Top 10 Best Skateboards of 2017 – Reviews


In skating, buying a skateboard isn’t exactly easy these days with all the different models hitting the market on a weekly basis. Gone are the days when you had to choose between a handful of well-known and reputable brands; nowadays, the market has been flooded with all sorts of skateboards, some of a much lower quality than any experienced rider would ever dare to ride. In this respect, you should perhaps educate yourself on the matter thoroughly before making any sort of purchase. To give you a helping hand, we put together a list of the ten best skateboards money can buy.

Best Skateboards Reviews 2017

10Best Choice Pro Longboard Cruiser

amazon buttonIf you’re looking for a cruising skateboard, this is the one you need. This longboard cruiser provides plenty of length and breadth for proper foot placement in order to give you maximum cruising control. It features a wide maple deck with a lowered middle for enhanced ride stability and balance. Underneath, the board has aluminum trucks, high-speed ABEC bearings, and well-made wheels that provide ample grip on any surface.

9Ridge Skateboards Retro Cruiser

amazon buttonLoved for its ability to turn on a dime, the Retro Cruiser is a laid back board that can allow you to unleash your bag of tricks whenever you need to. The deck is made from sturdy plastic with a textured surface to enhance shoe-to-board grip and a raised tail for better control. It rides on wide and sturdy plastic wheels that have been paired with high tolerance bearings and strong trucks. The board also comes in stylish gray which gives you a lot of room for customization.

8Yunee E-Go Electric Skateboard

amazon buttonDespite having to carry a few onboard electronics with you every time you use this board, it is surprisingly light at only 13.9 pounds. The board can be controlled using the provided remote control which allows you to get up to 18 miles on a single charge. Its flexible deck is spacious, long, and easily powered by the rechargeable battery underneath it. A flexible battery case gives you the freedom to ride as you please.

7Penny Fade 22-inch Skateboard

amazon buttonWhen it comes to skateboards on a budget, nothing looks quite as good as this beautifully designed board. This 22 inch is exactly what you need to get to places quickly and look extra stylish while doing it. The board rides on the familiar Penny aluminum trucks and features ABEC seven bearings. To top it all off, it has been fitted with the resilient and speedy 59mm Penny wheels for unrivaled performances and exceptional durability.

6Punisher Steampunk Longboard Skateboard

amazon buttonIn addition to some stylish graphics underneath it, this longboard skateboard also features a 7-inch wide concave deck, polished aluminum trucks and 53mm poly cast wheels that roll smoothly and grip surfaces quite impressively. The board is fitted with high tolerance ABEC 9 bearings which makes them suitable for heavy duty use. It’s simple design and excellent build quality makes it one of the best longboards to buy.

5Ancheer 31″ Pro Skull Skateboard

amazon buttonThis skateboard features a strong maple deck that has been placed upon rugged and resilient 52mm street wheels that are well-suited to rough outdoor tracks. The board rides on cast aluminum tracks that provide more stability and smoother turning. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for performing tricks while the precision bearings it comes with make the skateboard a lot more resilient.

4POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

amazon buttonWith a deck that is built from robust maple, this 32-inch skateboard is capable of taking any kind of abuse. The board rides on cast aluminum trucks with high rebound polyurethane bushings for rapid turns and carbon steel kingpins. Hand-cast polyurethane wheels give it excellent traction, stability, and a smooth roll on all surfaces. Not only that but you will find it much easier to steer than most skateboards this size.

3Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

amazon buttonThis stylishly decorated board features a dragon-inspired theme that makes it one of the coolest-looking boards you will ever see. It runs on hand-cast polyurethane wheels with excellent traction and a superb roll. The steering is also quite responsive and comfortable, which may explain the board’s popularity. The board is also wide enough (7.6 inches wide, to be precise) to perform tricks with, comes with a grippy surface, and has a price tag to match.

2Rimable 22-inch Skateboard

amazon buttonStunningly decorated using a stylish gradient fade that combines blue, red and yellow, this 22-inch Rimable skateboard is as easy on the eye as it is on the asphalt. Its 6-inch wide deck is perfectly balanced to allow you to make full use of all of its 22 inches. The deck is constructed from sturdy plastic that has a maximum weight capacity of 198 pounds. Underneath it, four smooth PU wheels combined with high-speed bearings allow it to perform swiftly and give it excellent durability.

1Quest Bamboo Super Cruiser

amazon buttonBuilt from light yet ultimately sturdy bamboo, this 44-inch cruiser longboard is a stylish pick that offers balance, stability, and style in equal measure. It runs on durable 7-inch aluminum trucks and rugged PU wheels that are grippy and roll smoothly on all types of surfaces. In addition to that, the design of the board integrates some stylish decals at the bottom for extra flair. You will also find it surprisingly easy to steer given its seemingly robust construction.