Top 10 Best Road Bikes of 2017 – Reviews


Buying a reliable bike in this economy should be seen as a long-term investment more than anything. Thankfully, the market has plenty of different road bikes to offer at this point in time, a selection that gets wider and wider every day. Depending on what you need it for, your average road bike can be designed for speed or comfortable cruising along your daily commute. To give you a better idea of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best road bikes money can buy.

Best Road Bikes Reviews 2017

10Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

amazon buttonThis particular model comes with 21 different speed levels making it very adaptable to any change in environment or terrace for that matter. It is also built with very high quality and hardy aluminum frame which is capable of providing long lasting performance on any terrain. Although we don’t personally have any experience with it, the fact that it gathered a lot of reviews from many online platforms and eCommerce sites make it a very desirable bike overall.

9Vilano Aluminum Bike

amazon buttonA very comfortable choice of road bikes for daily routine usage, this sturdy bike comes with a double butted aluminum designed to lasts for a very long time. It is also supported by 700c thread-less wheels that are extremely flexible yet durable at the same time. Furthermore, this bike comes with ingenious free pedals that are specially added to improve its overall performance and the quality of the bike.

8Merax Finiss 700C Aluminum Bike

amazon buttonMerax 700C is a very popular road bike at this point in time and it’s easy to see why. This bike features very durable wheels to help users operate and ride it at ease and comfortably despite the terrain. It also has quick-release or pitch-out front wheels that help in maintaining the bike’s overall stability. The only real downside is that this brand of bikes only comes in two main colors – green and red.

7GMC Denali Road Bike

amazon buttonThis is a 21-speed bike built with a flimsy aluminum frame to provide not only comfort but long-term durability. This makes the bike a good option for a daily routine biking experience. The combination of its brake levers and calipers helps to enhance the general quality of the bike, which also translates into a more stable riding experience. Given its unique construction, it can also be a preferable choice for anyone who enjoys riding bikes at high speed.

6HASA R4 Shimano 24 Speed Bike

amazon buttonThe bike incorporates some really awesome features such as the superbly light aluminum alloy frame that enhances the riding experience while ensuring that the rider is comfortable at all times. The brake levers are placed at the bottom making it look attractive and unique while also improving the general security of the bike. Speaking of its build, you will find this bike to be a lot sturdier than other 24-speed bikes.

5Giordano Libero Acciao Bike

amazon buttonBuilt with a steel-made frame and fork, this bike enjoys an impressive standard of strength and support. It also packs a 14-speed drive train, which is a standout feature for this brand. Not only that but the bike also comes available in a variety of colors to choose from, a testament to Giordano Libero’s attention to what people want. In this respect, you will find this bike to be highly customizable.

4Tommaso Forcella Road Bike

amazon buttonThis exquisite bike from Tommaso has a carbon fiber fork that helps to provide topmost road vibration, dampening, and comfort. It carries with it a good combination of shifts and derailleurs that ensure good, timely, and accurate shifts so as to enable the rider to control the bike properly at any speed. Speaking of speed, its surprisingly lightweight construction makes this one of the easiest bikes to control.

3Schwinn Phocus 1600 Men’s Road Bike

amazon buttonSchwinn is definitely a giant in the bicycle industry and their Phocus 1600 is a clear example why. This high-quality bike has a carbon fiber fork that enhances the security of the bike while riding along with providing the rider with a comfortable experience. Among its many features, we find several integrated shifts, an integrated derailleur, distinguished alloy rims, and a front quick release mechanism for good measure.

2Tommaso Monza Lightweight Bike

amazon buttonBuilt with a durable lightweight frame that can also be merged with its high modulus fiber fork, this exquisite lightweight bike from Tommaso stands out for all the right reasons. You see, this ingenious bike enjoys the highest possible standard of road vibration dampening so as to provide maximum comfort for the rider at all times. Furthermore, this particular bike is well-known for its aerodynamic capabilities and its ultra stable movement, thus giving the rider a very comfortable and safe riding experience.

1Kestrel Talon Tri Shimano 105 Carbon Bicycle

amazon buttonKestrel Talon Tri Carbon Bicycle should be considered one of the very best money can buy. This ingenious bike focuses on easiness and simplicity in riding by making it from durable and very lightweight materials that make it very easy to bring along anywhere and even easier to store. In this regard, you will find this road bike to be much easier to control at high speed. Not only that but its peculiar construction also makes it very easy to care for. The only real issue with this bike is that it fully reflects the quality you can expect it to have, which some may see as a downside.