Top 10 Best Pot Holders of 2017 – Reviews


Pot holders shouldn’t go amiss in any modern kitchen, no more than pots themselves. Now, we should point out that the overall quality of pot holders and oven mitts has grown tremendously over the years, at roughly the same pace of other indispensable kitchen utensils most of us use on a daily basis. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can simply buy whatever pot holder you first lay eyes on, not as long as the market continues to be flooded with sub-par models as it is. To save you the trouble of trying to figure out which ones would best meet your standards among the thousands available, we put together a list of the ten best pot holders money can buy for you to look at.

Best Pot Holders Reviews 2017

10Lsunshine Silicone Pot Holder

amazon buttonThese premium quality pot holders are crafted from 100% silicone linings and are safe to use up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Made with premium, food-grade silicone approved by the FDA, they are heat resistant up to 450 degrees F much thanks to the flexible materials used in their making. They ensure a wide range of uses such as for opening jars or peeling garlic along with their traditional purpose. Safe to clean in the dishwasher, these pot holders come in cute designs and in a colorful selection for you to choose from.

9Winco Terry Cloth Pot Holder

amazon buttonSimple yet effective, the Winco Terry Cloth Pot Holder does exactly what it was made to do. Made with 100% cotton, this large, thick cloth pot holder will protect against heat up to 200 degrees F. Made with 100% cotton, these pot holders don’t just provide an impressive heat resistance but they’re also quite easy to care for. We say this because they are designed to be 100% machine washable.

8Greenbrier Home Cotton Pot Holder

amazon buttonGreenbrier Home Cotton Pot Holders are ideal for cooks who prefer using tried-and-trusted brands. Made with 100% cotton, these pot holders are durable and provide heat resistance up to 350 degrees F. Made with stitched-in hanging loops for easy access and storage, you will find these pot holders to be easy to look after, not to mention how easy they are to store in almost any environment, no matter how humid.

7Home Kitchen USA Premium Silicone Pot Holder

amazon buttonSuper easy to use and even easier to clean, the Home Kitchen USA Premium Silicone Pot Holders are ideal for any kitchen. Made of premium grade silicone, these pot holders are designed to protect against heat up to 450 degrees F. They also measure an impressive 7.7″ in size, which is large enough for you to comfortably handle any pot. They are also quite versatile by design, meaning that these pot holders can also be used for opening jars, peeling garlic, gripping pans, like oven mitts, like placemats, and much more.

6Campanelli’s Cooking All-In-One Pot Holder

amazon buttonThe Campanelli’s Cooking All-In-One Pot Holder will protect against temperatures up to 500 degrees F and have non-slip undersides to grip pot handles at each end of the pot easily. The holders also feature pockets for easy wearing and they are entirely machine washable and dryer safe. At the same time, they double up as a prep towels, dual pot holders, tool caddies, lid grippers, and trivets, all in single, simple solution.

5OXO Good Grips Silicone Pot Holder

amazon buttonThe OXO Good Grips Silicone Pot Holder is stain, flame, and steam-resistant and will protect against heat up to 600 degrees F. With its soft inner fabric liner, this pot holder is ideal for optimal insulation and user comfort. The main reason behind its comfiness is the soft interior fabric liner for optimal insulation and comfort along with a magnetic silicone hanging loop for quick access and easy storage.

4Pratipad Multipurpose Silicone Pot Holder

amazon buttonThe Pratipad Silicone Pot Holder provides superior heat protection and can be used for various applications. The versatile, honeycomb design ensures versatility, and since it’s made with premium grade silicone, this pot holder is heat resistant up to 446 degrees F. We should also point out that it stands apart from most pot holders out there as having a truly heat-resistant construction, the type that lets you handle them up to highly dangerous temperatures.

3Bekith Silicone Pot Holder

amazon buttonThe Bekith Silicone Pot Holders (which come in packs of four) are heat resistant up to 400 degrees F and are made with premium grade silicone materials for optimal durability. These pot holders are dishwasher safe and given their great design, they’re also super versatile. Interestingly enough, these holders are also odor, crack, mildew, and mold-resistant, come with a tie wrap for easy storage, and are available with a lifetime replacement warranty.

2Ritz Royale Pocket Mitt

amazon buttonMade of 100% terry cloth cotton, the Ritz Royale Pocket Mitt should be considered the perfect addition to your kitchen. Thanks to their versatility, these pocket mitts can also be used as hot pads, a versatility one should always look for when buying pot holders. Furthermore, we should point out that these pot holders are entirely machine washable and dryer safe. They also come in a wide variety of color options for you to choose from.

1DII Cotton Machine Washable Pot Holder

amazon buttonDII Cotton Machine Washable Pot Holders are made with terry cloth of the highest standard, which makes them ideal for everyday use in any kitchen. These pot holders provide sufficient heat resistance and come available in great value packs, ideal for budget-conscious consumers. Easy to store and even easier to clean, these pot holders enjoy a very strong and durable construction that recommends them for anyone who enjoys cooking hot meals on a regular basis.