Top 10 Best Shoulder Back Massagers of 2017 – Reviews


If you suffer from unrelenting pain in the shoulder area because of stress or difficulties particular to your working environment, then you should definitely consider investing in a shoulder back massaging device. These ingenious implements are designed to relieve whatever strain might be troubling your upper back/shoulder area without exposing you to any long-term damage in the process. For the most part, you can get these devices without a professional recommendation as long as you keep in mind to use them in moderation. Having said that, let us find out what are the ten best shoulder back massagers the market has to offer right now.

Best Shoulder Back Massagers Reviews 2017

10iComfort Ic0954 Massager

amazon buttonDesigned to provide premium grade massages, the iComfort Ic0954 Massager can be utilized on your shoulder, neck, thigh, back, and waist and leg areas to give you utmost relief from any stress, aches or tension. Loaded with 2 different automatic functions, the speed and the intensity of the massage vary. It also comes with 8 different intensity levels that can be adjusted as per your requirement. Thanks to its special belt shape design, it is extremely comfortable and convenient to use. Backed up by electricity, this massager also works on a manual mode and is perfect for both men and women.

9SKG Premium Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager

amazon buttonSpecially designed for the neck and shoulder area, the SKG Premium Tapping Massager, in comparison to other massagers, is one of the most efficient and high performing products. Providing a quick relief from any pain and tension caused in the neck and shoulder area, this massager works wonders with its special vibrations and kneading mechanism. Backup by 90W of power, this tapping massager provides high-quality massages that are as good as spa and massage therapists. Its body-hugging construction is comfortable and snug offering a well balanced and targeted massage ensuring relief from aches and pains instantly.

8Gideon Portable Vest Massager

amazon buttonThe Gideon Portable Vest Massager is a multipurpose pain and stress reliever that caters to all major pressure points in our body. This massage vest helps to penetrate deep into the skin to help eliminate aches and pains, tension and stress. It also comes with a special heat therapy mechanism that provides a warm feeling to help with loosening out tightened muscles. It also features unique tapping points that resemble real therapist’s hands while massaging. This portable vest massager includes 20 different modes for massaging, 10 different intensity levels and can be used on your shoulder, back, and neck. It is extremely easy to use and very convenient thanks to its simple keypad with various options. Designed to provide optimal comfort this vest is made from faux leather with a special cushioned fabric.

7Kendal Neck and Back Tapping Massager

amazon buttonThanks to its special heated therapy, the Kendal Neck and Back Tapping Massager features a drum tapping massage that provides instant relief from aches and pains present in the neck and shoulders. The two inbuilt motors also work wonders in burning extra fat. This tapping massager comes with 22 auto massage programs, 11 levels of intensity, an auto and manual function and special options to massage the left or right shoulder. Equipped with the latest thermotherapy heating function, the heat helps penetrate enhancing blood circulation. It is specially designed to cater to areas like your shoulders, neck, buttocks, thighs, back and other areas that are tensed and knotted.

6HoMedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager

amazon buttonThanks to its super powerful percussion action, the HotMedics NMS-600 Back and Shoulder Percussion Massager help to relax tensed and tight muscles, providing quick relief. Featuring 1 standard mode and 3 different massage modes this special back and shoulder massager is designed to massage your shoulder, upper and lower back in 3 different ways and provide comfort to the muscles. It comes equipped with a heating mechanism that soothes the tension and relaxes the tightened muscles. With a variable intensity of up to 720 pulses in a minute, it also features fairly large straps that massage into the hard to reach areas.

5Body Back Company’s AccuMassage

amazon buttonThe Body Back Company’s AccuMassage is a portable, lightweight self-massage tool that is designed to release and eliminate tension, stress, headaches etc present in the lower back, neck, and shoulder. It is extremely easy to use and helps to reach out to the hard to reach areas to provide quick relief. Sore muscles, migraines, pressure points and headaches can say goodbye thanks to this effective and convenient massaging tool. It features soft massage balls at the ends that are adjustable. The handle can also be removed and disassembled into a tapping massager.

4HoMedics NMS-360 Shiatsu and Vibration Neck Massager

amazon buttonMade from soft, premium grade polyester materials, the HoMedics NMS-360 Shiatsu and Vibration Neck Massager is uniquely crafted and tailor-made to provide you with the best shiatsu massages possible, with no less than 4 special nodes to match your needs. These 4 nodes include deep kneading, gentle rolling, and a targeted and focused massage on any particular area. Thanks to its full coverage design and construction, the massager helps to span your back and shoulders including the 4 main zones: full, middle, lower and upper back. It features a unique adjustable width and comes with a remote control that is fully programmable.

3Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

amazon buttonThe Brookstone Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager is equipped with 8 different deep-kneading nodes specifically for Shiatsu massages that provide relief to muscles that are knotted and aching. This uniquely designed massager can be adjusted to the desired height and level to help in reaching the right places. Thanks to its special heating therapy that can be selected it helps to relax the muscles present in the shoulders and neck. Featuring two variable massage nodes including single direction and auto reverse, specialized neck and back massager is lightweight, durable, and extremely efficient.

2New Five Star FS8812

amazon buttonEquipped with a powerful vibration motor, New Five Star FS8812 is a stimulating body massager that is designed to provide relief to the neck, back, and shoulder and thigh area, along with heat especially for the lower back. Featuring 3 powerful massage speeds, 4 different massage programs and a special on/off button for heat, it also comes with 4 different zones as special options on the massager itself including M1, which caters to the upper back, shoulder and neck area, M2 that caters to the middle back area, M3, for the Lumbar and lower back area, and M4 for the thigh area. Extremely portable, lightweight and convenient, this massager comes with a car adapter and an AC adapter and an automatic shutdown function after 30 minutes.

1Body Back Company Body Back Buddy

amazon buttonHighly recommended by popular massage therapists and chiropractors around the world, the Body Back Company Body Back Buddy is a self-therapy massage tool that has proven to be extremely efficient and high-quality by most standards. Thanks to its well-built design, this body massager is easy to grip and 3 times stronger in comparison to other portable handheld massagers. Featuring flat sides, 11 precisely placed therapy knobs, and rounded cane like ends, this lightweight 1.25 lbs massager can reach places that are normally hard to reach and is suitable for people of all ages. This unique massager will help you eliminate any pain and ache, stress and tension from the pressure points in your body with ease. Considered as an ideal self-therapy tool, you can effortlessly use it to relieve yourself of spasms, knots, and aches of all sorts.