Top 10 Best Push Up Bars of 2017 – Reviews


There is perhaps no safer method to tone your arms and upper bodies than using push up bars. These simplistic, yet very innovative tools are designed to strengthen your shoulder and back muscles while helping you build up muscle mass in a very safe fashion. Everybody who works out on a regular basis knows how enjoyable cardiovascular exercises can be if performed properly and with the right equipment, which is why you should consider investing into push up bars if you haven’t already. To make it easier for you to choose the ones that best fit your needs, we put together a list of the ten best push up bars on the market right now.

10Iron Core Athletics Push-up Bars

amazon buttonSimplistic by design, these strong, sturdy, and above all, stable push-up bars can be used for virtually any type of push-up training exercise. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that they are very lightweight and easy to use, making them perfect for exercising both at home or when traveling. Furthermore, they are designed to protect the wrists and reduce pain as much as possible for you to enjoy over long periods of time.

9P-Fit – Push Up Bars

amazon buttonThis Prodigy Fit set from Core Prodigy is an ingenious multifunctional exercise device designed to combine the benefits of a stable platform with the maneuverable nature of push up bars. Because of its clever design, it can be used both as palettes or as a Yoga Wheel if needed. We should also point out that it features a thick-gauged powder coated steel construction, which is why it can withstand weight in excess of 500 lbs.

8Red Gecko Fitness Push Up Stands/Bars

amazon buttonEquipped with foam cushions on top of each bar, this set will help you maintain a no-slip posture at all times. It also has foam-wrapped legs to prevent the stands from sliding out from under you when working out on slippery floors. Not only that, but they boast a special design that enables you to work out on your back and shoulders muscles just by adjusting your position ever so slightly.

7Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup

amazon buttonThe Perfect Pushup push-up training set from Perfect Fitness is one of the easiest to use thanks to its compact, lightweight design. It also features rotating pushup handles designed to reduce joint strain, a feature that comes in handy when using it over long periods of time. Also worth mentioning is the fact that in spite of their usefulness and versatility, these handles are very affordable.

6Elite Perfect Push Up Bars

amazon buttonThese rotating push-up stands are designed to rotate when needed, thus keeping your hands in a healthy position when working out. At the same time, their compact, lightweight profile makes them easy to carry around, enabling you to work out when traveling just as efficiently as you would within the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, they come packing a free skipping rope that will definitely expand the complexity of the exercises you can perform.

5Perfect Fitness Pushup Stands

amazon buttonDesigned to be as simplistic and lightweight as possible while still meeting all the necessary standards of top-shelf push-up bars, this training set from Perfect Fitness is bound to provide you with the exact quality anyone accustomed to push-up stands would expect. What makes these stands so great to begin with, is the fact that they offer 360-degree stability via non-skid platforms and padded comfort grips to keep your wrists in a neutral position.

4Crossactiv Coresystem – Push Up Bars and Core Sliders

amazon buttonLike the name suggests, this isn’t your average push-up bars set but an entire core training system. While it does rely on push up bars as a main component, the use of core sliders makes it a lot more versatile than most similar systems on the market. It also has a very low profile, a design that makes it very easy to position or carry around when needed. Not only that, but the system is designed to work on any surface with no limitations whatsoever.

3Push Up Bars 321 Strong

amazon buttonThese push-up bars from 321 Strong enjoy a very durable construction that guarantees them not to break regardless of how much stress you subject them to. They also boast a versatile base that attaches to handles easily, a mobile base that makes it easy for you to carry them around in your bag when traveling. We should also point out that they come with foam handle covers to provide a secure grip to match your hand’s curves.

2Power Press Push Up

amazon buttonThis complete push-up training system from Maximum Fitness Gear is without a doubt, one of the most versatile push-up systems money can buy. It uses a revolutionary color-coded push-up board aimed at targeting specific muscle exercises, a board that uses multiple position configurations for you to choose from. Interestingly enough, this seemingly large board is very portable and lightweight, mostly due to its configurable design.

1Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

amazon buttonAs far as push-up bars go, there are perhaps no better choices out there than the Perfect Pushup Elite system from Perfect Fitness. It incorporates a sturdy yet very flexible construction that uses a steel ball bearing system to ensure a very smooth rotation, but a compact design at the same time which makes them very comfortable overall. Not only that but these push-up bars also have a 400 lbs weight capacity, which is a lot more than most push-up bars on the market today.