Top 10 Best Projector Screens of 2017 – Reviews


What good is a quality projector if you don’t have a good projector screen to use it with? You may not think much of it, but a projector screen can completely change your viewing experience, especially if you’re watching content that was designed to be viewed in great detail. It isn’t just enhanced details that you can expect from a good projector screen, but a much more comfortable reflection when it comes to bright light shades, which is particularly important when watching movies. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best projector screens money can buy.

Best Projector Screens Reviews 2017

10FastFox Mini Table Screen

amazon buttonEasy to set up in just minutes, the 50-inch cloud mountain pull-up projection screen provides ample viewing space for your home theater room, classroom, or office presentation space. Its fabric is matte white PVC that offers viewing angles of about 160 degrees without losing any of the crisp resolutions. Black borders and back keep the picture quality crisp and allow you to crop it easily. It also comes with an auto-locking mechanism that lets you adjust and lock in its height settings.

9Pyle PRTJP42 40-Inch Rollup Video Projector Screen

amazon buttonPyle offers another basic option for home and office use with this 40-inch tripod style projection screen. Made to unfold and roll up easily, this 16:9 screen can be set up in quick minutes and is highly durable. It features a white matte screen with a black masking border for accurate image alignment and enhanced picture contrasts. The projection screen allows you to lock its position using a manual auto-locking pull feature. It comes with steel tripod legs.

8Pyle PRJTP53 50″ Projector Screen

amazon buttonThis is a simple and practical roll-up projection screen that can be used for private viewing purposes at home or at the office. It features a tripod stand design that is easier to assemble, adjust, and pack up. The projection screen is made of 4.5mm-thick matte white fabric to cut down light reflection and has a maximum viewing size of 50 inches. Overall, it is one of the most versatile projector screens out there.

7Vivo 84-inch Portable Projector Screen

amazon buttonSupported by a simple yet sturdy tripod stand, this 84-inch projection screen is quite easy to set up and can support HD-quality viewing quite easily. Alongside its matte white screen fabric, it comes with a black backing that restricts light penetration to facilitate crisp, clear pictures in any amount of light. You can easily adjust and lock in the height using its auto-locking mechanism.

6Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen

amazon buttonFor optimized viewing, this video projector mount stand offers a versatile design that features plenty of swivels, height adjustability, and a rotating plate to allow you to set up the projection screen perfectly. The tripod-style stand comes with locking fasteners that make setup quick and easy. With slip rubber grip tips, stability is guaranteed on virtually any surface. It can hold up to 33 pounds and is perfect for home, office, or classroom use.

5Elite Screens Yard Master 2 135-inch 4K-Ready Foldaway Screen

amazon buttonLarge, highly portable, and easy to put away, this cinema-quality 135-inch projection screen comes ready for 4K Ultra HD viewing and is designed to withstand all weather conditions. It can be mounted indoors or outdoors easily and it features black masking borders that allow viewers to get the best image contrasts even when viewing in bright conditions. The projection screen also comes with a single-piece aluminum frame with removable legs, a carry bag, a rigging cord, ground stakes and support rings.

4Elite Screens Tripod

amazon buttonThis 84-inch 16:9 video projection screen offers plenty of viewing surface and crisp viewing quality thanks to its 1:1 gain matte white fabric. Picture quality and contrast are enhanced by black bordering which also allows you to adjust the picture focus easily. The projection screen can be set up quite easily using the provided 20 pairs of Velcro straps. It is ideal for home use, educational purposes, or for office presentations.

3Best Choice Products Manual Pull-down Projection Screen

amazon buttonThis small and highly portable pull-down projection screen is suitable for home or office use. It can either be wall-mounted or installed on the ceiling for easy viewing no matter where you are in the house. High contrast 1:1 gain provides incredibly vivid picture quality on the 119-inch pull-down projection screen, which is made from anti-acid and anti-static fabric that resists dust and mildew accumulation. The projection screen comes with a lightweight steel carry case.

2Exclevan 120-inch Outdoor Portable Projection Screen

amazon buttonPerfect for large audiences, the 120-inch Exclevan projection screen is one of the best options since it is portable and can allow HD quality viewing. It is made of matte white PVC material with 1:1 gain, which is easy to set up in minutes. The projection screen comes with 20 pairs of Velcro straps that allow you to firmly install it on a surface quickly. It also comes pre-packaged in a professional roll so that it will be easier to unfold.

1Elite Screens Manual B Series 100-Inch Pull Downs Projection Screen

amazon buttonWith its 2-inch interval auto-lock feature, this is one of the easiest projection screens to set up in this list. It offers 100 inches of crisp viewing space courtesy of a textured matte white surface with a multi-layer weave and 1-inch wide black borders to enhance picture contrast. Also worth mentioning is that this projection screen is suitable for a wall or ceiling installation, which is why it comes with a handy mounting kit.