Top 10 Best Professional Photography Cameras of 2017 – Reviews


If you’re looking for a camera that will meet the highest photographic standards possible, the following suggestions are bound to contain precisely what you need. Now, we all know just how much more expensive professional cameras are than the regular digital cameras most people own. It should be said, however, that there is a very good reason for these cameras to be as expensive as they are, starting from how they handle, the quality of their captured images, and the many features they come equipped with. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best professional photography cameras in our quest to find out the very best the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Nikon D3X Professional Camera

amazon buttonThe D3X is a low-profile DSLR that is capable of taking stunningly vivid photographs and footage. Fitted with a top-of-the-range 24.5-megapixel lens, the camera is more than capable of incredible feats. Features such as superb imaging control and quick shooting provide seamless usage. The exterior looks great but is also very resistant to dust, water, and other abrasives in addition to being extra durable.

9Sony A77II Professional Camera

amazon buttonThis Sony DSLR is one that is worthy of any professional photographer. The Sony A99 DSLR is beautifully built but is also packed with a lot of fantastic features that make it quite a steal. It features a generous 3-inch screen that provides more than enough space to view all your targets clearly. Among its fantastic features include image stabilization and wide-angle performance. The external shell of the camera is made of a durable magnesium and steel alloy.

8Pentax K5 Professional Camera

amazon buttonDespite being placed in a category full of powerful mainstream brands, the Pentax K-5 still surprises most with its excellent performance and very powerful construction. The camera features a very attractive exterior that is made of polished magnesium and stainless steel for extra durability and lightness. It is perfectly weather-proof, making it the ideal companion to all your outdoor excursions. It is also very easy to use even for beginners with no prior experience with DSLR cameras.

7Nikon D7000 Professional Camera

amazon buttonThe D7000 sets itself apart from the competition by being the lightest in this list. Weighing in at only 5.2 pounds, this camera is very easy to hold and carry around using straps. It is capable of taking amazing HD-quality footage and crisp photographs no matter the lighting. The D7000 is also an outstanding DSLR in terms of design. Its dust-resistant and waterproof body makes it the perfect outdoor companion. Also worth mentioning is the amazing button placement on the camera which makes it very user-friendly overall.

6Canon EOS 7D Professional Camera

amazon buttonThe E0S 7D is another exceptional Canon DSLR that offers spectacular performances. Considering its low price tag, the DSLR camera is great value for money since it is capable of producing crisp, professional-grade photos and recording footage in stunning HD clarity. The camera is, however, a bit lacking compared to some of the other options in its range, especially when it comes to pixel densities.

5Canon EOS 60D DSLR Camera

amazon buttonThis is yet another top-quality Canon prodigy that promises nothing but sensational shots and captivatingly crisp footage. The DSLR camera sports a generous 3-inch LCD display screen at the rear that is pretty vivid and offers crisp views in addition to making the Live View mode an absolute joy for camera enthusiasts. Its user-friendly build, intuitive navigation, and excellent button placement make it suited for both professionals and newbies.

4Nikon D300S Professional Camera

amazon buttonThe Nikon D300S is an entry-level DSLR that provides professional-grade results. It is all power and capability thanks to its high-quality lens. Aesthetically, the camera is very attractively built with a compact body that promises enhanced durability over the years. Performance-wise, the camera is capable of producing stunning shots in exquisite detail and footage in crisp HD quality.

3Nikon D800 Professional Camera

amazon buttonThe D800 comes in a compact design that belies its unbelievable capabilities. The camera does not disappoint when it comes to performance since it is able to take shots and record footage just as well as the big boys in its range. It features a nice, solid build that feels good in the hands and offers added stability when taking photos and videos. The camera has excellent button placement that makes it extra easy to operate.

2Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR Camera

amazon buttonThe EOS 5D Mark II DSLR from Canon is another exceptionally good camera that fits in the hands of the amateur just as well as it does in those of the professional photographer. It is fairly powerful and capable of stunning shots and footage. Its intuitive button placement and compact build place it high on this list since it makes it more user-friendly even for people who lack experience.

1Canon EOS – 1D X DSLR Camera

amazon buttonThe all-weather design of this DSLR camera puts it on top of the list and rightfully so. However, it is its amazing array of features which include its in-built cleaning system, very durable build and excellently placed buttons and controls that make it so deserving of the top spot. You see, this amazing camera is suitable for professional photography but can be just as useful in the hands of your average photography enthusiast, just as long as he/she can afford the price tag.