Top 10 Best Snowshoes of 2017 – Reviews


When looking for snowshoes, one must always consider not only the manufacturer but the word-of-mouth surrounding each popular pair as well. The reason behind this being that you simply cannot make a decision based solely on what the manufacturer advertises or judging by the price.

We say this because when it comes to snowshoes, you want a pair that is proven to sustain whatever the forces of nature throw at them, snowshoes that have been tested in the harshest weather conditions by people like yourself. After careful consideration, we came up with a list of the ten best snowshoes the market has to offer at this point in time.

10MTN Man Woman Kid Youth 22″ Black Snowshoes

amazon buttonThese snowshoes are considered among the best of their kind mainly because of their unique spring suspension that provides easy maneuvering on frozen terrain. Furnished with strong alloy frames and a plastic deck, these snowshoes are suitable for heavy duty usage in almost any kind of show conditions. As a matter of fact, their frame is specifically designed to produce maximum floatation when used in heavy snow. At the same time, their narrow tails collect far less snow than most snowshoes out there.

9MSR Women’s Revo Explore Snowshoes

amazon buttonTrekking and mountaineering require the perfect pair of Snowshoes and what could be better than the MSR Women’s Revo Exp. This unique pair has been designed to provide comfort even when worn all day. It features an easy to wear cradle and a 2 strapped ratchet along with a comfortable heel strap. Providing an overall dynamic traction, it also comes with a modular flotation tail that helps in better movement. Furthermore, the televators fitted on this pair ensure comfort, increase traction, and aid in reducing exhaustion when worn for long periods of time.

8Tubbs Snowshoes Wilderness Snow Shoes

amazon buttonThe Tubbs Wilderness SnowShoes aim at reducing direct impact on the body and stress. It’s specially designed framework including the 180 pro binding provides safety and security, a compact, comfortable fit and a steadfast stride. It features small carbon steel teeth at the heel of the shoe to provide extra grip on hard snow and ice. Special heel crampons help to grip when moving downhill. It’s extremely lightweight aluminum frame swings away from the binding at every step, only to release snow that is collected below the shoes.

7Lucky Bums Youth Snowshoes

amazon buttonFit for all ages, this product from Lucky Bums Youth collect, is a durable, lightweight and tough pair of man-made Snowshoes. It is specially assembled together with sturdy aluminum frames and adjustable bindings that are suitable for kids too. The unique decking and metal toe design help in providing a solid grip when in the snow. Each step that is taken activates the hinge which lifts up the tail section of the snowshoe, enhancing mobility and speed and giving that extra level of support. This product comes with a special carry bag.

6MTN Man Woman Kid Youth 25″ OP Blue Snowshoes

amazon buttonSuitable for men, women, and children, the MTN blue Snowshoes are equipped to provide durability and comfort. Featuring ultra lightweight frames made from 6000 series Easton aluminum tubing and decks made from Nytex, this new pair of Snowshoes would enable you to glide through the snow with ease. The bindings are molded in such a way to help get rid of pressure points. The lacing mechanism is structured especially to provide you a secure fit and the fast-lock buckle system makes doffing and donning extremely easy.

5Tubbs Women’s Frontier Snowshoe-Grey/Tea

amazon buttonThis pair of hearty Snowshoes is perfect and provide 100% comfort for women. The aluminum frames consists of an upturn and a rounded tail to help in reduction of direct impact on the knees, hips and muscles up to 10%. The rotating design of the toe cord helps the tail of the snowshoe to drop of excess snow diminishing cardio-respiratory strain by almost 7%. The Pivot points under the shoe enable traction and the teeth easily grip the snow providing efficient support. The specially designed carbon teeth and heel crampons placed on the front and back of the snowshoe help in providing a sturdy grip when moving uphill or downhill.

4MSR Evo 22 Snowshoes

amazon buttonThis pair of uniquely assembled Snowshoes ensures a sturdy and robust performance on the toughest terrain. The steel traction rails along with the brake bars are cast directly into the decks of the snowshoe to provide that firm and long lasting grip. The duo fit bindings supply enough security from freezing and easily fits a wide range of different sized footwear. It is an extremely light weight product and provides a perfect glove – fit. The floatation tails which can be bought separately, add a demand floatation of about 6 inches to the snowshoe.

3MSR Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

amazon buttonThis high-performance snowshoe from MSR is the perfect pair of shoes for that trip to the mountains or frozen terrains. Assuring comfort and efficiency, the MSR has a unique 360-degree traction frame that provides sufficient grip from heel to toe. The sharp teeth of the crampons help to supply enough force to for a better grip on the snow. The 2 piece binding locks on tightly to various types of footwear to give users that stability and security on all kinds of terrain. The televator heel lift sustains your energy, distributes your weight evenly across the entire framework, increases safety and helps prevent fatigue.

2ALPS Performance Snowshoes

amazon buttonThe ALPS Adult Snowshoes are one among the many unisex Snowshoes available on the market, and they’re all of the highest possible standards. The robust frame is crafted with special alloy material while the deck is put together with a study, durable, long-lasting plastic that is ideal for any weather condition.

With no pressure points at all, the shoe binding is designed around the arch, from the boot to cradle, and balls of the feet. The laces help secure the foot in place and the lock buckles provide fast donning and doffing. This pair is perfect for heavy snowfall mainly because of its unique frame design that provides ample floatation. This snowshoe fits almost any size footwear and can bear up to 250 pounds including gear weight.

1Chinook Trekker Snowshoes

amazon buttonThese Trekking shoes from Chinook are compact and lightweight featuring an aluminum frame specially put together to give that extra comfort and ease during use. It also features a unique decking made of UV resistant polyethylene, dual ratchet, adjustable bindings that are extremely easy to use, providing a proper fit, and straps on the heels with release buckles that are quick to remove.

It also comes with aluminum crampons that move freely ensuring proper grip in the snow, while the crampons on the heels provide enough traction to help when walking down mountain sides and slopes. Overall, they are perhaps the best snowshoes on the market right now.