Top 10 Best Professional Portable Massage Tables of 2017 – Reviews


Everyone knows that a good massage depends on a good massage table just as it depends on the masseur. When it comes to massage therapists or professional masseurs, it also depends on what portable massage table they use, because sometimes the job requires them to practice their craft away from their establishment.

This being said, there are more than a few portable massage tables out there to choose from, but you want to know exactly what you’re looking for before making any sort of purchase or inquiry. To make things easier, we put together a list of the ten best professional portable massage tables for you to choose from.

10Heaven Massage Two Fold Burgundy Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonThanks to its PU leather construction, this massage table will undoubtedly last you a very long time regardless of how often you intend to use it. With it, you also get a carrying case, an adjustable head rest, and removable armrests for good measure. At the same time, this table has a 2-inch thick ultra comfortable thick padding on top of a birch hardwood frame to ensure not only durability but a high degree of comfort as well.

9Sierra Comfort Relief Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonThis portable massage table features sturdy beech-maple hardwood legs, a 2.5-inch high-density foam deck protected by high-quality upholstery, an adjustable face cradle with a built-in face portal, and a lot more. For instance, it also has a waterproof and oil-resistant deck that benefits from an adjustable height system that may prove quite useful in the long run. It also has to be said that despite its flexibility, this high-end massage table is surprisingly affordable.

8Master Massage Santana Memory Foam Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonIt’s not just the memory foam that makes this particular table stand out, although it is a very useful feature to have, but the overall construction. You see, this high-end massage table has a 3-inch thick cushion of multi-layer small cell foam which includes a layer of memory foam that is both oil and waterproof, a CPC-free PU Upholstery, and a sturdy underside which blends with the table’s Elm Legs.

7Merax All Inclusive New 84″ Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonVersatility is also important when talking about massage tables and in this respect, Merax All Inclusive is as versatile as they come. Thanks to its design, it can be used not just for massage purposes but for cosmetic treatments or tattoos as well. As for the table itself, it has a 1.6-inch high-density foam thick padding with a beech hardwood construction, a synthetic leather cover, an adjustable headrest, a hanging arm shelf, side arm extenders, disposable sheets, and a lot more.

6Master Massage 30″ Del Ray Pro Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonDue to its aircraft grade steel support cables, this ingenious massage table can withstand a working capacity of more than 650 lbs. Among its accessories, we find an innovated ergonomic dream adjustable face cradle, a memory foam face cushion, and a two-pocket carrying case. The table also has a 3-inch thick cushion multi-layer small cell foam that is both waterproof and CFC-free, sturdy walnut legs, and a construction intended to provide stability and durability.

5Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonAlthough similar to the relief portable table from Sierra we already talked about, this particular table enjoys a much simpler construction. In fact, it has pretty much the same features, oncluding the high-density foam on top, the beech-maple hardwood construction, the waterproof / oil resistant deck, and the premium carry handles. The difference here is mainly the slightly lighter weight, the slightly larger frame, and the affordable price.

4Saloniture Professional Portable Folding Massage Table

amazon buttonThis particular table features a sturdy hardwood frame with steel support cables aimed at providing perfect balance and support. It also features a durable, soft, oil and water proof simulated leather covering with a full 2-inch thick high-density foam cushioning. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it includes a detachable headrest, arm sling, and armrests, which makes it very easy to transport.

3Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonWhat makes this table stand out is its hard maple legs and braces which benefit from an aircraft grade Birch decking for added support. It also has a mid-brace cradle-lock cabling system with 1,000 lbs test cables which make the table capable of withstanding extremely heavy loads. As a matter of fact, this table passes the 2,400 lbs static load test and the 450 lbs dynamic load drop test which recommends it for any loads of 600 lbs or less.

2BestMassage Black Portable Massage Table


amazon buttonNot only does this massage table come with a premium carry case but with a series of removable accessories as well. Simplistic by design, this particular massage table is supposed to be an affordable alternative to high-end massage tables which boast roughly the same features. At the same time, we should point out that this table has a 450 lbs weight capacity, a capacity it owes to its high-quality beech timber and to its 2.5-inch high-density foam deck.

1BestMassage Premium All Inclusive Complete Portable Massage Table

amazon buttonThis all-inclusive massage bundle contains a reliable portable table, sheets, and all the accessories that go with them. As for the table itself, let us say that it enjoys a high-quality beech timber construction with a 2.5-inch high-density foam deck, a removable facial cradle, arm supports, armrest, and a waterproof/oil-resistant top for good measure. Not only that but it also comes with 100% cotton fitted sheets, a semi-circle bolster, an oil pouch, and a towel hanger.