Top 10 Best Running Glasses of 2017 – Reviews


It is important to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays whenever you’re out on a sunny day, even more so if you’re engaged in any form of effort. While most people worry about shoes and clothing accessories when going out for a run, it is their eyes they should be worried about. If you understand this, you will undoubtedly understand the need to keep your eyes protected at all times, thus the need to invest in a reliable pair of running glasses. After careful consideration, we put together a list of the ten best running glasses money can buy.

10Amstyle Unisex Polarized Sports Glasses

amazon buttonThe lightweight frame on these sports glasses makes them more suitable for all outdoor activities, whether you’re going for your morning jog, hiking, cycling or even fishing. Their high-quality build features sleek polarized shades that deflect UV rays, dust, debris and insects. They are also well-fitted to conform to the shape of your face no matter how vigorous your activites are. Adjustable nose pads offer customized comfort and make them stay firmly on the face at all times.

9X-Loop XL7845 2014 Cycling Sports Sunglasses

amazon buttonThese glasses are made for people who maintain an active sports life. They are built pretty durably so they won’t fall apart as easily and can actually last you years if well maintained. The glasses feature a sleek design with stylishly colored reflective shades hanging on a cool black and green frame. Their lightness makes them very easy to wear and even easier to store on your person whenever you’re out of the house.

8VertX Polarized Men’s Running Glasses + Pouch

amazon buttonThese are definitely some of the best running glasses on our list. Other than their top quality build that guarantees durability, the glasses are also placed on a thick frame that hugs the face comfortably but firmly. Polarized shades keep your eyes protected from more than just dust and bugs. The glasses come with a free high-quality VertX pouch for convenience when you want to carry them around.

7Polarized Anti-Glare Outdoor Running Glasses

amazon buttonThe polarized shades on this pair of running glasses provide extra protection from strong sunlight. The anti-glare running glasses will also protect you from unexpected light reflections when you’re running, cycling, or even driving. They act as a shield for your eyes that make sure dust, insects, and other debris do not get into your eyes when running. They feature a sleek futuristic design that is quite very attractive.

6X-Loop High Profile Running and Cycling Glasses

amazon buttonThese X-Loop running glasses for men are the perfect jogging or cycling companion during sunny mornings and when running through dusty trails. The glasses feature a high-quality build with premium glass technology that is capable of deflecting the dangerous UV400 rays of the sun. Other than optimum functionality, the glasses are stylish and made to stay on even when moving vigorously.

5X-Loop Men’s Running Sunglasses

amazon buttonThese sunglasses feature a much sleeker frame that is lighter and well curved to conform to the face perfectly. They feature stylish gradient shades that completely block out harmful UV rays in addition to protecting your eyes from dust, bugs, and debris while you run or cycle. Their lightweight build makes them a must-have for the avid outdoor runner, even more so if you’re the type of person to go for a run on a regular basis.

4X-Loop High Profile Cycling Glasses

amazon buttonSports glasses don’t come better than this. It is made to stay on no matter how vigorous your sports activities are and also to offer optimum protection from UV rays, dust and other particles that may harm your eyes while running or cycling. They also feature a lightweight but very sturdy build that will ensure the glasses’ long-lasting durability, no matter how often or intensely they are being used.

3Wrap-Around Polarized Running Glasses

amazon buttonWrap-around sunglasses are obviously easier to keep on when running, cycling or doing other vigorous sports activities. The polarized shades on these glasses offer additional protection from UV rays. They also keep your eyes safe from bugs, dust, and debris that can hurt your eyes at high velocity. Interestingly enough, these glasses come in a stylish streamlined design that fits perfectly on the face.

2RIVBOS 801 Unisex Polarized Sports Sunglasses

amazon buttonThese glasses feature shades that offer UV400 protection. They feature a very sporty design that is also made from high-quality materials for enhanced durability. The glasses have been designed to fit the face comfortably but firmly enough to prevent them from falling off when running. Given their ingenious design, these glasses are a must-have for runners, cyclers, and even golfers as well.

1Duduma Polarized Sports Glasses

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for professional sports glasses, the Duduma polarized sunglasses offer premium quality, enhanced durability and performance. The glasses look extra sleek and feature a gray, lightweight frame that curves perfectly to hold the face when running and cycling. Polarized shades protect your eyes from UV rays, environmental abrasives such as dust, pollen, bugs and other debris that might get into your eyes while running or cycling. They are also built to last since they have a very thick frame that will not easily break from regular use. Overall, they are without a doubt, some of the best running glasses out there.