Top 10 Best Shower Filters of 2017 – Reviews


A good way to ensure that you shower with the cleanest water possible is to invest in a shower filter. These filters are guaranteed to purify water by almost all the elements that might have a hazardous or potentially dangerous effect on your skin. After all, you expect nothing but the cleanest drinking water so why should your showering standards be any different? After looking long and hard at what the market has to offer, we put together a list of the ten best shower filters money can buy.

10Vitashower SF-2000 Vitamin-C Shower Filter

amazon buttonUnique is exactly the word to use in order to best describe this particular filter; it applies special mechanisms to extract chlorine compositions and extract vitamin C making it among the most effective filters available. Its built is majorly plastic although this does not compromise on quality or even durability. The filter is also conveniently effective since it is easily attached to typical shower arms, and as formerly stated holds essential nutrients.

9Sprite HO2-WH-M Shower Filter

amazon buttonThis filtration system happens to top the list of most affordable and with its supposed efficiency; it is quite an unbelievable fact. It comes with an easily attachable shower head and a relatively simple design. As is characteristic with typically every filter system listed, it is also effective in chlorine and toxic substance removal present in tap water. Moreover, it boasts a reasonably large capacity and provides service for a significantly long period before it mandates repairs and fixing.

8HotelSpa All-In-One 3-Way Shower Combo

amazon buttonFor anyone in search of a sensible water tap filter solution, this versatile Shower Combo is the way to go. It comes with a filter unit that is large and allows connection to characteristic water pipes, and a consequent shower head providing considerable water pressure. Ava shower has the capacity to rid water of an approximate 99% of all toxic and harmful substances in the form of bacteria, dirt, lead, chlorine and fluoride. Despite its easy installation, its makers provide professional installation services for this model.

7Waterchef SF-7C Shower Filter

amazon buttonThis ingenious shower filter from Waterchef is without a doubt, one of the best out there. It comprises chromed finishing which enhances its sturdy aspect not to forget durability. WaterChef design enhances convenience and as characteristic of similar models, it boasts a filtration capacity that is moderately large. Its efficiency goes beyond chlorine removal and stretches its reach to a host of other common substances as is in water to guarantee water that is chlorine free and safe for the human hair and skin.

6Sprite HO-WH Shower Filter

amazon buttonEfficiency and low price are rarely the words to rhyme a single sentence with but Sprite HO-WH-M changes the viewpoint. Besides a wonderful make, it is characterized by one shower head and a subsequent filtration unit. With this system, odors, chlorine, and other toxic elements become a thing of the past and if you are worried about its installation, it comes with easily detachable filters, Moreover, it boasts pre-installed filters installable in classic shower arm and applicable for a significant time frame.

5Culligan ISH-100 Shower Filter

amazon buttonWith its assortment of features, it is surprising at how affordable this filtration system actually is! Making the list of compact models, this system rolls in with an easily installed kit and a consequent shower head (chromed). Despite its size, it does not compromise on efficiency being the most effective relative to the removal of bad taste, odor and chlorine from tap water. Aside from that, it also facilitates sulfur level reduction and comes in handy in producing water that is pure and which is safe for human usage.

4Rainshow’r CQ-1000-DS Shower Filter

amazon buttonIndividuals with low budget demands don’t get to complain of toxic elements in their water with the availability of Rainshow’r filter; a steadfast system of filtration that is cost-efficient. Referencing its manufacturers, the system is well able to serve a family maximum of 4 members for a solid 9 months. Its efficiency trickles down to its installation which is fairly easy and also to its chlorine removal which approximates at about 90%, which is impressive by most standards.

3Berkey KDSF-Head Shower Filter

amazon buttonBerkey particularly makes the list because of its simplicity and efficiency. We say ‘simplicity’ because it is a construct made from a characteristic shower head and a unit of water filtration. We say ‘efficient’ because it rids chlorine by and approximately 95% and germs and bacteria in consequence. The filter which is easily installed in archetypal shower heads in several minutes is a wonderful appliance for individuals that are prone to sensitivity relative to unfiltered water.

2Culligan RDSH-C115 Shower Filter

amazon buttonComing in with a compact design, this shower filter is characterized by a sufficiently large shower head (chromed) that has a capacity of internally holding a filter. It is effective in chlorine and odor removal from tap water and is also easily installed devoid of specialized tools. They are NSF International certified and only require replacement after a significant 10,000 water gallons.

1Aquasana AQ-4105 Shower Filter

amazon buttonReputed for its unceasing reliability, the Aquasana water filter boasts specialized filters that allow 90% approximate removal of chlorine as is in water. Besides effectively balancing the value of water pH, it is characterized by a dual system of filtration which allows it to rid water of other harmful components. Similar to a host of other filters, it is easily installed and boasts a significantly adequate filtration capacity allowing it to avail quality water for a maximum of 6 months, which is impressive to say the least.