Top 10 Best Receipt Printers of 2017 – Reviews


Any small business needs a receipt printer, and if it just so happens that it also possesses scanning functions, then it’s even better. Although a business can definitely function without barcode scanners, it is imperative for any business, big or small, to have a receipt printer on hand. These seemingly unimportant devices are essential for any business, as they enable the owners to keep track of their sales in an organized fashion. Over the next few minutes, we will go through the ten best receipt printers on the market in search of the very best.

Best Receipt Printers Reviews 2017

10AGPtek Mini-Receipt Printer

amazon buttonFor a printer of this quality, the AGPtek mini-printer is quite cheap. It is very compactly built, making it extra portable and easy to store. It also comes with inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity that lets you print receipts from Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. Despite its small stature, the USB printer can work surprisingly fast and last an entire day on just a single charge. It also comes prepackaged with the necessary charging accessories and drivers.

9Thermal Receipt Printer

amazon buttonThis is a low-cost, entry-level thermal printer for small to medium-sized shops. It is very portable thanks to its compact build. The Thermal Receipt Printer thermal printer can print at 90mm per second and has a life span of 100km of printing paper. It packs pretty basic features but is compatible with both Windows and Linux operating systems. Versatile and reliable, it is perhaps one of the best printers in this price range.

8Smart & Cool SC-5890T POS Receipt Printer

amazon buttonThe SC-5890T POS printer is a small and compact USB receipt printer with a low-noise printer head and a feeder that can operate at pretty high speeds. It is compact and has a solid build that has a lifespan of about 100 kilometers of printed receipts. The USB POS printer uses 58mm thermal paper and is easy to set up on Windows or Linux OS. Finally, it has an average printing speed of 90mm/s.

7EOM-200 POS Thermal Receipt Printer

amazon buttonFor small to medium-sized shops, the EOM-200 is a standard POS thermal receipt printer that is capable of handling the day to day requirements of a busy shop. It lacks Bluetooth connectivity but it can be set up as a network printer via LAN, a USB cable or a serial cable. A long lifespan, decent build quality, and free accessories make this a receipt printer worth buying.

6Star Micronics TSP654IIBI-24 Thermal Receipt Printer

amazon buttonAlthough this model is a bit pricier than the rest, this receipt printer has way more features. Bluetooth connectivity allows it to print receipts directly from Android or iOS devices, although it can only connect to one device at a time. You can, however, set it up as a network printer if you want to print receipts from multiple devices simultaneously. It is also one of the few printers with an external power supply and an auto cutter.

5Citizen CT-S310II Thermal Printer

amazon buttonCitizen’s line thermal printers are just as good as their watches. The CT-S310II thermal printer can print at high speeds and has been made using decent quality materials. It is a reliable thermal printer with a portable compact build and a printing speed of 160mm per second. It only offers the basic connectivity options and so it doesn’t come with inbuilt Bluetooth capabilities. It, however, features an inbuilt cutter, an internal power supply source and a buzzer.

4Epson TM-T88V POS Thermal Receipt Printer

amazon buttonThis is a large capacity POS printer for busy establishments with large receipt printing requirements. Fittingly, the high volume printer is more expensive since it can handle much heavier tasks at faster speeds. It comes with features such as an auto cutter, an in-built emergency power supply, and a durably built printer head that is capable of printing at speeds of up to 300mm per second.

3Star Micronics TSP100 Receipt Printer

amazon buttonCapable of printing speeds of up to 125 mm/s, the TSP100 is a high-end thermal receipt printer that is suitable for most POS setups. It has a decent build quality and quite a long life span. Also worth mentioning is that the printer has a printing resolution of 203 DPI. It also comes with an inbuilt power adapter, a feature that may seem unimportant at first, yet one that will definitely prove its worth in the long run.

2Epson ReadyPrint T20 Direct Thermal POS Receipt Printer

amazon buttonThe ReadyPrint T20 uses the latest Direct Thermal printing technology to make high-resolution receipts. It prints at 150 mm/s and features a great build quality with long-lasting parts that contribute to its long life span. It is easy to set up and comes with all the necessary accessories and compatibility software required. Not only that but you will find this particular printer to be very easy to use despite the many complex features it has.

1Star Micronics ECO-Friendly TSP143IIU Receipt Printer

amazon buttonReliable, fast and very durable, this ECO-friendly printer from Star Micronics features a decent build quality with features such as an auto cutter and more space in the paper roll compartment than virtually any other printer out there. However, the printer is quite large and bulky, a construction that recommends it for any business that has to deal with a large influx of customers. It also comes with basic connectivity capabilities such as LAN and WiFi, which are very useful features to have.