Top 10 Best Selfie Sticks of 2017 – Reviews


There is perhaps no photography accessory more popular these days than the selfie stick. Although not a professional tool like monopods and poles by any means, the selfie stick has become a much sought-after tool for pretty much anyone who enjoys taking selfies.

While most people would wrongfully assume that there isn’t much to differentiate between selfie sticks, we would do well to inform you that each selfie stick enjoys a specific construction, one that makes each one stand out from the rest when it comes to certain aspects. This being said, let us find out what are the ten best selfie sticks on the market right now.

10Mazichands Bluetooth Selfie Stick

amazon buttonThis selfie stick from Mazichands is a fantastic and flexible selfie stick by all standards, one that has a lightweight design with an extended pole that allows the users to capture stunning portraits and landscapes around them. One of the key features of this selfie stick is that it is Bluetooth-enabled and is specifically designed to work with virtually any Android phone as well as iPhones.

This selfie stick is also rust resistant since it is made of high-grade Aluminum. Its Bluetooth based (wireless) monopod style makes it a universal phone mount in that it is able to fit many cell phones types ranging from 8.5 cm to 3.36 inches. It is also rubberized, which makes its handle fit well in anyone’s hands. In this respect, you can take many selfies without compromising the safety of your phone.

9Noot Selfie Stick

amazon buttonNoot is a lightweight and portable selfie stick with a green-them and extendable/adjustable design. Its extendable nature makes it perfect for shooting landscape and portrait selfies. It has a non-marring and smooth as well as durable plastic phone holder. This holder has adjustable edges which fit different phone sizes.

It is easy to use in all environments since it has a?remote shutter, a feature most selfie sticks should have these days. It also benefits from a powered plug battery which is very convenient, to say the least. The stick’s sturdy handle design, on the other hand, fits well in your arms while eliminating any form of shaking that may arise while shooting the photos manually.

8Cokyn Selfie Stick Monopod

amazon buttonWith a black-themed, durable and easy to use style, Cokyn Selfie Stick can be considered an excellent monopod selfie stick by all standards. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control which eases operation quite a bit. The stick has an adjustable and extendable head that also rotates to offer you better coverage. It also has a very comfortable handle that makes it easier to control. You also receive a luxurious pouch for storage and safe transportation, one that will prove itself useful in the long run.

7JETech Self-Portrait Selfie Stick

amazon buttonJETech Self-Portrait is an affordable and durable selfie stick with an aesthetic style and design that meets all the users’ demands. It has a monopod-operated battery designed to last for an extended period of time. It also features a universal mount suitable for all Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhones and pretty much any type of smartphones.

Its light weight eases the entire process of taking selfies, which is no less than what you would expect. At the same time, it has a padded handle that is very comfortable to handle, one that will enable you to hold it for extended periods of time without any sort of discomfort.

6Flexion QuickSnap Pro

amazon buttonFlexion QuickSnap Pro is a well-built three-in-one selfie stick that has a sturdy and extendable body for good measure. It comes with a Bluetooth remote shutter that eases all the operations involved in taking selfies regardless of what type of phone you use, which makes it best for beginners.

It also has a plastic phone holder, a holder that has an adjustable/flexible system designed to keep various Android phones and iPhone secure in its grasp at all times. Its padded handle is also quite cozy and comfortable.

5Kiwii Selfie Stick

amazon buttonKiwii’s Selfie Stick is a portable selfie stick which is Bluetooth-enabled from the get-go. What makes this stick stand out is its ability to adjust to about 31.5 cm lengths with relative ease. Its light weight also recommends it for outdoor explorations or hiking.

With a padded handle, it offers a comfortable grip that will enable you to handle it for extended periods of time. The non-slip coat on the handle also increases your hand stability. Furthermore, it has an adjustable phone holder which works nicely with Android smartphones and iPhones of any sort.

4EEZ-Y Wired Selfie Stick

amazon buttonThis particular stick is highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor activities since it works just as well in almost any angle. Thanks to its flexible nature, you can adjust it based on the size of the group so as to acquire a better coverage when taking a group selfie. This selfie stick’s light weight is attributed to the high quality and durable aluminum metal used in its making. It also benefits from a padded and ergonomic handle that makes it very easy to carry and store.

3CamKix Extendable Selfie Stick

amazon buttonCamKix’s selfie stick is a durable and stable selfie stick that has gained quite a bit of popularity despite its low price. It also has a flexible monopod which can be extended between 11 to 40 inches. Interestingly enough, you can carry the adjustable monopod with you in a relaxed and comfortable fashion thanks to its ingenious construction.

It also has a universal call phone mount that fits virtually all smartphones smaller than 3.3 inches in size. Since it also has an aesthetic green theme and a head which 180-degree adjustable, it improves the diversity of your selfies quite a lot.

2The Alaska Life Selfie Stick

amazon buttonWhat makes this particular stick stand out is its ingenious design and its lightweight construction. It is made up of waterproof and rugged materials which recommend this stick for outdoor photography. It also has a stable and adjustable monopod for good measure, one that was designed to keep the stick in place at all times.

The plastic phone holder it comes equipped with is also durable and has a fully adjustable system. This system fits nearly all Android smartphones and iPhones on the market today.

1Mpow iSnap Selfie Stick

amazon buttonMpow iSnap is a one-piece and durable selfie stick which benefits from an aesthetic, U-shaped design that easily folds to ease transportation and storage. This selfie stick is made up of aluminum, a construction that makes it very sturdy so as to support the colossal weight exerted on it when in use.

The adjustable and flexible plastic holder in it secures phones of different types and sizes, a versatility you normally don’t find in regular selfie sticks. Interestingly enough, this selfie stick features a remote shutter system that can be enabled via Bluetooth, a feature that furthers the stick’s flexibility and functionality.