Top 10 Best Rain Barrels of 2017 – Reviews


If you haven’t already, you should consider investing in a rain barrel to ease your garden-watering needs. Some people have realized that rainwater is a valuable resource, one they can tap into with relative ease. Since it literally falls from the sky, you would be foolish not to at least try to repurpose all that water, perhaps for the benefit of your lawn and/or garden. It is fairly easy to do as well, just as long as you have a reliable barrel to place underneath your gutters. Now, this is the part we can help you with. After taking the time to scout the market thoroughly, we put together a list of the ten best rain barrels money can buy.

Best Rain Barrels Reviews 2017

10Algreen Castilla

amazon buttonAlgreen Castilla is an affordable water reservoir that features an elegant brownstone theme which blends suitably outdoors and a large and sufficient water storage space of about 50 gallons. What’s more, this rain barrel comprises a brass spigot (rustproof) which fits most water hose types and is made using a Roto-moulded rugged plastic that can efficiently withstand abuse. Finally, it also comprises a proof guard (corrosion-free) that keeps out any debris and leaves.

9Great American Rain Barrel

amazon buttonGreat American is a stylish gray rain barrel with an exclusive stain-resistant design which functions well outdoors. Besides being cheap, this 24 x 39-inch barrel is also durable and has an ample storage space of about 60 gallons. We should also point out that his barrel is an Eco-friendly product made using food-grade plastic resin and is as such free from phthalates and BPA contaminants. Moreover, it features a paintable and smooth surface that you can customize to better blend with your accessories. Furthermore, this barrel is portable and light and comes with a wide opening (0.75-inch) that fits most gardening hoses.

8RWURN Good Ideas Rain Wizard

amazon buttonRWURN Good Ideas Rain Wizard is a premium product that features a distinctive urn shape that gives it a spark of style. It is among the most durable reservoirs around with minimal breakage or cracking instances. The barrel features a flat back that not only boosts stability but allows secure storage, an ample storage space of 65 gallons, a screen mesh that maintains the cleanliness of the water and a planter that helps you efficiently manage overflow.

7RB-01 Achla Designs Rain Barrel

amazon buttonFor maximum rainwater harvesting, Achla RB-01 rain barrel is a beautiful water reservoir that features a classy green theme that blends suitably outdoors. It is made using special polythene (UV stable) that withstands both UV ray exposure and physical abuse. Despite looking slightly smaller than other models in the list, it surprisingly allows the storage of an approximate 54 water gallons. Finally, not only does this tank feature an exclusive high-pressure outlet that can link two or even more tanks, but it also boasts a debris screen which ensures water remains clean and an inbuilt 4-ft hose which efficiently manages overflow.

6Good Ideas RB55-BLUE

amazon buttonRB55 is a blue-themed quality barrel that comprises recycled plastic and a sufficient storage capacity of 55 gallons. It tank comes with a low maintenance and durable design that resists rotting, molds, dust and such to keep it strong and your water clean and safe. This tank also has a wide mouth that optimizes water collection and a fitting and conveniently detachable mesh screen that keeps your water clean and free from debris and such. Good Ideas rain barrel is also convenient in that it has a brass spigot that fits most available water hoses and does not contain any harmful elements such as BPA.

5Enviro World FreeGarden Barrel

amazon buttonEnviro’s FreeGarden Barrel is an environmentally friendly and abundant water reservoir designed to allow collection and safeguarding of harvested water. It has a sizeable 55-gallon water storage capacity and is made using a durable high-density food-grade plastic material that renders it free from contaminants like BPA which are harmful to human health. It features a smooth square-shaped design that blends well with the outdoors and is compact enough to save on space. Finally, its functionality is impressive as inspired by its various provisions like a wide mouth which optimizes water collection, a solid brass spigot not to mention a steel screen (powder-coated) which filters debris.

4RTS Home Accents Barrel

amazon buttonRTS Home Accents is a top-quality and durable barrel that allows the secure storage of water with maximum efficiency. It features a wood grain build, a classy look, and an underlying plastic material that neither loses shape not fades over time. It also has a 50-gallon storage space, a distinctive aluminum screen which effectively filters debris not to mention a brass spigot which neither clogs nor rusts over time.

3Eagle 1656BLK

amazon buttonEagle 1656BLK is a black-themed heavy duty tank made of durable polythene. It has an ample storage space (up to 55 gallons) that can withhold water without bursting even under pressure courtesy of its underlying in-molding technology. Also, to prevent contamination and spills, this tank comes with a properly fitting and durable lid that boasts a typical lock ring that secures it tightly. This drum features an exclusively wide mouth that facilitates maximum water harvesting not to mention UN certification to reiterate its quality and safety characteristics.

2Suncast RB50D

amazon buttonSuncast RB50D is a 29 x 29 x 26-inch water reservoir that has a storage capacity of approximately 50 water gallons. It boasts a stylish taupe theme which blends well around homes and a subsequently durable build designed from a food-grade resin plastic. This quality container is free from harmful substances such as BPA and at just 25 pounds, it is easily portable. It also boasts an exclusive leader hose containing a shutoff valve to allow natural emptying.

1RW50-OAK Good Ideas Rain Wizard

amazon buttonThe RW50-OAK Good Ideas is a top quality and high ranking rain barrel for various reasons among them its classic look that ideally blends with outdoor environments, excellent storage space of about 50 gallons, and the fact that it does not lose shape or stain. This reservoir has an exclusively flat back that saves on space and features a pet and kid-safe design that supports its use around homesteads. What’s more, it comprises a durable plastic material that neither easily cracks or splits, a single anti-debris screen which keeps bugs out, not to mention that it is FDA approved and completely safe to use.