Top 10 Best Robot Kits of 2017 – Reviews


Given the pace technological progress, it makes perfect sense for toys to become more and more complex on a daily basis. If you have tech-savvy kinds or tweens who enjoy surrounding themselves with technology, then why not gift them a robot kit for their birthday. Although simplistic when compared with the electronic devices we use on a daily basis, these kits are cool enough to raise the interest of almost any child of any age group. Having said that, let us point out that robot kits differ from one another, which is why you want to educate yourself on what the market has to offer before making any sort of purchase. Over the next few minutes, we’ll take a look at the ten best robot kits out there in our quest to find out the absolute best.

104M KidzLabs Racecar Mecho Motorized Kit

amazon buttonSpecifically designed to suit a younger generation audience, this is among the most low-priced robot kits in the market. Coming in a relatively lightweight provision and equipped with several basic features such as a gear-steered motor, an assortment of parts and a linkage navigation system among others, you child is exposed to typical basic mechanics and they will definitely enjoy this car kit.

9The 4M Robotic Hands

amazon buttonPerfect for young aspiring scientists, this is among the most economical kits the market can offer. Aside from the precise assembling instructions, the kit comes with every component required to construct a fully functional robotic hand characterized by completely defined fingers. Other than that, let us point out that this robot hands kit is very easy to install and even easier to use.

8Makeblock Me LED Matrix For MBOT

amazon buttonSharing a striking resemblance to mBot, the only difference is the underlying mechanism of text programming as opposed to graphic programming. The face of the robot can be utilized in exhibiting animation, a scrolling character, and even emotion to some extent. Given its affordable price, you will definitely be able to boost the capacity and knowledge base of your kids by gifting them this amazing kit.

74M Tin Can Robot

amazon buttonInstill in your kids the significance of recycling with this exceptional robot which converts an already used beverage can into an entirely operational, exciting and appealing robot. Aside from requiring just 2 AAA batteries, with proper adherence to the attached instructions the users can construct among others; a lubricious robot, a moving monster or even a startling, powerful combo.

6The Ozobot 2.0 Bit

amazon buttonA new version of its predecessor-Starter Pack Ozobot-this 2.0 Ozobot comes in a tiny globe-like shape. With a measurement of slightly above an inch, it forms the list of tiniest programmable robots globally. Aside from being programmable to perform functions such as dancing and racing and accompanied by a 2-month warranty, the user can also download activities and games from their site. Given its complex nature, this tiny amazing bot is sure to find popularity with not just kids but teenagers as well.

5Ozbot Robot Toy Starter Pack

amazon buttonA winner at International Toy Fair in 2014 and at the consequent Consumer Electronic Show the following year for Best Robot’, this is a sure fun and thrilling way to introduce your kids to the basics of computer programming. In addition to boasting STEM lesson provisions useful to both teachers and homeschooled kids, users can not only download apps for free but also play games using these robots.

44M Tabletop Robot

amazon buttonThis robot particularly targets the younger geeks. By assembling all the components into a functional robot crab, it is an awesome way for them to discover the basics to robots. On activation, this robot independently runs on its individual power changing directions before it encounters a barrier. When placed on a flat surface such as a table, it can be directed to perform acrobatics. The best part about all this is that it mandates for no experience or special tools.

3Elegoo Uno Project Smart Robot Vehicle Kit

amazon buttonConsidered the most updated and low-priced robot vehicle kit currently in the market, this is among the best ways to inspire the fun, creative side of your young lad. Characterized by a remote, 4 wheel drivers and a tracking module just to name a few, this easy to assemble kit is nothing short of amazing. Aside from the simple interior and smooth OS, this kit is complimented by an exclusive video tutorial in a CD for assistance in the course of assembling. As for the car, its ultrasonic sensor which aids in evading barriers, tracking module that lets the user determine the route of the car and a remote to facilitate manual car maneuver, are the key features of this quality kit. To complete the impeccable display of technological advancement and provisions is the app feature in the CD which when installed in a phone allows the use of Bluetooth to control the car.

2Educational Makeblock MBOT Robot Kit

amazon buttonInspire your child to computer programming early and let them have a blast doing so. How? mBot kit. Typically, it is designed to excite beginners and give kids an amazing tour around the world of robotics, graphical programming, and electronics. The kit comprises of 38 components all which can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. Aside from that, its underlying theme of creativity and fun extends to its pre-programmed offered options that include usage of remote control and averting obstacles. mBot’s body is well adaptable with not just several Lego parts but also with Makeblock provision.

1Meccano Erector Construction Set

amazon buttonThis amazing construction set will enable your kids to explore their creative perspective to the limit. Aside from the more than 600 components, 6V motor, instructions and 2 real tools, this kit is the best way to spark your child creativity. Using the directions, they can construct 25+ exceptional models or combine the pieces among themselves in order to create truly unique designs. Overall, it is perhaps one of the most complex construction sets out there.