Top 10 Best Punch Mitts of 2017 – Reviews


Buying punch mitts isn’t as easy as some of you might think, especially given the wide variety available on the market nowadays. Although you want your mitts to be comfortable, durable, and affordable, you will most of the time be forced to compromise in order to get some that meet at least some of the characteristics you’re after. It is for this reason that you should spend some time looking at what the market has to offer before making any sort of purchase. To help you through, we put together a list of the ten best punch mitts money can buy.

10TOOGOO 2X Focus Pads Hook Jab Mitts

amazon buttonThanks to its brilliant design and construction, the TOOGOO 2X Focus Pads Hook Jab Mitts is perfect for those who are at a training level. Made from long-lasting leather, these mitts are damage free and user’s need not worry about tearing or splitting. Equipped with a thick foam padding it offers optimal protection and is shock absorbent during combative training sessions. The compact and lightweight design aids in providing extra comfort and convenience, while the rear hand compartment comes with a Velcro clasp for a better fit. The contrasting stitching makes this one stand out among the rest, not forgetting their high-performance reliability.

9Ringside Panther Boxing Punch Mitt

amazon buttonMade from premium quality durable leather, the Ringside Panther Boxing Punch Mitt is a compact sized, proficient slip-on mitt that is designed to provide high levels of performance. Crafted with smooth and damage-free material and high-quality seams, it fits perfectly thanks to its contoured design that aids in the alignment of the wrists, arms, and shoulders of the user. The extra-soft padding offers protection from injuries while the large straps provide a proper fit and stability when in use.

8Contender Fight Sports Gel Panther Punch Mitts

amazon buttonThe Contender Fight Sports Gel Panther Punch Mitts is one among the many of its kind that is not only a professional level mitt, but it is also extremely affordable. Ideal for personal as well as professional use, this set is specially constructed with durable leather, a gel shock compartment for the hand with a palm ball contour shape. This aids in providing comfort and support from any kind of injury. It comes with a leather striking surface and large adjustable straps that offer proper grip and comfort.

7Cheerwing MMA Boxing Mitt Punching Mitt

amazon buttonUniquely constructed of high-quality materials, the Cheerwing MMA Boxing Mitt Punching Mitt aims at offering a long-lasting optimum performance. The PU leather is free from fading and the vibrant red theme is visually appealing. Weighing approximately 200 grams, this punching mitt optimizes the levels of comfort and support when in use. The ergonomic slip-on design with soft foam padding enhances the functionality and overall performance of the mitts.

6Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts

amazon buttonThe Pro Impact Curved Focus Mitts are crafted from durable genuine leather and are sold in pairs. The convenient curved design provides a properly secure fit for added stability, and the ultra foam padding which is 35% more than other conventional punching mitts, prevents and absorbs shocks and high impacts. Available in black, this pair comes with a white target circle to help with better aim. Equipped with a hook and a loop for secure closure, it is also designed with a sweat proof interior lining to help keep the mitts dry and odor-free.

5Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts

amazon buttonThe Everlast 4318 Punch Mitts are a long-lasting set of training gloves made from a well-known boxing equipment manufacturer. This pair helps boxers enhance their skills and optimizing their performance levels. Specially constructed and designed with high grade, durable, synthetic poly canvas for long lasting reliability and functionality, it also features an improved slip- on design and a unique glove backing for added support and convenience. Ideal for beginners as well as professionals, this set of mitts are extremely affordable and one among the top ranked mitts of its kind.

4Title Platinum Punch Mitts

amazon buttonThe Title Platinum Punch Mitts are a premium-grade professional set of punching mitts that are perfect for those practicing jabs, shots, hooks, angled shots and uppercuts. Among the many, this set is highly recommended by most trainers. The unique curved structure aids in better maneuverability between the trainee and coach. It comes with a special new and improved Hook and loop wrist attachment with D-rings to help with added security and fit. It also features 3 inches of shock-absorbent internal padding, a special back finger covering, and firm wrist padding on the back and the front.

3RDX Boxing Hook and Jab Mitts

amazon buttonOwing to its superior design and construction the RDX Boxing Hook and Jab Mitts are among the best professional grade strike shield mitts available. Featuring soft shock-absorbing foam with padded layers on the palm area and on the wrist, this pair lessens strong forces of heavy impacts. The adjustable Velcro strap provides that added secure fit and the unique finger compartment helps with a tighter grip. The long-lasting Maya Hide structure and internal finger compartment accentuate the durability and reliability of the mitts. It also features cleverly placed punctures on the top of mitts to aid with proper ventilation and to keep the trainer’s hands comfortable and odor-free while the curve-domed palms with advanced RDX G-Core mechanism help with an enhanced grip.

2Meister Curved Focus Mitts

amazon buttonThe Meister Curved Focus Mitts is uniquely made of Cowhide Leather and comes with a special wrist Support. It’s curved focus structure aids in optimized functionality and centered strikes and the ultra-durable leather aims at keeping the pair free from wear and tear. Equipped with 2 inches of thick padding, it offers maximum shock-absorption. The thick padding in the wrist area provides that extra stability and helps to keep the joints safe.

1Everlast EverGel Mantis Punch Mitts

amazon buttonMade from 95% Polyurethane and 5% Polyester, the Everlast EverGel Mantis Punch Mitts are among the most comfortable mitts out there. The special mantis shape and ultra padded wrist support aims at providing safety and comfort when in use. It features the new advanced EverGel Technology that consists of a gel material that dampens heavy impacts and offers protection while training, while the EverCool Technology comes with a mesh back that offers proper ventilation and comfort. It also features and EverDri Technology which is a lining that absorbs all traces of moisture and keeps your hands dry and free from odor.