Top 10 Best Shower Caps of 2017 – Reviews


A shower cap can be seen as indispensable if you value your hairstyle enough to protect it from getting wet. At the same time, a shower cap has the added benefit of protecting your hair from the chlorine in most pools, or any other chemicals your hair might get in contact with. Relatively inexpensive, most shower caps will do what’s asked of them regardless of the price tag. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should simply buy the first one you see. To give you a better understanding of what to look for, we put together a list of the ten best shower caps money can buy.

Best Shower Caps Reviews 2017

10Mademoiselle Paisley

amazon buttonDesigned with a beautiful paisley pattern, the Mademoiselle Paisley shower cap is not only stylish and attractive but also very comfortable. Compact in size and foldable, it can fit into any pouch or gym bag with ease, making it extremely convenient. It comes with a special water-resistant inner lining that keeps your hair dry throughout and a hardy waterproof outer covering. Furthermore, this shower cap also comes with a matching pouch that makes it easier to store.

9Niceeshop Reusable Cap

amazon buttonUniquely designed with ultra fine inner fiber and an outer covering made of durable PVC film, this shower cap from Niceeshop is a reusable product that is water-resistant and non-irritant. Owing to its lightweight it is extremely comfortable and does not cause an itchy scalp. Its elastic band fits almost any size, even those women who have extra long thick hair. It is very easy to wash and clean can be reused as many times as you wish without causing any damage to its construction.

8Mademoiselle Designer

amazon buttonCreated and designed with soft, durable light weight satin material, the Mademoiselle Designer shower cap comes with a matching pouch with a drawstring. Its comfortable construction includes flat seams, a water-resistant inner lining, and a soft attractive outer cover. At the same time, the satin material used in its making is soft and lustrous and does not get caught in your hair. This shower cap can fit almost everyone thanks to its adjustable, stretchable elastic fit.

7FashionBoutique Reusable Cap

amazon buttonFeaturing a fashionable, trendy design, the FashionBoutique Reusable Cap is a durable lightweight shower cap that aids in keeping your hair dry while showering. This shower cap is a multipurpose product and can be used during hair perms, coloring, and conditioning. Owing to its long lasting stretchable elastic on the edges, this cap can fit any size as well as perfect for those who have long or thick hair. It is extremely easy to use, non-irritant and protects the hair completely. Made from long lasting vinyl, this shower cap does not only offer optimal performance but is also a budget friendly product by most standards.

6Annie Blue Dot

amazon buttonFinding the perfect shower cap that can fit in all your hair without it getting wet can be challenging. But with the latest Annie Blue Dot shower cap, you get to enjoy your daily shower without any worries about messing up your hairstyle. Made from durable acrylic materials, this cap is water-resistant, light in weight, extremely comfortable and can fit all head shapes with ease. It is very easy to wear thanks to its elastic band that stretches and helps to protect your hair. It is large enough to hold all your hair and does not cause any itchiness of the scalp when worn for long periods of time.

5VANORIG Shower Cap

amazon buttonCompared to many low-quality shower caps available on the market today, the VANORIG Shower Cap is not only affordable but offers high levels of performance as well. Made from high-quality waterproof materials, it not only comes with a satin outer covering but also a TPR inner. Available in an assortment of cute prints, you can select from an array of vibrant colors to match the trends. Construction-wise, let us point out that it is extremely comfortable and does not cause irritation of the scalp.

4Goody Styling Essentials

amazon buttonIf you are looking for a durable, inexpensive shower cap that can be used on a daily basis then the Goody Styling Essentials shower cap is the perfect choice for you. This cap helps to protect your hair from getting wet while having a shower thanks to its secured elastic edges that are durable and stretchable. Perfect for all hair types and can fit all sizes this shower cap can be used at home as well as while traveling as it is compact in size and light in weight. Made from smooth fabrics, this water-resistant shower cap is easy to maintain and comes in an assortment of colors to choose from.

3Betty Dain Hipster

amazon buttonThe Betty Dain Hipster is made from eco-friendly PEVA frosted materials that make it water-resistant to an impressive standard. It is among the best mold and mildew resistant shower caps out there, a fact that doesn’t affect its affordable price tag in any way. The hem is durable and elastic and comes with stylish accents to enhance its attractiveness, a design that most of you will find quite trendy. Extremely light in weight, compact in size, and very affordable, this cap should definitely be seen as one of the very best out there.

2Betty Dain Socialite

amazon buttonConstructed with a special water resistant exterior made of nylon material and a terry cloth soft inner lining, the Betty Dain Socialite Shower Cap is not only lightweight but comfortable and durable as well. Featuring a reversible design, this cap can be used both as a shower cap or as a sleeping cap depending on your needs. Thanks to its spacious design, it can hold any amount of hair, long, short, and thick with relative ease. It also comes equipped with a robust elastic hemming for added flexibility. Furthermore, this shower can from Betty Dain is available in many different designs and patterns to choose from.

1Betty Dain Fashionista

amazon buttonThere is perhaps no better shower cap out there than Betty Dain’s Fashionista cap, one that is made to be both fashionable and sturdy. Made with a durable nylon exterior and a PEVA inner lining, this shower cap comes with an oversized construction that can hold any amount of hair without damaging its form in any way. Also worth mentioning is that its elastic hem features stylish accents, making the cap very trendy and fashionable as far as aesthetics go.