Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmets of 2017 – Reviews


Regardless of your skateboarding skills, you definitely need protective gear whenever you’re out on your skateboard, no doubt about it. The trick when buying protective gear is not to look for ‘deals’ or ‘sales’ because, at the end of the day, it’s your own safety you’re looking after. Even so, there is no real reason for you to be spending large amounts of money on gear designed to provide the most basic of functions.

To help you find a balance between good and affordable protective skateboarding gear, we put together a list of the ten best skateboard helmets the market has to offer at this point in time.

10Critical Cycles Classic Skate Helmet

amazon buttonRegardless of its simplistic design, this helmet will offer you all the protection you need as you go on your skating adventures. The helmet is also designed to be particularly comfortable, not to mention quite stylish in spite of its classical look. You will also appreciate the fact that this helmet comes in three different sizes as well as 5 different color options.

9Pro Tec Street Lite Helmet

amazon buttonThis Pro-Tec helmet has achieved CPSC approval, which means you will enjoy one of the best use experiences once you buy it. The helmet also stands out for its lightness. In particular, it is about 30 percent lighter than classic helmet models. Quality is also one of the major benefits of this helmet. You will also enjoy enhanced comfort when using the Street Lite helmet, thanks to a molded shell with an EPS liner.

8PROTEC Original Classic Certified

amazon buttonIf you want to buy a helmet that has well proven and tested safety and quality standards, this is one of your top choices. The helmet has received approval from MZ, CPSC, and ASTM. Also, its design ensures optimum protection from impacts, thanks to its tough hard shell build. Comfort is also one of its benefits because it has been made using high-quality EPS liners. The straps and buckles will also make it easier to wear this helmet comfortably.

7Protec Original Classic Helmet

amazon buttonIn matters safety, this helmet is more than a match for most market alternatives. Only the best quality materials are used in the making of this helmet, which is also why it is quite durable. The helmet can stand up to huge impacts, thanks to its high-quality ABS shell. Comfort is also something you will have when using this helmet, all because it features an EPS foam liner and 11 air vents to help it keep the user cool all through.

6Bell Segment Multi-Sport Helmet

amazon buttonMade of quality ABS plastic for added durability, this multi-sport helmet is perfectly suited to skateboarding. The helmet can fit most people, and it has an EPS liner which makes it uniquely comfortable and also breathable. In fact, for better cooling effect, the helmet has 8 different cooling vents. The helmet also allows the user to move their heads easily when using it, which should ensure you have lots of fun while still remaining protected.

5Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

amazon buttonAlthough this helmet is light and made using a simple design, it is one of the most popular skateboard helmets in the market. This helmet is very strong, and it will keep your head safe from many potentially serious accidents as you skateboard. So, if you are shopping for a helmet that offers both quality and great value for money, this helmet is one of the best choices you have.

4Krash Vector Victor Helmet

amazon buttonThanks to its out-of-the-box design, cool 3D graphics and the capacity to withstand heavy impacts, this is the most sought out skateboard helmet at the moment. In addition to the high-quality ABS material, the helmet also provides premium comfort and proper cooling through its air vents. The helmet has also undergone ASTM and CPSC approval, and it comes with high-quality nylon straps for a better fit.

3Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

amazon buttonThis intuitively designed skateboard helmet weighs in at just 425 grams. But despite its lightweight construction, it is very sturdy and durable, and very stylish as well. The helmet is made using high-quality ABS plastic while the inside is fitted with a high-density EPS foam liner for better comfort. The helmet can also fit several head sizes, and it has 12 air vents for improved cooling.

2Razor V-17 Multi-Sport Youth Helmet

amazon buttonOne of the reasons many skateboarders specifically seek out this helmet model is its unassailable quality. The design is also among the best in the industry. In addition to its ability to keep you safe from various skateboard-related impacts, the helmet is also very comfortable. It also comes with 17 air vents to keep you cool. Versatility is also something this helmet will give you, since its side-release buckles are very easy to adjust.

1Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet

amazon buttonFor seekers of professional-grade skating helmet, this model is an obvious choice. We say this because this helmet can withstand several high-impact collisions without getting compromised. Ergonomically, it is also a favorite for its breathability and cooling capacity, features one must always look for in a protective helmet. The helmet is also easily adjustable to fit every user comfortably. It is also very light, and also very affordable despite its top-notch quality.