Top 10 Best Rolling Makeup Cases of 2017 – Reviews


Bringing your makeup kit with you as you travel can be quite difficult unless you have the proper tools at your disposal. We’re mainly talking here about rolling makeup cases, which if you pardon the pun, make a very good case for casing all your makeup accessories in a single place. With a rolling makeup case, you are free to take your makeup with you on the go and not worry about misplacing any of it. The fact that these cases are so spacious and portable is what makes them so popular nowadays, which is a good argument when it comes to any makeup-related accessory. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best rolling makeup cases money can buy.

Best Rolling Makeup Cases Reviews 2017

10SONGMICS 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case

amazon buttonThe Songmics Alumi 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case is a great addition to any professional makeup artist’s arsenal. It has a large storage capacity that includes 4 trays, 1 organizer, and a convenient storage space for all the accessories you require such as nail polish, brushes, and more. The rolling case can be used as one entire case or disassembled into smaller, easy to carry cases. The case is made from exquisite aluminum and is extremely durable. Furthermore, a strong built-in velcro strap keeps all your items in place at all times.

9SHANY REBEL Series Pro Makeup Artists Rolling Train Case

amazon buttonThis is one of the best-selling makeup cases online and for good reasons too. It comes with a double case attached to one trolley. The materials used are extremely durable and super easy to clean and maintain. The bottom case holds 8 plastic removable trays for keeping all the accessories and makeup separate. There is a 13-piece brush case in each of the compartments for easier storage. At the same time, it features a heavy-duty metal strap to keep everything in place at all times.

8Sunrise I3364 Professional Rolling Makeup Artist Cosmetic Train Case

amazon buttonKnown as one of the most stylish makeup cases available online, the Sunrise I3364 Professional Rolling Makeup Artist Cosmetic Train Case is definitely one worth investing in. It is made of high quality, lightweight aluminum and its finishing are excellent. The case is incredibly easy to clean and requires minimum maintenance. The case is manufactured in China and is designed to hold all the makeup a professional artist requires. The case can also be dismantled to make it more convenient for carrying around.

7Sunrise I3464 Professional 2-in-1 Rolling Makeup Case

amazon buttonThe I3464 from Sunrise is a must-have for all professional makeup artists. The 2 in 1 case not only provides more storage space but is great for on-the-go use and disassembly gives the user the freedom to travel with a smaller and selective set of cosmetics. The case is made from cast aluminum and is extremely sturdy and lightweight. There is also black felt used for a smooth finish on the inside. The overall look is stylish and exquisite.

6Seya 4 in 1 Rolling Makeup Cosmetic Case

amazon buttonRolling out as one of the best is the Seya 4 in 1 Rolling Makeup Cosmetic Case. The entire case can be separated into 4 smaller portions that make it easier to travel with as well as use for selective occasions. The case is made from aluminum and has steel corners to protect the items within it. The heavy-duty handle ensures that your case is always protected from drops or breakage due to excess weight. The removable trays can store all your required cosmetics and other accessories comfortably. This case also features removable wheels as well for easier transportation.

5Radical Deal 2-wheel 3-in-1 Professional Multifunction Case

amazon buttonWith the Radical Deal 2-wheel 3-in-1 Professional Multifunction Case, you just cannot go wrong. It is made to last with highly durable materials that include ABS and alloy. The use of velvet only enhances its look and style. There is a maximum capacity limit which is set at 30 kgs. There are large compartments, that retract and slide out, with more than enough storage space to fit all the essential equipment and accessories. The trolley comes with 2 wheels that make transporting the case a lot easier.

4Best Choice Products Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case

amazon buttonAnother remarkable product that is worth mentioning is the Best Choice Products Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case that is, by far, one of the most popular. It is made of durable black ABS which ensures its lifespan. The frame, on the other hand, is made from cast aluminum which makes it extremely sturdy. The case is fitted with hard plastic handles and wheels for extra mobility. A key advantage of the case is its removable top tray that makes it convenient for travel.

3Yaheetech 2-wheel 3-in-1 Professional Multifunction Makeup Case

amazon buttonThe Yaheetech 2-wheel 3-in-1 Professional Multifunction Makeup Case is a one of a kind product that delivers an exceptional performance for all makeup artists. Its construction includes materials such as aluminum, alloy, PVC, and velvet for the inner lining. The case has a maximum capacity of 30 kgs or 66 pounds. The compartments offer enough space to store multiple cosmetics and accessories. Furthermore, this trolley is fitted with two wheels that swivel and allow for easy mobility.

2Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminium Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case

amazon buttonWith a sophisticated and stylish look, the Ollieroo 4 in 1 Aluminium Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Case truly stands out from the others. The frame of the case is made from aluminum while the body is made from black ABS. On the inside, there is a velvet lining, and the corners are reinforced with stainless steel. There are also 2 wheels that make it easy to move. The entire trolley can be disassembled to make 4 smaller cases for on-the-go usage. The outer surface is heat resistant which keeps all the cosmetics and accessories in perfect condition.

1Shany Cosmetics 2 Compartment Trolley Makeup Case

amazon buttonShany is a big name in the cosmetics world and their Cosmetics 2 Compartment Trolley Makeup Case is a uniquely designed product. It is a soft case rather than a hard one and is completely weather-proof. It has an L shaped handle for easy rolling. The trays inside are dust and liquid proof which make them easy to maintain. At the same time, it also features multiple compartments and removable plastic drawers to hold brushes and more. The case can hold makeup as well as other accessories such as hair dryers, curlers/straighteners, nail polish, and other items.