Top 10 Best School Bags of 2017 – Reviews


With all the books, binders, papers, gadgets, and other accessories students have to carry around these days, it’s no wonder there is such a huge market for school bags. These bags have to be comfortable to wear, durable, spacious, and as stylish as possible from an aesthetic perspective. As we are about to find out, some of the best school bags out there are designed to meet fairly high structural standards and understandably so given how careless young students get with their bags on occasion. Over the next few minutes, we’ll try to find out what are the ten best school bags on the market and what makes them so special to begin with.

10Floral Women’s Student Backpack

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for variety, this backpack might just be what you need as it comes in a range of colors to suit everyone’s tastes. The bag is made from high-quality fabrics that can sustain the weight of your books on a daily basis. Padded straps and the lightweight material of the bag guarantee you unlimited comfort whenever you put it on. The bag also features plenty of storage space, with its main compartment capable of fitting a 15-inch laptop easily. It also features a lot of other minor compartments for all your valuables, stationery, and other necessities.

9E-Shops Casual Canvas Backpack for Ladies

amazon buttonCanvas material is very durable, which is why this backpack is suitable for heavy, daily use. It features a number of secure compartments which you can use to carry books or more fragile belongings such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones. Furthermore, this bag is waterproof, powerfully built to last, and comes with adjustable shoulder straps for good measure. In this respect, it is perhaps one of the best in this price range.

8Bluboon Student Backpack

amazon buttonThis sizeable schoolbag is suitable for both high school and college students. It features a spacious compartment that is large enough to fit a 14-inch laptop. It can also carry a more than a few books and has sufficient secondary compartments for all your stationery or other school necessities. The bag is made out of durable fabric with high-quality zippers and padded shoulder straps that make it more comfortable to wear.

7Tinksky Vintage Student Backpack

amazon buttonThis bag provides a long term option for those students who are looking for a fashionable way to carry their belongings when going to school. The bag is made from top grade PU leather that not only looks stylish but is also very durable. It has plenty of space to store school necessities such as your laptop, stationery, and valuables. It comes in color options of blue, brown, beige, black and khaki.

6Leaper Casual Style Canvas Laptop Bag

amazon buttonThis laptop backpack offers reliability and comfort for the wearer. The bag is made of high-quality material that has been reinforced for maximum durability and enhanced tensile strength. There is plenty of storage space in the main compartment, which is large enough to store a 15-inch laptop. There are also plenty of side pockets and compartments for the storage of stationery, accessories and cell phones. This bag is available in solid black and blue, and vibrant red or pink for the ladies.

5Snugg Crossbody Student Messenger Bag

amazon buttonMessenger bags are not only stylish, they are also very convenient since you can access the contents of your bag without removing it. This bag features a high-quality build using sturdy fabric and plenty of space which includes a main compartment that can fit a 15.6-inch laptop quite comfortably. It also has four external pockets and six internal compartments that give you plenty of room to store your accessories and stationery. It also comes in a wide range of colors including, red, gray, brown, black and blue.

4High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Student Backpack

amazon buttonThis is one of the few unique backpacks out there that promises to make it a lot easier to ship your books and other school necessities from one place to another. The backpack has plenty of storage space and can store even the largest laptop and thickest textbooks quite easily in its sizeable main compartment. Other fantastic features of the backpack include a high-quality organizer inside and specialized compartments such as a media pocket for storing your music player or cell phone. It comes with padded shoulder straps and a padded handle for extra comfort when carrying it.

3Jansport T501 SuperBreak Student’s Backpack

amazon buttonWith this bag’s durable polyester build, you can rest assured that it will last a long time. It features securely made zipper closures that don’t break apart easily and can keep the bag closed even when full. The backpack also doubles as a daypack with a high quality, 600 Denier build quality. It is available in a range of colors including blue, red, gray, black, a stylish blue drip dye pattern, and a streaked blue and Viking red pattern.

2Jansport Classics Series Big Student Backpack

amazon buttonIf size is what matters most to you, this is the perfect bag for you. With 2100 cubic inches of space, you can store anything in the bag easily whether it is a thick binder, textbook or even a large laptop. Other features include a cord port for your headphones, a reinforced padded handle, comfortable S-curve straps and breathable material to ensure optimum air circulation inside the bag.

1High Sierra Loop Student Backpack

amazon buttonThe modestly fashionable design of this charcoal black school bag makes it an ideal option for a lot of people who care about aesthetics as much as they care about practicality. We say this because this bag is built using tough polyester fabric, making it a suitable option for daily use. It also has 4 slip pockets on the interior and 6 small exterior pockets to enable you to store everything you could possibly need from notebooks to mobile devices.