Top 10 Best Smartphone VR Headsets of 2017 – Reviews


Apart from the real deal, a smartphone VR headset is the closest you can get to experiencing what virtual reality can be like. Everybody who has paid attention to the way new technologies are being developed will already know that the age of virtual reality is upon us. With it, a wide array of VR-related equipment will find its way on the market over these next few years, including smartphone accessories.

It is smartphone accessories that we will talk about over the next few minutes, VR headsets to be more precise. These devices enable you to use your smartphone as a genuine VR headset without spending the extra few hundred dollars you would otherwise have to spend on the real thing. To provide you with a better understanding of what to expect when shopping for such a device, we put together a list of the ten best smartphone VR headsets on the market today.

10Akally 3D VR Headset Glasses Virtual Reality Mobile Phone

amazon buttonWith this VR headset, you can turn your smartphone into a genuine 3D machine for 3D games or split screen movies. Thanks to its ingenious construction, this device works with over 300+ IOS/Android virtual reality apps. It also has a pupil distance and focal distance capabilities that can be adjusted to get the optimal 3D immersive experience. At the same time, we should point out that the front cover of this device is absorbed by a magnet which makes the phone easy to remove while also ensuring proper ventilation so it doesn’t heat up.

9DESTEK V2 Virtual Reality VR Headset

amazon buttonThis particular headset is designed for the intended purpose of providing a high-quality movie-watching environment that resembles virtual reality as much as possible. Due to its high-precision lens, this device offers high standards of light transmission so as to make the image as clear as possible when watching any movie. It is also compatible with almost any 4-5.7-inch smartphone out there, which is definitely a big plus.

8Motoraux 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset

amazon buttonWith this 3D VR glasses headset, you get an immersive 360-degree field of view of the highest quality. You also get the ability to adjust the distance of the focusing point according to object distance, image distance, and the lens position in order to improve the overall image quality. Interestingly enough, this headset also comes with and adjustable strap made of high-quality leather fabric for good measure.

7Virtual Reality VR Headset 3D Glasses

amazon buttonThis is perhaps one of the most affordable high-end smartphone VR headsets the market has to offer at this point in time. As a matter of fact, it is one of the few headsets in this price range that can offer crystal-clear image quality for devices in the 4-5.7″ range. Speaking of which, this particular headset is compatible with almost any iPhone / Android smartphone out there, which is definitely a big plus.

6Cloudseller 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses Headset

amazon buttonIt is important when looking for smartphone VR headsets to ensure that you’re not overspending on what should be a fairly affordable device. Such is the case with the Cloudseller 3D VR Glasses Headset which provides the highest possible standards without being too pricey or difficult to use. Also worth mentioning is the fact that it comes equipped with all the necessary features for an enjoyable VR experience including open ports on both sides, adjustable straps, and foam nose pads to top it off.


amazon buttonWhat makes this particular headset stand out is the fact that it comes with adjustable pupil distance and focal distance adjustment capabilities which make it very comfortable to wear over long periods of time. It also features a portable Bluetooth remote controller that is compatible with virtually any iOS, Android, or PC systems, a controller that can be used as a gamepad or as a media control shutter depending on your needs.

4LUPHIE 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

amazon buttonThanks to its practical design, this lightweight phone mount can hold your phone in place perfectly at all times while preventing any form of scratching. Also interesting is the fact that it features a removable cover that works wonders when it comes to heat emissions so as to protect your phone from overheating. Not only that but it is also designed to fit almost any smartphone between 4.5 and 6.2 inches without any issues to speak of.

3Pasonomi 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Headset

amazon buttonThis VR headset is designed to be as easy to operate as possible while still being high-end technology-wise. In this regard, this headset comes with an ergonomic head belt system that uses a 3-point stress-free closing system aimed at providing high comfort levels while reducing the pressure to the eyes considerably. On a related note, it also has a sponge area made of soft and thick foam to ensure its comfortability over long periods of time.

2View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

amazon buttonAlthough there isn’t really an age limit when it comes to who can use this device, it has to be said that it is more suitable for young people because of its colorful design. This being said, this VR headset is just as good as any other headset we talked about so far, with the added bonus of being not only aesthetically pleasing but also very affordable. Furthermore, it will work with almost any type of smartphone while allowing you to enjoy a 360-degree immersive viewing experience.

1Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

amazon buttonWhen it comes to smartphone VR headsets, there is perhaps no better headset out there than Samsung’s Gear VR. This comfortable device will work with literally any Samsung phone and it will provide a perfectly comfortable fit while still leaving enough room for eyeglasses if necessary. At the same time, it offers a wide field of view, precise head-tracking, and low latency at all times. Then again, these are the exact features you should expect one of the highest-rated smartphone VR headsets to have.