, we’ve put together a list of the ten best portable projectors out there for you to look at.

Best Portable Projectors Reviews 2017

10iDeaUSA Pico Projector

amazon buttonWhat iDeaUSA projector compromises on quality it compensates on quality! Even with the smallest possible size available, the model still delivers on the aspect of quality boasting a full 1080p resolution which produces crystal clear image quality. Moreover, this projector offers 1000:1 contrast capacity and a subsequently compromised luminosity with just 80 lumens. As far as run time is concerned, depending on its setting, this device can guarantee a runtime ranging from 3.5 to 5 hours. According to its makers, this model best works in rooms that have the least possible lighting.

9Lumex Technologies LED Projector

amazon buttonSmall, compact and powerful is the best way to introduce the Lumex LED projector. Aside from boasting a 60 frames/second capacity when playing HD content, it also saves on power usage by utilizing LED technology to boost luminosity. Nonetheless, as for connectivity, this model surprisingly comes equipped with just a single HDMI port which it effectively compensates with an additional MicroSD slot which enables direct playback from memory cards. It will come as a delight to note that image quality is upheld even on increase in projection size and t provides sufficient brightness.

8H1 LED LCD (WVGA) Mini Video Projector

amazon buttonFor those looking for a decent gadget at the most affordable of prices, this projector perfectly fits that description. Aside from coming in with a media playback that is completely HD, this device is small-sized and comes with a resolution pixel capacity of 800 by 480. Despite downscaling on this resolution, it still boasts a decent view. Despite coming with a considerably modest 120-lumen brightness power, DB POWER projector incorporates LED technology making it a suitable option for typical home users.

7AAXA P2 Jr Pico Projector

amazon buttonIf you are in search of a moderately priced full HD projector, then AAXA is one good option for you. It is both reliable and lightweight which adds to its portability aspect. With this model comes internal batteries (rechargeable) and inbuilt speaker. With the battery, it provides an approximate 90-minute runtime. TAAXA full HD projector offers decent contrast and brightness and also boasts LED technology which boosts its runtime capacity and reduces its power consumption.

6Magnasonic Video Projector

amazon buttonWhat makes this projector stand out is the fact that it was designed to be perfectly suited for portable gadgets in the form of tablets and Smartphones. Aside from providing diversity in respect to connectivity options such as with Samsung Galaxy (Smartphone), it also comes with Micro HDMI, MHL and HDMI ports. What may kill the buzz about however is that the manufacturers slightly compromised on Hardware quality? With a megapixel provision of just 640 by 380, the image significantly loses it quality especially on projection significantly far from a wall. Nonetheless, it can still give a decent movie experience. Even with that small hitch, this inexpensive projector comes with an inbuilt battery which can function like a power bank.

5Ivation Portable Rechargeable Mini Projector

amazon buttonPortability comes in many aspects but the device that actually represents this characteristic to the fullest is the Ivation Mini projector. It is accompanied by an inbuilt battery (rechargeable) which eradicates dependency on external sources of power at least for a considerable amount of time. It comes with a decent 854 by 480 pixels resolution and a 16:9 screen ratio, the image quality is sufficient for streaming and movie watching while the projector is applicable with a host of gadgets and devices including Smartphones.

4Taotaole Portable Projector

amazon buttonMention Taotaole projector and two things come to mind: quality and affordability. Aside from its characteristic decent resolution, it comes with lightweight compact construction and a consequently powerful 800 lumens brightness. It is characterized by a resolution capacity of 800 by 480 pixels and a consequent 800: 1 contrast provision. As per the manufacturers, it is best applicable at a distance of approximately 2 meters away from the surface of the projection and allows a size and range adjustment of between 30 and 120 inches. As for its image size, optimal results are guaranteed where the image is placed at the center of the applied range.

3ASUS S1 Pocket Projector

amazon buttonWho said quality does not come in small packages? Asus has disproved that perception with their S1 which aside from boasting a solidly built model, is characterized a polished aluminum enclosure coupled with an internally fixed battery pack. If you thought that was captivating, this model provides a 3-hour run time and is able to run even while charging which is awesome. It, however, provides a basic 854 by 480 pixels resolution which is basically good for movie streaming. It is suitable for travels and usage as an entertainment system.

2Sony Pico Mobile Projector

amazon buttonWith this device, it becomes almost impossible to judge it by its quality output alone and this is because of its subsequent form factor. It boasts a characteristic 1920 by 720 pixels resolution which is by far the best of all listed models so far, a resolution that allows you to engage in casual gaming and typical media playback. This model is compatible with virtually all devices such as smartphones and laptops and comes equipped with a battery pack (internal) that allows it to run devoid of external sources of power making it a wonderful travel companion.

1RIF6 Cube Pico Projector

amazon buttonRIF6 takes small-size to a whole new level with this particular model that can very well fit inside your pocket if needed. Despite its size, it comes equipped with relevant ports that allow it to connect to a host of gadgets including tablets and laptops. It also boasts an 854 by 480 pixels resolution, which when coupled with an HDMI and MHL connectivity, makes this particular compact projector one of the very best. Dissimilar to typical portable projectors, it cannot recharge when playing any media. As a matter of fact, it may come off a somehow disappointing as far as the battery is concerned, since it provides only a 90 minutes runtime. Nonetheless, you are unlikely to find a better projector this size at this point in time, nor is it likely for a better one to enter the market anytime soon with the way projecting technology is going.