Top 10 Best Range Hoods of 2017 – Reviews


Finding a range hood on your own may be a daunting task if you don’t know precisely what to look for when buying one. Although the general principle isn’t complicated, one must take a lot into consideration when looking for such a useful appliance.

Everything from construction to noise levels has to be considered when it comes to range hoods, which is why it’s best to educate yourself on what the market has to offer before making any sort of purchase. To make things easier for you, we went ahead and gathered the ten best range hoods money can buy for you to consider.

10Firebird European Style Wall Mount

amazon buttonFirebird’s European-styled range hood is so stunning to look at that it brightens up any kitchen. Made from stainless steel, this range hood is completely dishwasher-safe. It also has a maximum CFM of 380 which is perfect for small-sized kitchens. Furthermore, its 65dB noise level makes it the ideal residential chimney. Thanks to its adjustable telescopic design, this vent can be installed into various sized ceilings. Last but not least, the hood comes with push button control for good measure.

9AKDY Convertible Wall Mount

amazon buttonAKDY’s Convertible range hood is compact, lightweight, and extremely powerful. Weighing in at just 40 pounds, this chimney can be installed by anyone using just regular tools. It is made from stainless steel and comes in a silver color. There are two halogen lights, each at 30 watts which can be controlled through a remote. A LED panel allows users to control the three speeds of the range hood. With a maximum force of 400 CFM, the device is the perfect tool for small kitchens.

8Golden Vantage Stainless Steel Euro Style Wall Mount

amazon buttonWith one of the most modern designs, the GV-198KZ2-30 range hood from Golden Vantage is quite exquisite. It weighs in at 45 pounds and is constructed from the highest quality stainless steel. Maxed out at 400 CFM, this range hood cleans out any smoky kitchen within seconds. Despite its power, the range hood is extremely quiet and comes with a noise level of <65DB. Due to its 30-inch size, this chimney is a perfect addition to any kitchen, be it residential or commercial.

7Air King DS1308 Designer Series Under Cabinet Range Hood

amazon buttonAir King is one of the most trusted brands for range hoods and their DS1308 definitely fits the bill. It is just 30-inches in width and weighs 14.5 pounds. The stainless steel material used in its construction makes it extremely durable and lightweight. The powerful motor inside the range hood produces an impressive 900 CFM and keeps away any odors while cooking. A 60-watt bulb with settings to increase or decrease the brightness makes it great to use in low-light surroundings as well.

6AKDY Kitchen Wall Mount

amazon buttonThe AKDY AZ-63175S is one of the most powerful small sized range hoods in the industry. It weighs just 21.6 pounds and is made from high-quality stainless steel. It has a 400 CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute which ensures that the kitchen is left smoke-free. There is a LED touchscreen panel for controlling the range hood. It can be mounted on a wall easily and its size is compact enough to fit in the smallest of kitchens as well.

5XtremeAir PX10-U30 Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood

amazon buttonThe XtremeAir PX10-U30 is a stand out kitchen appliance that is both affordable as well as powerful. It is made from top quality stainless steel and weighs just 57 pounds, which makes it the perfect hood to have over your cooking area. It uses 80 watts of power for its operation and has a CFM of about 900. It is also fitted with an LCD panel on the front for easy touch sensitive control as well as LED indication lights.

4Kitchen Bath Collection Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel Range Hood

amazon buttonThe Kitchen Bath range hood is more than just a stylish chimney, it is a durable powerhouse. Made from the finest stainless steel, this modern hood can fit any kitchen and can be mounted on any wall. On the front, there is a touchscreen panel for easy control. This range hood can also be used without a vent which makes it versatile. There are two LED indicator lights to display information from the three-speed control settings. With its adjustable height, it can be fitted into any vent or ceiling.

3Cavaliere Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Kitchen Range Hood

amazon buttonCavaliere is one of the biggest names in range hoods and the Euro SV218B2-30 is a clear example of their quality. It is made of stainless steel and comes with a brushed metal finish. It is a wall mounted range hood that uses 120 volts of power for its functioning. With a 900 CFM, this model has a 6-speed circulation mode that can be controlled with the help of a touchscreen LCD panel. It also has two 35 watt halogen lights. This range hood can be adjusted to fit 9’, 11’, and 12’ ceilings and weighs 46 pounds.

2Z Line KB-36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount Range Hood

amazon buttonChoosing the perfect range hood is difficult but Z Line makes it easier. The KB-36 can be installed in any modern kitchen and has a 760 CFM with a 4-speed powerful motor. There is also a timer for automatic shutdown. It is constructed from stainless steel and the Baffle filters are completely dishwasher-friendly. It weighs 44 pounds and uses120 volts of power during operation. There are lights to indicate the mode in which the chimney is functioning as well as a number of push buttons to control the settings.

1Broan 413004 ADA Capable Under-Cabinet Range Hood

amazon buttonBroan’s latest 413004 range hood is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment that can enrich any kitchen by its presence. It weighs 54 pounds and is made from stainless steel to ensure long-lasting durability. It also uses 120 volts of power and is the best choice for a cook-top chimney if you have one.

Furthermore, the hood can hold a 75-watt bulb to help brighten the cooking area. It also doesn’t require a duct to filter out smoke or unpleasant odors thanks to the fact that it comes with a powerful two-speed fan that can be controlled with a rocker switch. Overall, it is perhaps one of the best range hoods on the market today.