Top 10 Best Portable Radio Headsets of 2017 – Reviews


Although most of the people you see wearing headsets are usually listening to their own playlists, there are still plenty out there who enjoy listening to the radio whenever they’re out of the house. For them, the very idea of a portable radio headset seems like a godsend, which explains why these headsets are so popular to begin with. Even though most of them do what they’re advertised to be doing, some definitely stand out from the rest as being both comfortable to wear and long-lasting. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best portable radio headsets on the market so that we may better understand what they’re all about.

Best Portable Radio Headsets Reviews 2017

10ZANYA Sports Headphones

amazon buttonParticularly suited for individuals with a limited budget, this stylish headset- distinguishable by a smooth black finish and durable slim headband offers an excellent FM radio experience and subsequently plays standard mp3 files (audio). Despite not incorporating internal storage, it is perfectly compatible with memory cards to a 32GB capacity. Aside from offering a reliable play time through its internally built batteries, Zanya supports virtually every Bluetooth capable gadget. Nonetheless, it is good to note that its subsequent foam padding makes the headset slightly uncomfortable.

9Venstone BT-06 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

amazon buttonEven with provisions of Bluetooth and subsequent microphone feature, Venstone headphones are still not recommendable for taking voice calls-its microphone is not worth any hype. Their price tag is considerably affordable and boasts a fairly good build. Venstone also comes with an inbuilt battery which is chargeable via USB cable to give you a considerable continuous playback time. On top of all this, you will find the Venstone BT-06 to be quite stylish as far as aesthetics go, which is definitely something to look for when it comes to portable headsets.

8ECOOPRO Foldable Wireless Headset

amazon buttonEcoopro’s foldable headset is a combination of striking good looks and an amazingly affordable price. It basically has an all-white outer appearance which is complemented by blue buttons and blue accents along the drivers. With the controls, you can navigate through tuning the Radio, playing music from memory cards and even Bluetooth. They run on rechargeable batteries (high capacity) which on full charge offer an approximate 8-hour FM listening time although using Bluetooth drains charge faster. With these headphones, expect a respectable quality of sound though they may not astound any audiophiles. Even with just a standard sound quality, this is a good cheap choice for anyone looking to have a wonderful FM tuner listening experience.

7Pyle Sound 7 Headphones

amazon buttonPyle is a dominant force in respect to audio products particularly headphones, a category they have taken by the horns with their several headphone models. Nonetheless, with the Sound 7, they sought to design a convenient and affordable accessory applicable over numerous situations. It achieves compatibility with a host of devices through its inbuilt Bluetooth capacity and independence with its in-built FM tuner. Even with an inexpensive price tag, it still comes with a great design which is characterized resilient headband and soft and comfortable ear pads and decent battery life which is a plus. The only concern, however, is the inconsistency with its Bluetooth signal which weakens in some stances.

6Blue House 709B Headphones

amazon buttonBlue House has introduced a wonderful fit for those looking for a continuous playback time accessory at a considerable price tag. Similar to most models, it comes equipped with an internal FM tuner but adds a slight touch by incorporating a memory card of 4GB. The well-built 709B headphones boast foldable ear cups which is convenient since it saves on storage space. The sound quality is relatively good with a characteristic decent signal reception. The brand also worked on the comfort aspect by including soft ear pads. Nevertheless, the user will have to deal with a long charge time concern although it allows a 9-hour continuous playback time which is considerable sufficient.

5Andoer LH-811 Headset

amazon buttonAs suggested by its name, this headset works perfectly with smartphones and comes with an inbuilt mic which is convenient when taking voice calls. It eases usability by positioning its buttons at the driver’s side and subsequently supporting virtually all Bluetooth devices. As is common with most listed headsets, it boasts an internal FM tuner which has considerable good reception and decent sound quality. In respect to its features, the most noteworthy is the ability to support audio playing from external memory cards and the fact that it is foldable thus saving on storage space. The experience with Andoer gets better with the ear cushions which are padded but even so, the slightly weak headband somehow ruins the parade.

4Levin Bluetooth Headset

amazon buttonLevin headset comes in to facilitate and better in-built FM radio experience. This accessory boasts an elegant design characterized by blue color along its headband coupled by drivers (foam-padded). Its controls are located at these drivers and a charging port at one edge of the headset. As far as the features go, the most noteworthy is FM radio which is complimented by the capacity to directly support playback from memory cards. On a full 3-hour charge, it can provide a runtime of 175 hours although this slightly varies with respect to playback time due to factors such as volume and others.

3Move&Groove On Ear Bluetooth Headphones

amazon buttonOne of the smallest brands around, Move&Groove is the source of several interesting products. With this Bluetooth headset, they achieve both diversity as offered by its assortment of features and affordability. They boast a solid build which has a robust headband covered with both textile materials and a consequent ear padding that is soft. These headphones are all-black colored and have side-positioned buttons. In respect to its features, they boast quality sound and amazing signal reception as is with their FM radio. Moreover, they allow direct mp3 play and come with fast charging batteries that offer a considerable listening time. Nonetheless, the sound quality should have been slightly better.

2Granvela A809 Foldable Headphones

amazon buttonUnlike most models, Granvela is among those that come in multiple colors to choose from. Their build is characterized by a durable head strap that is fortified by textile materials and characteristic soft ear pads for extra comfort. It has a stylish design and a sound quality that is acceptable. Like every other listed model, it has an internal FM radio and allows music playback (mp3) straight from memory cards. Moreover, it is complimented by a decent signal reception and an inexpensive price tag to go along. For ease of use, its buttons are positioned on the side which is a straight-forward as it gets. One setback, however, is that it does not support Bluetooth connections for some reason.

1Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Headphones

amazon buttonStylish and cheap is how you best define the Bluedio T2 headphones. Aside from a satisfactory sound quality and proper signal reception, this headset is complimented by features in the form of Bluetooth support and advanced mp3 functions. It is powered by High-capacity rechargeable batteries which offer a continuous unmatched 40-hour playback time and direct playback from memory cards. The brand worked on the comfort aspect with a padded head strap and strategically positioned controls-behind its main driver. At the same time, it enjoys a much sturdier construction than most portable radio headsets out there.